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Remembering Frank Sinatra

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Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra
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Remembering Frank Sinatra

  1. 1. Frank Sinatra singing during a performance in Las Vegas, Nev., April 1965. John Dominis/Time Life & Getty Images
  2. 2. Remembering Frank Sinatra on what would have been his 100th birthday
  3. 3. It's hard to believe that Frank Sinatra would have celebrated his 100th birthday today! He might have started off as just a regular boy from New Jersey, but Sinatra would later become one of the most popular and influential music artists of the 20th century. Take a look back at his impressive life and career as the world celebrates a milestone in his life.
  4. 4. Born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey to Italian immigrant parents, Sinatra lived a average life but quickly developed an interest in music, particularly jazz. He began singing professionally as a teenager and joined the band the 3 Flashes at the age of 20. With the addition of Sinatra (r.) they were renamed to the Hoboken Four as they passed an audition and went on to win first place to become regulars on the "Original Amateur Hour" show (pictured here).
  5. 5. Frank Sinatra with Nancy Sinatra, 1946 After a short stint with the Harry James band and his first recording, Sinatra moved on to sing in the Tommy Doesey band in 1939. It was the same year that Sinatra met Nancy Barbato, also from New Jersey. The two got married in 1940 and had their first child, Nancy Sandra, the same year. In 1944, Nancy gave birth to Frank Jr. and four years later to Tina. In 1951, after years of infidelity, Sinatra and Nancy separated and divorced. The two are pictured together here at the Academy Awards in Hollywood in March of 1946.
  6. 6. Crowds at Frank Sinatra concert, 1946 By 1941, Sinatra was the top male singer in polls by Billboard and Down Beat magazines and "Sinatramania" ensued. Thousands of teenage girls would pack into venues to see Sinatra perform and organized fan clubs and meetings where they would send his messages and gifts. He finally signed his first contract as a solo artist in 1943 with Columbia Records.
  7. 7. Frank Sinatra in 'On The Town,' 1949 During his climb to fame, Sinatra decided to try out acting in Hollywood. He made his film debut in 1941 in "Las Vegas Nights" where he sang a few songs. In 1945, Sinatra had his first big break with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the musical "Anchors Aweigh" opposite Gene Kelly. Garnering a few award nominations, Sinatra was cast again with Kelly for the 1949 hit "On The Town," pictured here.
  8. 8. Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, 1943 For most of his life, Sinatra idolized Bing Crosby as they both dominated the jazz genre during the same time. However, Sinatra's success gave way to tension between the two legendary singers over time. In 1943, the two came together and buried the hatchet to perform a duet that they agreed on if someone bought a $10,000 war bond. The two later came together in 1956 to star alongside Grace Kelly in the film "High School."
  9. 9. Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner, 1951 After a few albums and records, Sinatra's career began to slow down and came to an all-time-low in 1950 following the sudden death of his publicist George Evans. His reputation further declined when his affair with actress Ava Gardner was reported by the media. Still married to Nancy, Sinatra began an with Gardner (pictured here) and the two ended up getting married in 1951. Their marriage was well-publicized as they had many fights and altercations with each other. Only two years in their marriage, they announced their separation with Gardner filing for divorce in 1954. The divorce was finally settled in 1957.
  10. 10. Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner, 1951 This cute photo shows Frank Sinatra and his wife at the time, Ava Gardner, sitting next to each other in a booth and sipping drinks with straws. Gardner was Sinatra's second wife and they were married from 1951-1957.
  11. 11. Frank Sinatra in 'From Here to Eternity,' 1953 In 1953, Sinatra (r.) starred in Fred Zinnemann's "From Here to Eternity" alongside Montgomery Clift and Burt Lancaster. The film dealt with the tribulations of three soldiers stationed in Hawaii in the months leading up to Pearl Harbor. The film led to his first Academy Award win for Best Supporting Actor and helped revive his declining singing career. The same year he signed a contract with Capitol Records after Columbia and MCA dropped him and immediately got to work.
  12. 12. Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed with Oscars, 1954 Frank Sinatra proudly smiles as he holds his first Oscar for his role in "From Here to Eternity" alongside co-star Donna Reed in 1954. A year later, Sinatra was nominated again, this time for Best Actor in "The Man with the Golden Arm" but lost to Marlon Brando for "On the Waterfront." Sinatra also won the Golden Globe for "From Here to Eternity" and various other awards for his iconic role in the film.
  13. 13. Frank Sinatra with Ronald Reagan and Barbara Rush, 1954 In 1954, Sinatra went on to release his first album under Capitol records, "Songs for Young Lovers" that was named album of the year by Billboard as well as Favorite Male Vocalist. A year later, Sinatra released "In the Wee Small Hours" and shortly after "Swingin' Lovers!" that is sometimes seen as one of his best albums. In 1958, Sinatra released "Come Fly with Me," that would be a Billboard hit and receive his first Grammy nomination. He is seen here with actors Ronald Reagan and Barbara Rush after the premiere of "A Hole in the Head," in which Sinatra starred.
  14. 14. The 'Rat Pack,' 1960 Frank Sinatra was a member of the iconic 1960s "Rat Pack." The members, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, usually worked together and when one member of the group was slated to give a performance, the others would often show up for an impromptu show.
  15. 15. Frank Sinatra in 'Ocean's 11,' 1960 In 1960, Sinatra went on to co-star in the hit film "Ocean's 11" alongside other members of the Rat Pack including Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, and Angie Dickerson. The film was later reprised in 2001 by George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon to name a few. The same year Sinatra also released "Come Dance with Me!" one of his most sucessful albums that stayed on Billboard's pop album chart for 140 weeks and won the Grammy Album of the Year award.
  16. 16. 'The Manchurian Candidate,' 1962 In 1962, Sinatra played the leading role in "The Manchurian Candidate," a role he considered to be the most exciting and the high point in his acting career (pictured here). Sinatra continued an acting career after starring in films like "Come Blow Your Horn," " Von Ryan's Express" and "None but the Brave," that he also directed. His last major film role came in 1980 opposite Faye Dunaway in "The First Deadly Sin."
  17. 17. Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow After growing discontent at Capitol Records, Sinatra went on to form is own label, Reprise Records releasing his first album in 1961. After a few broken engagements with Lauren Ball and Juliet Prowse in 1962, Sinatra finally went on to marry Mia Farrow in July of 1966. The smiling couple is seen here cutting their wedding cake during their Las Vegas wedding. Their marriage didn't even hit the two year mark before they filed for divorce. Despite parting ways, however, the two remained close friends for life.
  18. 18. Frank Sinatra and daughter Nancy Sinatra record, 1967 In 1967, Sinatra released "That's Life" with the single becoming one of the top ten hits on Billboard's pop charts. The same year, Sinatra began collaborating with his eldest daughter Nancy, as the two are pictured here duirng their first joint recording session. Their chart-topping duet "Somethin' Stupid" was released on his album "The World We Knew."
  19. 19. Frank Sinatra, 1975 Raise a glass to Frank Sinatra! Even as he aged, Sinatra still enjoyed performing onstage. He is pictured here in 1975 toasting the audience during one of his shows in the UK.
  20. 20. Frank Sinatra performs at Madison Square Garden, 1974 In 1971, Sinatra announced his retirement at a concert in Hollywood to raise money. However, after a year-long hiatus, Sinatra came out of a short-lived retirement to perform for a television special and album "Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back." Sinatra continued performing making stops in Las Vegas and New York City, pictured here at Madison Square Garden in Oct. of 1974. Sinatra continued performing through the late 1970s only taking a break once when his mother died in a plane accident coming to see him.
  21. 21. 'Sinatra and Friends,' 1977 Frank Sinatra is pictured here during the taping of "Sinatra and Friends," a television special described as "an hour long musical medley." Sinatra was surrounded by music legends (l.-r.) Tony Bennett, John Denver, Robert Merrill, back, Leslie Uggams, Dean Martin, Loretta Lynn, Frank Sinatra, and Natalie Cole, daughter of the late Nat Cole in this photo from 1977.
  22. 22. Frank Sinatra and Barbara Marx, 1980 In 1976, Sinatra married his fourth and final wife Barbara Marx, as the two are pictured here at a benefit event in 1996. In 1980, Sinatra released his first album in six years titled "Trilogy: Past Present Future," that garnered six Grammy nominations and peaking at number 17 on Billboard charts. After a few more performances and albums, Sinatra made his final concert appearance in Japan in Dec. of 1994. A year later, he sang for the very last time at a golf tournament. On May 14, 1998, Sinatra suffered a severe hear attack and died by Barbara's side at the age of 82.
  23. 23. Happy Birthday, Frank Sinatra
  24. 24. Allan Grant—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, 1958.
  25. 25. Don Cravens—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images Nancy Sinatra with her father, Frank Sinatra, during the production of "None But The Brave," 1964.
  26. 26. Bill Eppridge—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Frank Sinatra with girlfriend Mia Farrow on the deck of the yacht Southern Breeze, 1965.
  27. 27. John Dominis—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Sinatra giving musicians of the Count Basie Orchestra direction at a rehearsal at a Los Angeles sound stage, 1965.
  28. 28. Michael Rougier—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Sammy Davis Jr. talking with Sinatra at Sinatra's farewell performance, at UCLA, 1971.
  29. 29. Singer Frank Sinatra escorts Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to dinner at the '21' Club in New York, in this 1975 file photo. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File) Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  30. 30. Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra, 1951 Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra, 1951. Hulton Archive / Getty Images
  31. 31. President John F. Kennedy, left, is shown with Frank Sinatra at the Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C., in this Jan. 20, 1961 file photo. (AP Photo, File)
  32. 32. John Dominis—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Frank Sinatra and the great Count Basie (at piano), 1965.
  33. 33. John Dominis—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Frank Sinatra backstage with Natalie Wood and Sammy Davis Jr. during Davis' celebrated run on Broadway in the musical, Golden Boy, New York, 1965.
  34. 34. John Dominis—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Frank Sinatra in rehearsal, 1965
  35. 35. Frank and Dean recording - Oct. 1958--Sleep Warm-album recorded by Dean Martin for Capitol Records in three sessions between October 13-15, 1958 with arrangements by Pete King and orchestra conducted by Frank Sinatra. Life Premium Collection. Photographer: Allan Grant
  36. 36. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin
  37. 37. Frank Sinatra on the RKO Studios set of "The Man with the Golden Arm," 1955.
  38. 38. Frank Sinatra, 'The Man With The Golden Arm' recording session, 1955
  39. 39. Frank Sinatra strolls down The Hallway LA Rec Studio by Phil Stern, 1961
  40. 40. Frank Sinatra by Russell C. Turiak, 1977
  41. 41. Marlene Dietrich, Frank Sinatra and Betty Furness
  42. 42. Frank Sinatra, 1965© Bob Willoughby/Beetles Huxley
  43. 43. Dean Martin playing blackjack with Frank Sinatra, Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, 1960© Bob Willoughby/Beetles Huxley
  44. 44. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin on set of the Judy Garland show, 1962© Bob Willoughby/Beetles Huxley
  45. 45. Frank Sinatra rehearsing for his show at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, 1960
  46. 46. Sinatra performing at his Budweiser special at N.B.C. TV in 1968, 1968
  47. 47. Frank Sinatra on set of The Man with the Golden Arm at RKO Studios, 1955
  48. 48. Frank Sinatra sitting in the open doorway on the 20th Century Fox soundstage for Can-Can, 1959
  49. 49. cast Remembering Frank Sinatra images and text credit www. Music wav. created olga.e. thanks for watching Vegas 1960. Frank Sinatra.
  50. 50. Frank Sinatra by Phil Stern oes