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Programa Brasil

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Viaje Académico Brasil

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Programa Brasil

  1. 1. VISITA ACADÉMICA INTERNACIONAL Business School Säo Paulo - Brasil Possible Class Topics  Brazil economy: Overview, Opportuni- ties and Threats  São Paulo: The Gateway to Latin Ame- rica  Entrepreneurship and Innovation  Corporate Governance  Business Design  Corporate and International Law  Cachaça: The Brazilian Spirit Possible Companies Visits  3M  Wal-Mart  Park Tech  Parker Hannifin  Eaton  Azul Airlines  Tam Airlines  BOVESPA  FIESP Fecha: del 9 al 13 de Noviembre del 2015 Lugar: Universidad Anhembi Morumbi, Säo Paulo — Brasil Conoce las distintas visiones de negocios en Latinoamérica Telef: 943773445 Informes: wbr@upnorte.edu.pe FACULTAD DE NEGOCIOINCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM  Program design, delivery and mate- rial  6 Lectures  4 Company visits  5 Lunches (on weekdays)  Social activity & Cachaça Lecture  Certificate ceremony  Transportation to companies  1 group transportation from and to Airport  Sightseeing tour in São Paulo Inversión: $ 500 (será cancelado en Caja de UPN hasta el 2 de octubre) Hospedaje: $ 20 aprox. por noche (7 días: del 7 al 14 de noviembre y será separado el hospedaje el día 2 de octubre con el 30%) Vuelo Aéreo: Deberá ser comprado hasta el 25 de setiembre en la fechas desde el 7 al 14 de noviembre. Indico como referencia un vuelo para que en grupo se pueda viajar, siempre pueden buscar mejores ofertas. IDA: Vuelo LA2767 Operado por LAN PERU - Salida 7NOV 12:50 LIM - Llegada 16:50 GRU (Sao Paulo) VUELTA: Vuelo LA644 Operado por LAN PERU - Salida 14NOV 20:25 GRU (Sao Paulo) - Llegada 22:25 LIM Costo: incluido impuestos y tasas $518.40 No dejen de pasar esta oportunidad de seguir formándose profesionalmente
  2. 2. F A C U L T A D D E N E G O C I O A D M I N I S T R A C I Ó N Y N E G . N T E R N A C I O N A L E S Program Objetives Participants will explore thought-leading content and learn how to do Business in Brazil. This Inter- national Study Program will provide current in- sights and perspectives on what is like to be do- ing business in Brazil and experience the dyna- mic business environment of a major emerging economy like Brazil Program Location The program will be held at Business School São Paulo campus in the city of São Paulo. There is time allocated outside of the curriculum for tou- ring and exploring the city. São Paulo offers so- mething for everyone to enjoy including mu- seums, shopping Malls, cultural and sporting events, and eateries. Participant Mix This program is designed for graduate students from Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN). Upon completion of the program, participants will re- ceive a certificate confirming their qualification in the Doing Business in Brazil Program. It is expec- ted that participants will be present for all ses- sions. Course materials and lectures are in Spanish, so participants must be proficient with speaking and reading Program Overview Brazil is gaining increased attention from the international media and global investors. Many years of solid monetary and fiscal policies have allowed the country to face turbulences and global financial crisis soundly. It is the “B” of the BRIC acronym; huge reserves of oil have been discovered in the pre-salt layer of its ocean waters; and it has become known worldwide as a developer of alternative energy sources, such as ethanol and biodiesel. BSP will provide graduate students studying in Brazil not only a sense of managing in the Latin America market, but also unique tools and skills to apply in their local economy. Spanish. Students are required to prepare for each class, present, and participate in class discussions. Program Curriculum The course will include lectures and com- pany visits. Participants will be expected to complete assigned readings within the week course to further develop their knowledge about Doing Business in Brazil and Latin Ame- rica. Doing Business in Brazil International Study Programs at Business School São Paulo