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Career Hub Rich Picture

  1. 1. Other University Web Site Other University Competing for graduate jobs Career Hub I want to be able to tell students about jobs and events quickly and easily I want to advertise jobs widely What students would be suitable for this job? I want a central place to advertise jobs - UC Web Site What employers take specific types of graduates eg IT, don’t want to have to email/phone lots of Health etc universities How many jobs has this employer advertised through us? I want to let students know about events How do I contact an employer? ils eta we are running at their university I want employers to be able to put their own job adverts into bD the system Jo te UC Career Hub da Up U pd ate j ob s a nd eve En ils nts e ta te D rJ ob te J ob a U pd D et ai Employers ls Central Career Hub UC Careers Services Does it need interfacing with other ents systems? s f job tfolio How will users authenticate? v nd E b fy Jo Who will maintain the system? on o -por Will ICT need to do any ongoing bs a icati Noti nd e maintenance? e Jo I want to be able to help my students find notif Does it meet with enterprise architecture I want to be able to apply for jobs online cv a jobs and IT investment principles? at What jobs are available that would suit me Employers often contact me about jobs uest Upd tain What careers events are being held? and it’s a hassle for me to have to send Req Main I want to be notified of jobs that would suit out the information me Skills Shortage ICT Services Academics High employment of our graduates will Students promote our university How do we promote the system to employers? VCG UC Marketing