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CV 16

  1. 1. G. Suresh C-3-A/ 39 A, Janakpuri, New-Delhi, India Ph: 011-25616519, (M) 9899165520, E-Mail: gsuresh55@gmail.com PRECIS • Retired on 31st December 2015 as Chief General Manager (Financial Analyst) from National Highway Authority of India. • Holding MBA(Finance), CAIIB, LLB and B.Sc, a professional with over 37 years of experience. • Since August 2000 till retirement with National Highways Authority of India; handling PPP & other policy matters, highway project awards, procurement, treasury, public issue and private placement of debt/Bonds, multilateral (IBRD/ JBIC/ ADB) and institutional borrowings, Audit, Initiated and developed intervention strategies through re-negotiation of PPP contract awards during 2013-2015 and obtained approval of Central Government. Participated and contributed towards major amendments in Model Concession Agreements for BOT/PPP. • Experience in Canara Bank(1979-2000) for over 21 years in Project and Working Finance, project and security audit, foreign exchange, oversight of credit operations, legal matters, Accounts and Administration. • As Vice President, headed the Delhi operations of merchant banking subsidiary of Canara bank (on deputation), handling business development, treasury, IPO’s, Leasing & Hire-Purchase, project appraisal, debt syndication, broking, recruitments and general administration. • Guest faculty with training centers of ICWA, CAG, SCOPE, IRC, NICMAR etc, providing training to participants on PPP/ Financial Management/ Resource Mobilisation. • Was member of the task force formed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India tasked with framing accounting standards for public private participation projects. • Was member of technical committee of Indian Road Congress for matters related to Public Private Partnership projects.
  2. 2. CAREER PROGRESSION A. With National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). A statutory authority of the Government of India entrusted with development of National Highways Infrastructure in India at a total planned outlay of around INR.9000 Billion. Sl. no PERIOD DESIGNATION 1 From 30.06.2009 till 31.12.2015 Chief General Manager ( Financial Analyst) 2 From 04.07.2002 till 29.06.2008 General Manager (Finance & Accounts) 3 From 07.08.2000 till 03.07.2002 Dy. General Manager (Finance & Accounts) Key responsibility areas handled  Administering activities pertaining to Finance & Accounts and project management: Project Evaluation/ PPP/ Finance & Accounts  Policy matters related to PPP. Renegotiation of PPP contracts.  Screening new highway projects and conducting feasibility/ traffic studies to assess the financial viability of projects, ability to generate sustainable cash flows and bankability, VGF requirements etc., for award under PPP mode by way of BOT/ DBFO etc.  Oversight of procurement of Concessionaires, consultants, contractors etc.,. Finalisation of RFQ/ RFP/ MCA and other documents related to procurement for PPP/EPC projects.  Liaising and negotiating with banks/ financial institutions/ other sources for raising debt and other facilities to meet project requirements. Handling matters relating to loans from multilateral development agencies like, IBRD, ADB, JBIC, etc.  Overview and coordination of CAG & Internal Audit functions, Taxation, Accounts.  Compliance to regulatory requirements of the Central Bank and Securities Exchange Board of India. Contract Management  Vetting of contracts for construction, supervisory and facility management contracts.  Floating tenders/ bids, tender/ bid analysis, award and project implementation oversight.  Synchronizing activities pertaining to Contract management:
  3. 3. -Bid, negotiation and documentation process. -Payment to Consultants and Contractors.  Handling preparation as well receipt of claim documents and liaison with Legal consultants for taking and maintaining legal actions. Overview of arbitration processes. Legal Affairs/ Statutory Compliance  Ensuring timely assessment and filing of statutory tax returns in compliance with various regulatory acts. Handling all other matters pertaining to tax.  Ensuring compliance in contract documentation including proper apportionment of tax related liabilities.  Guaranteeing compliance to all statutory requirements to ensure seamless operations. B. With Canara Bank. A major nationalised bank in India in terms of profitability, capital adequacy, quality of assets and scale of operations. Sl. no PERIOD DESIGNATION 1 From 03.04.1996 till 07.08.2000 Senior Manager 2 From 01.01.1988 till 02.04.1996 Manager 3 From 15.0.1979 till 31.12.1987 Officer Key Responsibility Areas  Administering activities pertaining to Working and Project Finance, Foreign Exchange, Trade Finance, letter of credits, guarantees, Risk Management, etc  Project finance-conducting feasibility studies to assess the financial viability of projects, ability to generate sustainable cash flows and bankability in terms of risk profile.  Assessing working capital requirement of industrial and non- industrial entities, granting and monitoring effective utilization of funds.  Ensuring compliance to RBI and statutory norms on lending and statutory reserves.  Branch administration covering business development and ensuring supervisory oversight, Asset liability management, risk analysis, BASIL norms.
  4. 4.  Formulating and implementing micro finance programmes in command area singly and in co-ordonation with Government Agencies in backward as well as urban areas.  Preparation and implementation of rehabilitation packages for distressed debt accounts, BIFR related matters.  Security and general audit.  Legal action for recovery, seizure of goods and assets, storage, auction etc.,  Consortium finance and co-ordination with banks as lead bank, participating bank for large scale financing.  Liaising and negotiating with banks/ financial institutions/ other sources for syndicating debt and other facilities to meet project requirements.  Coordination of Internal, statutory and RBI Audit.  Marketing of bank’s products/ business development and branch office administration. ____________________________________________________________________________ Aug’ 1990 to Mar’ 06- with the merchant banking arm of Canara Bank eventually holding charge of north Indian operations as Vice President. Investment and Merchant Banking, treasury, leasing and hire Purchase activities, project consultancy, broking, Branch management, Accounts ____________________________________________________________________________ Main Tasks Handled  Business development of the Delhi regional office.  Initial public share offers (IPO’s) and connected marketing of shares through road shows.  Funds management with own and syndicated client funds.  Debt placement through public offers and private placements.  Managing Venture Capital corpus. Identifying investment opportunities for equity participation.  Lease and hire-purchase business.  Broking as licensed brokers of Delhi stock exchange.  Project consultancy involving syndicating project appraisal and syndicating loan placements with various banks.  Accounts, audit, recruitments and general administration. C. COMPUTER PROFICIENCY: Ms-Office(Word, Excel, Power-point, Access), Quattropro, Lotus 123 and in-house Application Packages. D. PROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENTS Training  Public-Private Partnership- conducted by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Feb 2009.  Promoting Civic Engagement to Improve Governance in Infra Projects In India by World Bank May 2009.
  5. 5.  Procurement Procedures by ADB, March 2007.  TDS and Taxation issues by ICWA July 2004.  Advanced Credit Management Programme organized by Canara Bank in 1987.  Finance of Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange organized by Canara Bank in 1989.  Working Capital Finance organized by Canara Bank in 1986.  Leasing and Hire Purchase organized by Canfina in 1992.  Application Packages for Banking organized by Canara Bank in 1995.  Risk Analysis organised by Vinstar, Wellington in 1996.  Infrastructure Financing by JNIDB, Hyderabad in 1999.  Forex for Branch Managers organized by Canara Bank in 1997. Work Shops  Documentation, Recoveries, and Legal aspects of Banking organized by Canara Bank in 1983. E. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS MBA (Fin)(1987) Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi University LLB (2005) Law Center II, Faculty of Law Delhi University CAIIB (1986) Indian Institute of Bankers Mumbai B.Sc(Chem)(1976) Presidency College Madras University F. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY Malayalam Expert (Read, write and Speak) Tamil Expert (Read, write and Speak) Hindi Proficient (Read, write and Speak) English Expert (Read, write and Speak) G. DATE OF BIRTH: 10th December 1955 H. HOBBIES Trekking, Cooking and Reading I. NOTICE PERIOD nil
  6. 6. J. REFERENCES 1. Mr. K.S.Money, IAS Secretary General(Retd) NHRC, New Delhi-110001 Mobile-9811299725 2. Mr. C. Kandasamy, IES Director General & Special Secretary(Retd), Mobile-9818093100 3. Mr. R P Singh,IAS Ex-Chairman National Highways Authority of India Mobile -9868223977 26th May 2016 G.SURESH
  7. 7. J. REFERENCES 1. Mr. K.S.Money, IAS Secretary General(Retd) NHRC, New Delhi-110001 Mobile-9811299725 2. Mr. C. Kandasamy, IES Director General & Special Secretary(Retd), Mobile-9818093100 3. Mr. R P Singh,IAS Ex-Chairman National Highways Authority of India Mobile -9868223977 26th May 2016 G.SURESH