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Social Networking Beyond Linked In For Ere

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How recruiters and sourcers can take their prospect pipeline building activities to another level using social networking and web 2.0 tools like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many third-party apps and plugins. This was a popular presentation for ERE.net in summer 2008 with thousands of pre-registered attendees.

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Social Networking Beyond Linked In For Ere

  1. 1. Social Networking Beyond LinkedIn How to pursue the other big passive prospect pools Presented by Glenn Gutmacher (glenn@jobmachine.net) VP, JobMachine.net / Arbita Education & Consulting Services (ACES)
  2. 2. Overview • Great tools for searching people, but don‟t use them just for that • Employer brand and trust building benefits can be significant • Provides additional detail on prospective candidates • Not for active or volume recruiting • Companies actively recruiting this way are in different industries, but skewing to finance, high tech and retail • John Sullivan‟s recent webinar on this topic reported best practices from Dell and Zappos • Get your employees involved with socnets and help them (e.g., provide good company-related content; train on best first approaches, which is *not* a job pitch, etc.) • Alumni social networks (e.g., use a vendor like AffiliateCircles or create yourself within Facebook) 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate.
  3. 3. Facebook • 100 MM+ users, mostly social, some business • About 50% “out of college” • Regular search: http://www.facebook.com/srch.php lets you find classmates by any university name or coworkers by any company name (goes beyond your joined networks) • The profile search has the most field criteria choices (interests, location, etc.), but only searches within your network • Friend finder lets you upload an address book or IM list file, or search by a name or email across all of Facebook • Join regional networks to find local prospects – http://www.facebook.com/networks/networks.php?view=geographi es • Search for former employee and alumni groups – http://www.facebook.com/s.php?&ref=search – Or site:www.facebook.com pitney.bowes 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate.
  4. 4. Facebook is Web 2.0 Marketing • #1 site for people ages 17-25, 50% of them visit daily • 25-35 yr olds are fastest growing audience • LinkedIn‟s “My company is hiring” – http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=2415694143&b&ref=pd • Create a company Facebook page • Create a user poll • Contextual advertising: – Social Ads seen by users who visit your Facebook page or website site – Contextual impression or per-click ads targeted in various ways – Metrics are included • Free Marketplace job postings • Post career fairs/other events, targeted by network or to all, and by type • Look at job- and career-related applications developed by companies for Facebook (auto-sorted by popularity). You might get ideas for your own! 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 4
  5. 5. Facebook is Web 2.0 Marketing • Use it on your wireless devices (e.g., Facebook for Blackberry app, or Facebook‟s own mobile app. • Go to the main mobile section within Facebook which shows how to upload content from your mobile device to Facebook, receive content from others on your mobile, or just browse Facebook from a mobile-friendly browser interface. • Twitter can be run through your Facebook page, too • You can find friends‟ mobile and other posted phone numbers under Phonebook tab • Focus your incoming content feeds on things of interest to recruiters (more about groups, and more about profiles) • Similarly, you can control what friends see about you 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 5
  6. 6. MySpace • 200 MM+ users, all social, not much business • Search MySpace from Google with the site: command – site:www.myspace.com (occupation.*.CPA OR major.*.accounting) • Limit geography with intitle: for city or state – For example add intitle:virginia or intitle:atlanta to the site: search, or use the previous example with multiple nearby city names: – site:www.myspace.com (occupation.*.CPA OR major.*.accounting) (intitle:jacksonville OR intitle:orlando) • Filter for specific universities – For example: university.of.houston • Diversity inclusion search: – site:www.myspace.com ethnicity.*.asian (or latino, black, etc.) • Contact by sending a message via MySpace 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 6
  7. 7. MySpace • Post MySpace Classified job ads • View job-related apps by recent or overall popularity; can find other apps by keyword • Create your own MySpace page free (prompted to do this when you create your account) • Friend Updates: your friends can be updated when you join a group, post or reply in a forum, add a video, install an app, get tagged in a photo, create new friend categories, become friends with a band, filmmaker, comedian or brand, etc. • Blogging is possible, but the blog groups are too scattered to be worthwhile. 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 7
  8. 8. Twitter • Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service to send text-based posts, up to 140 characters long (“tweets”) to the Twitter website, mobile devices, etc., via short message service [SMS], instant messaging (IM), or a third-party app. You can find candidates, useful tools, resource sites, etc. See blogpost by Jason Buss for Twitter benefits • Create a free account at Twitter. Include a laundry list of appropriate keywords in your profile that people would search on. • In the quot;What are you doing?quot; box, use links to URLs if it‟s not short. Use TinyURL.com or an equivalent tool. By default, that is a public tweet anyone could potentially find. • In the right-hand column of Twitter‟s homepage, you can see your numbers. 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 8
  9. 9. Twitter • Click Find People atop Twitter homepage, you can type a skill term or job title (not just names), and maybe narrow by location, e.g., quot;software engineerquot; quot;new yorkquot; or J2ME Boston, but it's best to use Twitter's Advanced Search to target your criteria. In the results, you can click the Follow button beside any person to follow that user if not protected status. • Another way to find relevant people on Twitter is Twitter Tracking. You can type keywords of interest (e.g., a unique business or technology term/phrase) and whenever someone types that in an update (across the entire Twitter network, not just who you're following), you will get a message. • TwitHire is a free job posting site for Twitter. 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 9
  10. 10. Twitter Great examples of how to search Twitter from posts about Summize (now Twitter advanced search) by Shally Steckerl and Jim Stroud that go beyond simple keyword/phrase searches: • geographic search: you can combine keywords with a person's cited location - e.g. (note use of boolean) near:Boston sql • type a conference name to find people talking about that conference (who are likely attendees or panelists) • type the phrase “I work for” followed by the name of a company (e.g., this has some posts from Microsoft employees). • Among the comments to Jim's post was a great tip from recruiter Michael Specht: “Most tech conferences [and] on Twitter folks have begun using hashtags [# plus keyword] to indicate the discussion going on at the conference. So search for #ConferenceTag and you get all of the [conference] gossip.” (e.g., #pubcamp). Here‟s a great source of popular hashtags. 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 10
  11. 11. Twitter • You can tweet from your mobile phone, IM device or a third-party application. You can receive an RSS feed of tweets to any RSS reader (which includes Microsoft Outlook 2007) – see instructions. • You can limit the number of Tweets you receive, also. • This annotated list of ten Twitter tools includes several related to enhanced search as well as productivity. Many other categorized Twitter resources here. • The Downloads page, linked at the bottom of the Twitter homepage, has links to these kinds of tools to use Twitter outside the website, as well as the Twitter Fan Wiki. • Comprehensive lists of Twitter commands here and here 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 11
  12. 12. Jigsaw Use the Advanced Search: Business card search system that • Title: Tax Manager provides: • Company Name: Deloitte • Name • Level: Director and Manager • Full Title • Business email Now try: • Direct number (most cases) • Department: Sales • Business address • Metro Area: Miami • Points-based, self-correcting • Industry: Electronics system • Get free JigSaw PLAY account Try the company search, too (all + 100 extra points via Shally: downloadable, free results) www.jigsaw.com/partners/jobma chine/ • Or pay $1 per contact © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate.
  13. 13. Google Groups http://groups.google.com/ • insubject:resume – Displays news group messages with posted resumes • Group: CCNA – Displays news group messages from a specific group • author:@us.ibm.com – Displays news group messages from one particular author at that specific company 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 13
  14. 14. Yahoo Groups • Find a group by topic - http://groups.yahoo.com • Like both a Usenet and Mailing list in the sense that everyone receives updated postings if they choose • View Database, Members, and Files • Potential access to either members‟ index and/or database, in addition to revealing docs, spreadsheets • Members‟ websites – if lucky, you may find links to member‟s blog or homepage and review further for background and contact info • Often identifies Member‟s IM, when you see them „online‟ IM, you can ping them and solicit. For difficult positions, can be valuable. • Subscribe to receive emails and “lurk” 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 14
  15. 15. Mailing Lists • You can search by interest keywords to find lists specializing in your candidates industries at: – http://www.lsoft.com/lists/listref.html – http://www.freelists.org/ • Example: type compiler and find posts from the Haiku Development list, go to top level of archive and you see original list where to subscribe. • Searching for the words “mailing list archive” along with some skill specific terms may reveal mailing list archives online. • Try: +to: +from: +date: +subject: 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 15
  16. 16. Plaxo Pulse http://pulse.plaxo.com • Auto-synchronizes changes in other people‟s contact info with your address book (Outlook, etc.) • Maximum of 10,000 contacts can be synched (see limits) • Aggregates all your online presences into one location • Plaxo emails your contacts with updates • Place your badge on a blog, website, etc. – see http://jobmachine.net/blog/shally 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 16
  17. 17. SocNet Aggregators • Pipl.com – Real-time search of deep web (databases like JigSaw, Zoominfo) – Includes social networks, blogs, and websites – Plus white pages listings, hoovers, LexisNexis, • Spock.com – LinkedIn, Yahoo, Plaxo, MySpace and the blogs • Wink.com – LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Zoominfo • Ziki.com – aggregates your online presence – see www.ziki.com/en/people/shally • Spokeo.com – The “mirror image” of Ziki.com it lets you aggregate all your friends sites into one location so you can stay up to date with all their “goings on.” 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 17
  18. 18. Blog Searching What and who will I find on blogs? • Part online diary, part industry commentary, and a lot of ego makes for revealing content. • Though often more subjective than factual, still very useful for recruiting research (sourcing) purposes • Bloggers are representative of all job levels, industries, geographies and backgrounds • From a professional perspective, they comment on what they do, what others are doing, name those people, as well as tools, products, trends, etc. 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 18
  19. 19. Blog Searching Target major search engines to blog search: • Google: add (inurl:~blog OR intitle:~blog) to your string as a rough way to limit results to blog pages, or use Google Blogsearch for something more targeted • Live.com (formerly MSN): type hasfeed: immediately in front of your first keyword • Add the site: command to your string to target a domain known for hosting many blogs (e.g., site:myspace.com) 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 19
  20. 20. Blog Searching Use niche search tools that just search blogs: • Technorati.com • IceRocket.com • Blogsearch.google.com • Industry-specific blog search is also growing (e.g., Blawgsearch.com across Legal blogs) • MyBlogLog – Yahoo service that lets you share messages with your network and see what they‟re discussing 25-Sep-08 © JobMachine, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate. 20
  21. 21. Contact Glenn (& Shally) We’re available for custom on-site and web-based training. Select topics from • Don‟t forget to: over 50 hours of material! – Link with us to grow your network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.: Join our (no spam) mailing http://www.linkedin.com/in/gutmach and list to receive sourcing tips http://www.linkedin.com/in/shally & announcements (Invite us via glenn@jobmachine.net and shally@jobmachine.net) – Find passive talent in 10 minutes or less... or your money back with our Advanced Recruiter CheatSheets Shally Steckerl Founder, JobMachine, Inc. shally@jobmachine.net LinkedIn | My Bio | MSN | Skype