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  1. Between the ox and the ass …
  2. And on the third day after the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the most blessed Mary went forth out of the cave, and entering a stable, placed the child in the stall, and the ox and the ass adored Him. Then was fulfilled that which was said by Isaiah the prophet, saying: The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib. The very animals, therefore, the ox and the ass, having Him in their midst, incessantly adored Him. Then was fulfilled that which was said by Abacuc the prophet, saying: Between two animals thou art made manifest. The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew, XIV
  3. Ox and ass in paintings of the Nativity
  4. A prototype for centuries of subsequent paintings … a humble shed set into rock, Joseph in his usual thoughtful attitude, sitting outside the grotto, Mary reclines on a red cushion, gazing toward the Christ child who is watched over by an ox and ass … two of the oldest symbols of nativity art, the ox and donkey recognize Jesus as their master and have come to adore him, just as the shepherds and kings will come. Duccio di Buoninsegna The Nativity with the Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel Nativité entourée des prophètes Isaïe et Ézéchiel Natividad con los Profetas Isaías y Ezequiel 1308-1311 National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.
  5. The joy of the angels, the meditative serenity of Joseph, the gaze of Mary and the child and the adoration of the ass and the ox towards the newborn child … Giotto di Bondone Scenes from the Life of Christ: 1. Nativity: Birth of Christ Cycle de la Vie du Christ: 1. Nativité: Naissance de Jésus Escenas de la vida de Cristo: 1. Natividad: Nacimiento de Jesús 1304-1306 Cappella Scrovegni (Arena Chapel), Padua
  6. The Renaissance then brought a succession of masterly religious paintings, however, it is essential elements: the infant Jesus is naked, rather than swaddled, resting on the ground in front of the Virgin Mary. Joseph bearded with his walking stick and the ox and ass Petrus Christus The Nativity Nativité Natividad 1445-1450 The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.
  7. By 1500, Sandro Botticelli had already painted several conventional nativity scenes. Interestingly the scene has few personages, unlike some later ones. The ass is particularly lovely ... Sandro Botticelli The Nativity Nativité Natividad 1473-1475 Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia
  8. Great tenderness and reverence the radiance of the baby and a lovely image full of emotion and charm: the ox and the ass peering into the crib Geertgen tot Sint Jans Nativity at Night Nativité de nuit Natividad de noche 1490 The National Gallery, London
  9. A thoroughly modern Nativity in which the birth of Jesus takes place in a French town ... the shepherd seen from behind is a tribute to Gauguin by quoting the famous painting “Bonjour Monsieur Gauguin"; the figure at the window, behind the woman, is a self-portrait; it even seems that the Saint Joseph is a portrait of Odilon Redon and … despite modernity, just behind the Holy Family are the ox and the ass Maurice Denis Nativité Nativity Natividad 1894 Musée des Augustins de Toulouse, Toulouse
  10. This works has some differences with other works on the same theme: the scene is depicted at dawn, a symbol that makes the birth of Jesus the light that erases the blackness of darkness, Joseph holding a candle, in addition to the figures of the Holy Family, there are the two midwives Zelemi and Salomé, and three shepherds who appear at the window of the stable .... and an unusual aspect ... instead of warming the Child Jesus with his breath, the ox and the ass turn their backs to the scene Master of Flémalle, Maître de Flémalle, Maestro de Flémalle, Robert Campin La Nativité The Nativity Natividad 1415-1430 Musée des Beaux-Arts, Dijon
  11. Botticelli here picks up the theme of Matthew and Luke that the birth of the Christ heralds his mission and his death for the sins of the world. There are several aspects of this Nativity scene which point forward to the Cross and Resurrection of Christ. The cave foreshadows the tomb in which Jesus was buried. The baby lies on a sheet that suggests the burial shroud his body will be wrapped in a few years later, and behind him an ox and ass … the ass has a cross on his shoulder and may refer to Christ’s entry into Jerusalem at the beginning of the week leading up to his death. Sandro Botticelli Mystic Nativity La Nativité mystique Natividad mística 1500 The National Gallery, London
  12. An Nativity unique and extraordinary ... Joseph supports the Virgin Mary, who appears to have fainted, Jesus has sprung from her womb, arms outstretched as if ready for crucifixion; Mary’s cousin Elisabeth greets the infant, with her own son, John the Baptist, on her lap Although that is most unconventional, Blake includes the traditional ox and ass William Blake The Nativity Nativité Natividad 1799-1800 Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
  13. A Breton village covered with snow, the sunset... two women accompany the oxen in this strange and melancholic Christmas procession that gives an enigmatic air to painting the nativity of Jesus Christ is represented in a sanctuary and it seems that the women are going to adore the child A fascinating mixture of symbols as Gauguin loved them … Paul Gauguin Nuit de Noël (La bénédiction des bœufs) Christmas Night (The Blessing of the Oxen) Noche de Navidad (La bendición de los bueyes) 1902-1903 Indianapolis Museum of Art
  14. and the shepherds have arrived …
  15. The looks ... Mary kneeling, hands clasped and eyes lowered towards the Child, Joseph, his oblique gaze towards the procession immediately brings us back to the Child, for here the first riders descend on the scene, the shepherd's finger shows the viewer where to look the big eyes of the ass and the ox lead the gaze downwards, to the Child … the Child is resting on his cloak in the shadow of an ancient Roman sarcophagus which bears the inscription "the urn that covers (conceals) me shall bring forth a god" and which is the manger of the ox and the ass, and is also the crib of Jesus. Domenico Ghirlandaio Adoration of the Shepherds Adoration des bergers Adoración de los pastores 1483-1485 Santa Trinita, Florence
  16. One of the most astounding landscapes in Italian painting, a dark lake dominated by thegreat owl perched on the roof, the bright-eyed child, so cozily wrapped in his swaddling-cylinder, a look of deep adoration of the ass and the ox and the ox horn placed gently, kindly and politely behind the ass's ear … Pietro di Giovanni d'Ambrogio Adoration of the Shepherds between Saints Augustin and Galgano Adoration des bergers entre saints Augustin et Galgano Adoración de los pastores con san Agustín y san Galgano 1445 Palazzo Corboli Museum. Museo civico archeologico e d'arte sacra palazzo Corboli, Siena
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