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Gurez wanderlust

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Now the time is over for another beautiful adventure because the “GUREZ WANDERLUST FESTIVAL” is coming for Incredible Enjoyment. Don’t miss that opportunity, to participate in this festival. Please contact us on, camping@gurezfestival.com +91-9899632488, +91-9999636952, +91-9818392605, or visit our website and get all details of Gurez Valley Festival.. http://gurezfestival.com/

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Gurez wanderlust

  1. 1. Gurez “agar firdaus ba ruay zami ast, ami asto, ami asto, ami ast” -If there is a paradise on earth, It is this, it is this, it is this
  2. 2. Gurez was part of ancient Dardistan
  3. 3. Stretching from Sharda Peeth in the west,
  4. 4. Minimarg in the north,
  5. 5. Drass in the east,
  6. 6. and Baghtor in the south.
  7. 7. The access to heaven runs through Bandipura and Razdhan Pass(11,672ft)
  8. 8. Fifty-mile cleft carved through the Himalayas by the mighty Kishanganga River
  9. 9. sits directly below the high-altitude Line of Control that divides Indian and Pakistani controlled sectors of Kashmir,
  10. 10. The Gurez Valley falls along the section of the ancient Silk Route
  11. 11. The crooked wooden villages that dot the floodplain look like something straight out of an old folk tale
  12. 12. and “Habba Khatoon” mountain peak named after the famous kashmiri poetess. As the sun rises, the snow covered mountain shows different shades as sun rays cut across the mountain ranges.
  13. 13. This unexplored valley of Kashmir and amalgamation of mountains, valley and a river has lot of adventure, mysteries and tales to tell you. For which we have planned a first of its kind multi-day camping, music, adventure + outdoor celebrations held in awe-inspiring location in Himalayas. And we call it
  14. 14. Presented by Association with Jammu & Kashmir TourismGarage Adventures
  15. 15. Gates to Festival will Open on 26th August at 02:00 PM till 29th Aug 08:00 AM
  16. 16. HOW TO REACH At the time of registration all the travellers will have a choice to choose from: -Motorcycles -Taxi The mode chosen will be available for on the airport at the time of landing Explore new ideas, make new friends, discover new abilities, and dance your heart out.
  17. 17. OR Riders can plan their lifetime road trip on motorcycle from their location to Gurez with other motorcyclists. We will provide roadmap before they start their journey.
  18. 18. A first of its kind multi-day camping, music, adventure + outdoor celebrations held in awe-inspiring location in Himalayas. CULTURAL EVENTS RAFTING TREKS BIKING MUSICAL EVENTS PHOTOGRAPHY CAMPING LOCAL CUISINES The Event
  20. 20. Title Sponsor – Title Sponsor – Travel Partner – Outdoor Gear Partner – Title Co Sponsor