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Blockchain and tokenization are coming to all asset classes and instruments

Crypto finance and blockchain are in very early phase, ICOs are only the first wave. These models come to main stream, when we have more asset classes and instruments that are relevant for institutional investors and ordinary people. The history has show that technology disruption winners are typically new companies, it is hard for incumbents to adapt.

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Blockchain and tokenization are coming to all asset classes and instruments

  1. 1. Grow VC Group ++ www.growvc.com ++ @growvc ++ Enabling Digital Finance ++ Copyrights © Grow VC Group 2018 Tokenization for all assets and instruments Ho Chi Minh City, September 26, 2018 Jouko Ahvenainen
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  3. 3. We work with industry leaders
  4. 4. Observation #1 Technology enables disruption, but new business models implement it
  5. 5. Incumbents Newcomers Leading telecom and media companies have survived Internet disruption, but most new business and profits have gone to newcomers Observation #2
  6. 6. Bank’s operations, legacy IT systems and business models are most probably obsolete, but traditional finance industry money, assets and instruments still have value Observation #3
  7. 7. 1849 gold rush made only few gold miners rich, but it was mainly shovel sellers and service providers that made a fortune Observation #4
  8. 8. ▪ We are still in very early phase with tokenization and distributed finance models, but we can predict: 1. Distributed models and tokenization come to all asset classes and instruments, including truly digital instruments, smart contracts and blockchain based settlement 2. Traditional institutions have hard time to adapt to the new reality, and there will be new stars in the market 3. Tokenization comes to main stream with big traditional asset classes, not e.g. with startup equity ICOs 4. Finance becomes a plug-and-play component to many other services 5. We’ll see a revolution in finance IT solutions, and new technology and platforms cut IT costs to 1/100th from the traditional banking IT 5 Predictions
  9. 9. ▪ Real time onboarding, data-driven decisioning, pricing and unprecedented data points; e.g. totally new loan and debt market ▪ If central ownership of data is no longer a requirement – is the fundamental fabric of the Internet changing ▪ Open APIs (e.g. PSD2) and privacy (e.g. GDPR) are important for data, but it is very unlikely that banks could create platform business Data and AI come to the core of all processes
  10. 10. 1. Many independent cryptocurrencies, ICOs and technical solutions ■ Companies and projects issue their own tokens often based on unclear underlining assets and services ■ Even if technically possible to exchange to other digital assets, exchange rates and values hard to evaluate 2. Not linked to fundamental regulatory requirements, e.g. KYC and AML ■ It is hard to believe regulators would allow anonymous users and transactions 3. So far no models to link to the bigger financial ecosystem to underwrite, syndicate and trade ■ Each service targets to have its own assets and investors, when different cooperation models in the traditional finance sector are the key to success 4. No common models to get and use data to value, monitor and rate assets ■ A slide show or white paper is not enough to analyze any asset and especially follow, how its value develops 5. No independent 3rd parties to analyze, rate and value assets ■ Common models, practices and independent evaluations are an important part of the system to value assets and keep the market stable; now ICOs or crypto funds can even manipulate the market The market is still in early phase
  11. 11. My Apartment: Current ownership 60% Rent to investors $700 Maintenance $150 Increase or decrease your ownership 0% 50% 100% 10% decrease compensation: $49,000 Rent increase monthly: $160 Start Loan Application Checkout 1. Take a photo 2. Upload your ID 3. Fill Application 4. Information Check 5. Decision in 30 seconds Plug-and-play Distributed Finance (Examples) E-Commerce Real Estate PoS Lending
  12. 12. Distributed Models change Finance and Internet
  13. 13. Case: Prifina – Consumers use & benefit from their own data
  14. 14. Intelligent Digital Finance Workflows Finance services and applications User Onboarding Deal Origination Compliance KYC / AML Investment Matching Escrow / E-wallets Deal Execution Closing & Settlement Loan Repayments Secondary Markets Reporting - Users - Organizations - Offerings - Investments - Loan Books - Payouts - Transactions - Wallets - Deal Rooms - Documents Smart Contracts and Connective Apps Difitek Payments | Identity | Credit Data | Accounts AI & Analytics enabled digital finance processes Case: Anyone can make finance services without expensive IT
  15. 15. ✓ Matchmaking demand between b2b customers and API services. ✓ One integration, global services. ✓ Generation of transactional revenue through matching of buyer and seller via API. Case: APIs, API Market Place and Work Flows
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