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Creating a UX Culture

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Creating a UX culture with our clients and in our company.

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Creating a UX Culture

  1. 1. Creating a UX Culture With Our Clients and in Our Company
  2. 2. About nForm UX, Design and Development Company HQ in Edmonton 15 people “Management Consultants for the Web”* * Matthew Milan came up with this
  3. 3. Business Return on Investment Value Return on Experience User
  4. 4. Company Client Tangible Intangible
  5. 5. For most development People are most invested projects, it’s the norm in the decisions they make themselves it’s a requirement for change Freedom to fail Willingness to try new Freedom to experiment, learn Failure things Willingness to listen Autonomy Taking risks Blame and shame Personal Accept and move on accountability Transparency
  6. 6. Eliminate stigma Engage in practical research associated with research related to problem Reduce guesswork behind design Prioritize problems & Identify assumptions solutions behind solutions Connect design to Provide a framework for business problems Test solutions early testing the solution--does it Evidence achieve objectives? Provide foundation for iteration Confidence in solution Trust Reduce political solutions Transparency Improved decision-making Freedom to experiment, learn
  7. 7. ve 1/3 pages ha less than 10 widgets Web Analytics Content Analytics Usability Testing Surveys Interviews Contextual Inquiry Diary Studies
  8. 8. Talk their language: Explain: clients need to lower costs, mitigate understand why we do Focus on client’s risks, increase revenue things the way we do business problem, not UX methods Cultivate a deep respect for client’s problem Show results through early evaluation Clients want a solution to the problem, not wireframes Results Share everything Can’t be dogmatic about methods Understanding of UX Process & Value Design process to fit problem Trust Education & Freedom to Evangelism experiment, learn
  9. 9. Keynotes Web Strategy Summit May 4 & 5, 2009 Delta Bow Valley Hotel Avinash Kaushik Analytics Evangelist, Google Calgary, Canada http://webstrategysummit.com Call for submissions closes January 31 (this Saturday) Jeremiah Owyang Web Strategist, Forrester