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Wallas Powerpoint [Compatibility Mode]

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Wallas Powerpoint [Compatibility Mode]

  1. 1. • Dr. Jack Shephard– Spinal surgeon Second Generation Pilot Pilot of the plane which crashed on the show Plane crash changed my life and I was now forced to use creativity daily (lostpedia, 2009).
  2. 2. Are you plagued by these thoughts? •Unsatisfied with your professional life? •Do you feel as if you aren’t contributing as much to your job as you feel you are capable of? •Do you have any other feelings that make you feel inadequate?
  3. 3. Being creative can help you out of some of the problems you face daily. The Wallas Stages of Creativity is a great way to learn to think outside of the box when you are faced with problems.
  4. 4. This stage refers to gathering as much information about the problem you are facing (Dacey & Lennon, 1998).
  5. 5. This stage refers to further information gathering and exploration and allowing yourself an extended period of time to think the problem over (Dacey & Lennon, 1998).
  6. 6. This stage refers to the moment when you gain that much needed insight into solving your problem (Dacey & Lennon, 1998). This can almost be seen as “seeing the light”…
  7. 7. This stage refers to the stage where the person double checks their solution to make sure it will work (Dacey & Lennon, 1998).
  8. 8. Lostpedia (2009). Portal: Main Characters. Retrieved February 15, 2009, from http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Portal:Main_Characters Dacey, J. and Lennon, K. (1998). Understanding creativity: The interplay of biological,psychological, and social factors. Part Two: Social Factors. (pp. 34-36). Jossey-Bass.