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Access for all in 21st Centgury Library

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This talk was put together quickly and given at the launch of Library Week in the foyer of the Wits library. During this week stakeholders will celebrate and promote library and information services throughout South Africa with the theme: “Access for all @ your library”.

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Access for all in 21st Centgury Library

  1. 1. 21 st Century Academic Library in South Africa “ Access for all @ your library” Prof Derek W. Keats Deputy Vice Chancellor (Knowledge & Information Management) The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg http://kim.wits.ac.za [email_address] 16-21 March 2009 South African Library Week
  2. 2. I was born on an island in the North Atlantic Ocean
  3. 3. I grew up in Gambo, a small town 300 km from the Newfoundland capital, St. John's
  4. 4. And went to school at Smallwood Academy in Dark Cove
  5. 5. One month after my 17 th birthday I had to leave Gambo and travel down the Trans Canada Highway ... to St. John's ...
  6. 6. ... to study Marine Biology at Memorial University of Newfoundland
  7. 7. The library aggregated content resources into a physical location
  8. 8. The library aggregated content resources into a physical location Aggregation
  9. 9. Education as an industrial process - Graham Attwell
  10. 11. Classrooms aggregate demand to scarce supply
  11. 12. Traditional libraries aggregate scarce content resources ...and do things that enable people to locate and use them
  12. 14. Opening access in the 21 st Century
  13. 15. What is scarce in the 21 st Century?
  14. 16. Copyright with all rights reserved creates scarcity and limits access
  15. 17. Not all content needs all rights reserved or to be scarce to be valuable.
  16. 18. Creative Commons licenses
  17. 19. Creative Commons licenses
  18. 20. Traditional proprietary publishing Open access / Free Licensing
  19. 21. Libraries and access for all <ul><li>Facilitate locating open access journals </li><ul><li>Special focus on those that permit reuse </li></ul><li>Help users find content that they can reuse for their own purposes (Free and Open Educational Resources) </li><ul><li>The discipline of librarianship </li></ul><li>Explain an promote the use of Free licenses for academic content
  20. 22. Drive institutional policies on reuse
  21. 23. Maintain and promote Institutional repositories </li><ul><li>Market the rights and options for academics to use them
  22. 24. Encourage licenses that promote reuse </li></ul></ul>
  23. 25. Attribution file: http://www.dkeats.com/usrfiles/users/ 1563080430/attribution/attrib.txt