Fatal Attraction

1743075-942975,[object Object],3848100237490Titling: The titles of the film are in White medium font, on a black screen and each name last for 5 seconds each. The name of the film that finances the film comes first but lasts for 8 seconds; however we are then introduced with the production team and then the main actors’ names. The use of the titles shown and the timing of each credit, show the importance of each character and the people that have taken part in producing and creating the movie.    The film, Fatal Attraction uses many techniques, which help convey the idea of a psychological thriller.,[object Object],Paramount Pictures is an American film production and distribution company, located at 5555 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, California. Founded in 1912 and currently owned by media conglomerate Viacom, it is America's oldest existing film studio; it is also the last major film studio still headquartered in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. Paramount is consistently ranked as one of the top grossing movie studios.,[object Object],127063590805,[object Object],.,[object Object],Camera Movements/shots/angles:  The film starts with a crabbing shot, where the camera surveys the location of where the narrative is set. The camera shows the city line for 40-44 seconds, showing that the film will be set here. The camera then introduces the main female character of the film, by using the tracking shot. It also uses Medium shot to focus on the women. It then uses a match cut shot to show the other two main characters of the film, the young boy (son) and the man who plays the role of the 0husband in the film.     ,[object Object],3486150257810,[object Object],The opening of the film highlights the role of the represented characters as positive; none of them play the evil role in the film. This is shown through the use of miss-en-scene. Throughout the opening of the film, all the characters are wearing white costumes.  The use of the colour white helps convey the idea that these characters are either the protagonist or the victims of the story.  This idea is also shown by the the colour of the walls and the objects used. For example, the colour of the walls and the lamp are both white, which reflect the characters’ place in the film. They are represented as the ‘good’ people.-800100-800100,[object Object],The opening of the film starts at a ‘night time’ scene, where the camera shows the house of the opening characters. There is very low key lighting used, which suggests that there is something sinister about the house, it also shows the importance of the house as the camera only focuses on this specific house. However, when we are introduced to the characters in the house, we only see high key lighting which suggests that the house and the characters are playing the positive role in the film.,[object Object],86360269240,[object Object],                                                                             ,[object Object],-58902601376045,[object Object],Furthermore, the use of sound and the positioning of the characters also suggest that the opening characters play a positive role in the film. There are various different types of sound techniques used. Firstly, there is non-digetic sound, where we hear the voice of a female, with slow background music. Secondly, there is digetic sound used, the dialogues, in which we hear the mother showing care for her child by telling him to’ get ready for bed’. Her care is also shown through the way she is positioned, as when she bends to clean her child’s face, and prepares the child’s bed. All this helps highlight her positive character, and makes the audience like her character. She could also been seen as the protagonist or the victim of the film.      ,[object Object],-3244215168275,[object Object],Narrative Theory: ,[object Object],[object Object],   ,[object Object],5) What questions are you left with?We are left with several questions, such as: is the father going to have an affair? Will the wife find out? What will happen to the child?4) How is the story told? Chronologically or not? What is the effect?    The story is told chronologically, as we are introduced with a happy family but there is still something that goes wrong at the party, where the father is charmed by a female and wants to follow her. So the father causes something wrong to happen.  The effect that his has on the audiences is that we know what to expect from a film such as this. 3) How many principle characters?We are introduced with 3 main characters which all live together as a family. The mother who is shown as caring, the father and their little child (boy).  However there is also a female teenager who takes the role of a babysitter in the film.  ,[object Object]
Fatal Attraction
Fatal Attraction

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Fatal Attraction

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