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United states doc

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United states doc

  1. 1. By Brian Neville
  2. 2. GovernmentThis is the White House. It iswhere our president lives. Healso signs laws, does importantpaper work, meets othercountries representatives andmeets with his advisers.
  3. 3. GovernmentThis is the Congress building. Itis where House of Representativesand the Senate is. Here they makelaws and pass laws here.
  4. 4. TechnologyThis is a modern day iPhone. Youcan call people. Text people, and doreally fast web searches.
  5. 5. TechnologyThis is a modern day apple computer, you can do lightning fast web searches, youcan play games, send emails and talk to people face to face, and do projects on it.
  6. 6. Stable Food SupplyThis is a grocery store. This is where webuy food and drinks like, meat, bread,cheese, water, juice and soda.
  7. 7. Stable Food SupplyThis is a farm. It is where we grow fruits and vegetableslike corn, wheat, apples, tomatoes, oranges and raspberries.
  8. 8. ArtsThis is sidewalk art. Artistsmake pictures on the groundto make an optical illusion.
  9. 9. Arts This is an ice sculpture. Sculptors make different sized sculptures completely out of ice.
  10. 10. Social StructureThis is an example of a chartof the American society.
  11. 11. Social StructureThis is a general chart of who makes up theUnited Sates Population
  12. 12. ReligionThis is a Christian, were peoplecome to worship God, and Jesus.
  13. 13. ReligionThis is the symbol for Judaism.
  14. 14. Written LanguageThis is the English alphabetsIt is our written language.
  15. 15. Written LanguageThis is the United States Constitution.It is an excellent example of English.Our written language.