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Social Media & Future Business Leaders

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A presentation by John Tyler and Kim Stearns on the potential housed within social media for student organizations.

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Social Media & Future Business Leaders

  1. 1. Social Media, the Web, and Future Business Leadership Organize communication, reach niche audiences and grow your business.
  2. 2. Workshop Facilitators John Tyler  @j_tyler | johntyler480@gmail.com Kim Stearns @KimStearns
  3. 3. Lead or Follow?
  4. 4. Lead or Follow? PBL is a great avenue to pursue passions, and gain experience PBL service projects and conferences are your best chance to build your resume and gain experiences for work. This workshop is designed to introduce tools you can use in your chapter, and on personal projects.
  5. 5. Background Info Web 2.0 interactive content driven http://www.oreillynet.com/  Social Networking Social Networking in Plain English  Blogging Blogging in Plain English   Cloud Computing Info hosted offsite Outsourcing IT and security Google Services Google Docs in Plain English 
  6. 6. Background Cont. The Long Tail Web decreases cost of production More people in marketplace Targeted advertising Chris Anderson http://www.thelongtail.com/ Tribes Those inclined to like your offering Act as quot;brand missionariesquot; for you Target these!
  7. 7. Background Cont. Ultimate Lesson: Content is King Content is ultimately main driver behind success on Web New Rules of Marketing and PR. David Scott webinknow.com 
  8. 8. Social Networking a brief introduction
  9. 9. Niche Sites Sites for anything and everything dance: dancejam.com wine: opentables.com etc Niche sites buyers segment themselves
  10. 10. The Current Leaders Facebook Huge audience pool Advertising possibilities Highly targeted Twitter Immediate feedback Dissemination of information Huge resource with endless possibilities Search functions Retweeting
  11. 11. Make it Work for Your Chapter
  12. 12. Case Study The Situation: A PBL Event: march of dimes walk, Business Skills Day, SLC< anything. Goals:  Manage a Team Build Awareness and Excitement for the Event Turn the Buzz into Profit: (Membership, Sponsorship)
  13. 13. Goal 1: Managing the Team
  14. 14. Goal 1: Managing the Team  Work in the Cloud: accessibility is key! Google Calendar Google Docs Twitter/Yammer  Facebook
  15. 15. Goal 2: Building Buzz Prepare Content Plan your moves in advance: have a reserve of information you can dish out at a steady pace Know your audiences and their interests BLOG! Build a website or blog beforehand houses in-depth content a resource for club, media, participants your mouthpiece to the media evidence of credibility/sales piece Participate in the community find similar blogs and comment/invite their comments
  16. 16. Goal 2: Building Buzz Cont. Facebook Status Updates Link Posting Event Posting Twitter Update Regularly Always link to engaging content Show love to like minded tweeters: RT's
  17. 17. Goal 3: Converting Buzz to Profit Membership Earned Exposure vs. Bought Exposure Earned exposure: word of mouth or press Opportunities: conferences, service projects, etc Bought Exposure: advertisement, trade shows, etc How fun is rush week?  Not very? Harder Sell Solutions: Website/Blog as platform for thought leadership Social Networking to spread awareness Lead Generation/Management to engage potential members
  18. 18. Goal 3: Converting Buzz to Profit Sponsorship Earned Exposure and Trust PBL: great quality, poor buzz Should be easier to pitch locally students sponsors Solutions: Publish chapter activities on site/blog Build buzz for high profile events: BSD Invest time in building content/activities to lure sponsorship down the line Exploit your network to the fullest extent
  19. 19. Finally, Be Goal Driven
  20. 20. Your Starting Points: www.azpbl.org  http://www.myspace.com/mikeazpbl http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a292/AzPBL/ http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=arizonapbl
  21. 21. Further Resources Social Networking Sites www.facebook.com  www.twitter.com  www.exectweet.com  Blogs www.longtail.com  www.webinknow.com  News CEOs should twitter  Businesses Use Twitter to Cut Costs