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Sculpture in Painting

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the sculptures are not there simply as decorative fillers and background, but to stimulate eye and mind ...

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Sculpture in Painting

  1. 1. Sculpture in Painting
  2. 2. the sculptures are not there simply as decorative fillers and background, but to stimulate eye and mind ...
  3. 3. an successful Venetian merchant and collector, three representations of Hercules, two representations of Venus, a bust of Hadrian and a statuette of Diana of Ephesus Lorenzo Lotto Portrait of Andrea Odoni Portrait de Andrea Odini 1527 Royal Collection of the United Kingdom, London
  4. 4. an unknown collector a bronze statuette in ancient style, perhaps a female divinity, identified by some as Ceres a marble bas-relief of Mars, Cupid and Venus, a typical theme of the Platonic Academy Parmeggiano Portrait of a Collector Portrait d’un collectionneur 1523 National Gallery, London
  5. 5. a lady of the nobility, dressed in a costume compatible with that of the rich women of the territories controlled by the Republic of Venice the profile relief, inspired by those on antique cameos, seems to be of the same sitter Tiziano Vecelli, Titien Portrait of a Woman (La Schiavona) Portrait de Femme (La Schiavona) 1508-1510 National Gallery, London
  6. 6. the blue figure of a “Venus pudica" , modest Venus and one of the wealthiest and most prominent Florentine bankers Agnolo Bronzino Portrait of Pierantonio Bandini Portrait de Piero Antonio Bandini 1550-1555 National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
  7. 7. the identity of the model, sculptor or amateur, remains unknown … Agnolo Bronzino Portrait of a Man Holding a Statuette Portrait d'homme tenant une statuette 1545 Musée du Louvre, Paris
  8. 8. an painter, architect and goldsmith, art expert and a statuette, Roman copy of the Aphrodite Pseliumene by Praxiteles Tiziano Vecelli, Titien Portrait of Jacopo Strada Portrait de Jacopo Strada 1567-1568 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
  9. 9. a Florentine aristocrat, humanist, linguist and a marble sculpture by David, a traditional symbol of the Florentine freedom Agnolo Bronzino Portrait of Ugolino Martelli Portrait d'Ugolino Martelli 1536-1540 Gemäldegalerie, National Museums in Berlin
  10. 10. Charles Towneley the most famous of the English collectors, three friends and Discobole by Myron, Eros, Minerva, Diana, Venus, Faun and Nymph, Bacchus, Sphinx ... Johann Zoffany Charles Townley and Friends in His Library at Park Street, Westminster Charles Townley et ses amis dans sa bibliothèque à Park Street, Westminster 1782 Art Gallery and Museum, Burnley Towneley Hall Art Gallery & Museum
  11. 11. admiring ancient sculptures ... Heracles and the Nemean Lion, Cupid and Psyche, Dancing Faun, Medici Venus, Chimera of Arezzo Johann Zoffany The Tribuna of the Uffizi La Tribune des Offices 1772-1778 Royal Collection, Windsor Castle
  12. 12. comptroller-General of Finances, chief minister of Louis XIV from 1661 to 1683 and a statuette of Hercules supporting the globe, symbolizing his assiduity in the service of the sovereign Claude Lefèbvre Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Colbert Portrait de Jean-Baptiste Colbert 1666 Château de Versailles, Versailles
  13. 13. an young art dealer a statue of Venus and a small, apparently classical statue Jacopo Tintoretto Portrait of Ottavio Strada Portrait d’Ottavio Strada 1567 Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  14. 14. the Count holds the hilt of its sword the statue of the Perseus, recognisable by his cape, scimitar and by the Corinthian helmet of Pallas Athene the relief of Hercules, grandson of Perseus, which symbolizes the use of force controlled by intelligence, and who also used a scimitar to kill the Lernaean Hydra Parmigianino Portrait of Pier Maria Rossi di San Secondo Portrait de Pier Maria Rossi di San Secondo 1535-1538 Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid
  15. 15. the putti on the relief emphasize Clarissa's childlike vitality ... Tiziano Vecelli, Titien Portrait of Clarissa Strozzi Portrait de Clarissa Strozzi 1542 Staatliche Museen, Berlin
  16. 16. stone-coloured figures depict Moses and the Golden Calf, the Virgin and Child, and Josiah destroying the false altars Amico Aspertini The Virgin and Child between Saint Helena and Saint Francis Vierge et l’Enfant entre Sainte Hélène et Saint François 1520 National Museum Wales, National Museum Cardiff
  17. 17. an young man with three famous antique sculptures … a bronze version of a statue of Athena, Trajan’s Column, and the bottom part of a famous statue of Hercules at rest, known as the “Farnese Hercules” Livio Mehus The Genius of Sculpture Le Génie de la sculpture 1655 Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti), Florence
  18. 18. a ceremonial portrait ... the profusion of fleur de lys, the crown upon a pillow and a bust of Louis XVI held by Minerve Jean-Baptiste André Gautier-d’Agoty Portrait of Marie-Antoinette, queen of France Portrait de Marie-Antoinette, reine de France 1775 Château de Versailles, Versailles
  19. 19. the real first lady of the great French court and the sculpture Love and Friendship (to symbolize her later, platonic relationship with the Louis XV.) François Boucher Portrait of Marquise de Pompadour Portrait de la marquise de Pompadour 1759 Wallace Collection, London
  20. 20. an elegantly dressed gentleman and a statuette of the god Mercury Charles Le Brun Sculpture, Portrait of Nicolas Le Brun father of the artist La sculpture, Portrait de Nicolas Le Brun père de l’artiste 1635 Residenzgalerie, Salzburg
  21. 21. one of the principal modern art dealers in the early twentieth century, a shrewd businessman examining a statuette of a kneeling female nude Pierre-Auguste Renoir Ambroise Vollard 1908 Courtauld Institute of Art, London
  22. 22. the passing train, the perishable bananas ... the contemporary and immediate in contrast the classical arcades, statuary of antiquity - a torso of Aphrodite Giorgio de Chirico The Uncertainty of the Poet L'Incertitude du poète 1913 Tate
  23. 23. olga_oes Sculpture in Painting La sculpture dans la peinture images and text credit www. Music ThePianoGuys Limitless created olga.e. thanks for watching