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Zimmer's Back to School

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Zimmer's Back to School

  1. 1. to Ms. Zimmer’s First Grade Classroom! Please come in & write a note to your child!
  2. 2. Please Note: This schedule is subject to change unexpectedly.
  3. 3. 7:45-8:00 Unpack & D.E.A.R. time 8:00-8:25 Morning Meeting 8:25-8:45 Word Study 8:45-9:05 Read Aloud 9:05-9:30 Shared Reading & Weekly Comprehension Skill 9:30-9:50 Recess 9:50-10:50 Guided Reading / Centers 10:52-11:22 Lunch 11:25-11:55 Writing: Mini-lesson, Writing, Conferences 11:55-12:15 Science, Social Studies, Health 12:15-1:00 Special Areas (Music, Art, P.E.) 1:00-2:30 Math: CGI, Guided & Independent Practice, Assessment, Centers 2:30-2:40 Pack-up & Dismissal
  4. 4. Thursdays 1:20-2:00 = Spanish Fridays Every other week 11:40-12:15 = Library
  5. 6. Clayton Cardinals are expected to be... RESPECTFUL RESPONSIBLE MOTIVATED KIND HONEST
  6. 7. B E H A V I O R C H A R T S
  7. 8. The monthly behavior chart will come home daily in the “ ZOO” book. PLEASE INITIAL AND RETURN IT EACH DAY!
  8. 10. When a student must be out because of illness or family business, please send a note stating the reason for the absence the day your child returns or the absence will be considered unexcused. Please also call the office to inform them that your child will not be in attendance for that particular day.
  9. 11. Students will be given the same number of days to make-up their work as they were absent. For example: 3 days absent = 3 days to complete make-up work.
  10. 12. School begins at 7:45. If your child arrives after that time, they must check in at the office in order to receive a tardy permit.
  11. 14. <ul><li>Homework packets will be given to the students on Friday. </li></ul><ul><li>Homework is due the following Friday morning. </li></ul><ul><li>If homework is late or incomplete, no credit will be given. </li></ul><ul><li>Homework is graded for completion. </li></ul><ul><li>I will not be able to give extras for students who loose their homework. (It will be available on our website) </li></ul><ul><li>Homework grades will be shown in the personal development portion of the report card. </li></ul><ul><li>In addition to the Homework Packet, students should read for at least15 minutes and study math facts daily. </li></ul><ul><li>Students should document their daily reading by coloring in their monthly reading sheet. </li></ul><ul><li>If their reading sheet is not initialed they will not receive credit for that day. </li></ul>
  12. 15. Homework grades will be shown in the personal development portion of the report card. Here is the breakdown of the grade: 90%-100% of Homework Complete and On time = 4 on report card 80%-89% of Homework Complete and On time = 3 on report card 70%-79% of Homework Complete and On time = 2 on report card below 60%-69% of Homework Complete and On time = 1 on report card
  14. 17. C O V E R S H E E T
  15. 18. M A K I N G W O R D S
  16. 19. M A T H M I N U T E
  17. 20. D A I L Y L A N G U A G E
  18. 21. Reading Comprehension & Fluency
  19. 22. Learning.com is a website that helps to develop and enhance learning across the curriculum. With Learning.com, students learn to select and use the right technology for any project. And, at the same time, Learning.com helps your child meet national technology standards and develop skills that will help them throughout their education, careers, and beyond. Students will be given one Learning.com assignment to complete each week. They will be in consecutive order. We will begin in October.
  20. 24. On Mondays (Tuesdays if Monday is a holiday), students will take a “pretest” over words taken from Spelling List A. The percentage correct on this pretest will determine their spelling list for the week.
  21. 25. Percent Correct on Pre-Test Spelling List for the Week 80% and above Spelling List A Below 80% Spelling List B
  22. 26. Students will receive their spelling lists on Monday. Then, on Friday, they will be tested over the Spelling, High Frequency, and Challenge Words. For Spelling List A, students will have the opportunity to earn 1 extra point for each of the 2 bonus words. For Spelling Lists B, I will choose 5 bonus words at random, and students will be able to earn 1 extra point for each of these words. If students misspell a bonus word, no extra points will be given and no points will be taken away.
  23. 28. R E A D I N G S H E E T S
  24. 29. Students will receive a Reading Sheet every month. Students should document their daily reading by coloring in their monthly reading sheet. If their reading sheet is not initialed, they will not receive credit for that day. Students who receive credit will have their sheets stamped for the day. At the end of each month, students who have completed their reading for each day will receive a “Book It” for free Pizza and 100% for their reading homework grade.
  25. 30. <ul><li>AR is a program in which students can take comprehension quizzes over books that they have read. For every quiz, they earn points. After reaching specific levels, they will be presented with an award during a school-wide assembly. Students must pass each quiz with at least 80% accuracy. </li></ul>Level Books Read 1 20 2 50 3 90
  26. 32. In grades K-2 the criteria on the scale below are used to reflect achievement in each subject area. Holistic Grading Academic/ Performance Level Description 4 Advanced Consistent high level performance/mastery of grade level work or above. 3 Skilled Consistent performance/mastery of grade level work. 2 Basic Understanding Basic performance on grade level work. 1 Needs Improvement Limited performance on grade level work.
  27. 33. In addition, AISD utilizes the following scale to reflect progress in specific areas of personal development (behavior and self-management):   4-Consistently 3-Frequently 2-Occasionally 1-Rarely
  28. 34. Here is what the grades look like in percentages: A grade of a 4 = 90%-100% A grade of a 3 = 80%-89% A grade of a 2 = 70%-79% A grade of a 1 = below 60%-69%
  29. 35. If there is just a stamp or check mark, it was a completion grade. I will write the percentage of problems correct and the grade (4,3,2,1) in the top right hand corner of the paper.
  30. 37. Fluency: Students should be able to read 60 words per minute by the end of the school year. 16 End May 1st 10 Middle January 1st 4 Beginning September 1st Level
  31. 39. Sharing Sack: During the week before a student is Top Banana, a “Top Banana” bag will be sent home with the child. Students have a week to collect special items with which to fill the bag at home and bring it back to share with classmates on Monday. Students can also bring up to 12 photos of their choice to display. The Top Banana will also take home an All About Me Poster to fill out and decorate that will be displayed in the classroom.
  32. 40. Favorite Book: The “Top Banana” brings one of his or her favorite picture books to read to the class (or have the teacher read to the class).
  33. 41. Parent Letter: Parents will write a letter to the class telling us how special your child is to you. Send the letter in a sealed envelope to school with your child, and I will read the letter to the class at class meeting. The content of the letter is up to you, but you may want to choose from the following ideas: Describe special or funny stories about your child for the class to hear, write a silly or serious poem about your child, tell us some neat things we may not know about your child, send silly or special pictures with a letter describing the pictures, or write a short story with your child as the main character.
  34. 42. Lunch Buddy: If possible, join your child in the cafeteria for a special lunch on this day. You may also choose to invite a sibling or a favorite relative to be your child’s lunch buddy. You can have the buddy be a surprise or let your child know ahead of time.
  35. 43. Banana Buddies: The “Top Banana&quot; will be presented with a friendship poster created by his or her classmates. The poster will include the Top Banana’s picture, surrounded by compliments written by his or her classmates.
  36. 46. Birthdays are special occasions for young children. On your child's birthday, we will sing &quot;Happy Birthday&quot; and celebrate this special day with them in our classroom. They will also get to choose a book as a birthday gift. On Monday, each student with a birthday for that week will be called to the stage during morning assembly so that the school as a whole can sing Happy Birthday to them. If you would like to bring a dessert to share with the entire class, please bring it during lunch. Please also make sure that it is an individual snack, since lunchtime is limited. If your child has a summer birthday, please let me know what day you would like to celebrate their birthday during the school year.
  37. 47. Here are a few of the Field Trips we are hoping to go on this year...
  38. 48. A Concert at the Long Center Tuesday, October 27 th 10 a.m.
  39. 49. Inner Space Caverns
  40. 50. Austin Nature & Science Center Life Cycles: Frogs and Toads
  41. 52. Two ideas to be keep at school or in a backpack: a jacket in case the room is too cool for your child and a rain slicker (not an umbrella) in case of rain. Because of daily P.E., students should wear tennis shoes and bring a water bottle, labeled with their name, daily.
  42. 54. There are always items that can enhance or supplement instruction in our classroom. If you would like to donate an item to our classroom, they are posted on our door. Please feel free to take a posted item home with you to serve as a reminder. If you have any questions about any of the items please feel free to ask me. Or, if you would like to donate something that is not listed, just check with me and I'll let you know whether or not we could use it in our classroom! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity!
  43. 55. http://zimmerszoo. f-snet.com
  44. 56. That is all for now! Thanks for coming! Please write a letter to your child so they have something to read from you in the morning. Volunteer sign up sheets are located on the kidney bean table and “wishes” for the class are located on our classroom door.