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Jesse Schell - The Pleasure Revolution: Why Games Will Lead the Way

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In the 21st century, it turns out that the principles for designing videogames have become the principles for designing everything. In this talk, Jesse explains why "gamification" is only the tip of a much larger iceberg that is influencing all of society, and he will go into some detail about best practices for using pleasure to improve the motivational design of a wide variety of experiences.

Key Takeaways:

Gamification" is about the creation of pleasurable experiences for the purposes of improved motivational design.

Pleasure is powerful, complicated, and contextual.

Five important keys to improving motivational design are appeal, engagement, effortlessness, uncheatability, and disembarrassmentation.

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Jesse Schell - The Pleasure Revolution: Why Games Will Lead the Way

  1. 1. The Pleasure RevolutionWhy Games Will Lead the WayJesse SchellGSummit 2013
  2. 2. Real LifeGames
  3. 3. Choco-fication!
  4. 4. Rewards can Backfire
  5. 5. Self-Determination TheoryCompetence Autonomy RelatednessI want to begood at whatI do!I wantfreedom!I want toconnect toothers!
  6. 6. “Hafta” “Wanna”Slavery FreedomWork PlayEfficiency Pleasure
  7. 7. Games are special because…• They are interactive• They are designedENTIRELY for pleasure
  8. 8. Games provide:• Clear Feedback• A Sense of Progress• The Possibility of Success• Mental and Physical Exercise• A Chance to Satisfy Your Curiosity• A Chance to Solve a Problem• A Feeling of Freedom
  9. 9. Pleasure is COMPLEX
  10. 10. Pleasure is…CONTEXTUAL
  11. 11. Pleasure is…CONTEXTUAL
  12. 12. Steenburgh & Ahearne: MotivatingSalespeople: What Really Works
  13. 13. SensationFantasyDiscoveryLaughterStoryChallengeThrillTriumphExpression
  14. 14. -or-
  15. 15. Five Keys to Motivational Design
  16. 16. Key 1: Make it Appealing
  17. 17. Key 2: Make it Engaging
  18. 18. Key 3: Make it Effortless
  19. 19. Key 4: Make it Uncheatable
  20. 20. Key 5: Make it Not Embarrassing
  21. 21. Pleasure is…• Complex and Counterintuitive• Embarrassing to discuss• Not fully understood by anyone• The motivation for EVERYTHING we do• The key to design in the 21st century
  22. 22. You CAN make your experiences better• Ask yourself these simplequestions:– Given what I know aboutmy guests…– Why will they like thisexperience?– How can I get them to likeit more?
  23. 23. Thanks!Slides: slideshare.net/jesseschellTwitter: @jesseschellEmail: jschell@andrew.cmu.edu