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Mission statement

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Mission Statement

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Mission statement

  1. 1. Mission Statement
  2. 2. Defining a Mission Statement • What is a Mission Statement? • A mission statement is a written declaration of a school’s core purpose and focus. • Why have a Mission Statement? • To communicate what the school is working to accomplish. • To establish a clear message for the community. • Provides a template for decision- making • Establishes a basis for alignment. • Shapes strategy. • Facilitates evaluation and improvement.
  3. 3. Drafting a Mission Statement • Involving Staff • Organize a committee of 4-5 staff members. • Having different areas/departments represented will translate into higher buy-in from the staff. • The mission statement is something the school adopts and doesn’t normally change from year to year. • Getting Everyone Involved • Mission Planning Committee should guide a staff meeting that gives everyone an opportunity to give input. • The committee should bring 5-8 mission statements they believe to be exemplar. • As a group define what patterns emerge throughout the examples. • Do statements simply state a belief, or do they express a purpose for existence? • Do the statements clarify what action steps students and staff will be expected to take to achieve mission? • Do the statements define how staff will help in improvement efforts?
  4. 4. Drafting a Mission Statement • Guiding Factors • The mission statement should be a specific plan for driving the school to fulfill its potential. • Mission and vision planning should allow school leadership to create a plan to fulfill its mission. • Include four factors; value, inspiration, plausibility, and specificity. • Choose whether your mission statement will be centered on your school’s short-term or long-term goals. • Tips • Avoid elaborate language & buzz words • Should be easily explained by all faculty and staff • Keep it concise! A strong mission statement can be written between 2- 5 sentences.