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Super Powerful Questions

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Karen Greaves and Sam Laing share what powerful questions are and when to use them at the Scrum Gathering in South Africa.

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Super Powerful Questions

  1. 1. @growingagile
  2. 2. Look at the list of questions on your table Consider how you would answer them for a particular situation Rank the questions by how much they make you think @growingagile
  3. 3. Powerful Questions Generate new ideas Make you pause Are for the listener Probe beyond the surface @growingagile
  4. 4. @growingagile
  5. 5. Create new ideas... “What is another way?” Resolveconflict... “ Why is that important to you?” Help reflection... “ How could you make this more fun?” Surface assumptions... “What would happen if you did nothing?” @growingagile
  6. 6. @growingagile Think of a situation you are involved in Pick a card from the table See if the question helps you If not, try a different question
  7. 7. @growingagile Pair up Have one person explain a situation they are involved in, as if they are talking to a friend or coach. The listener picks one of the powerful question cards and asks that question at an appropriate time. Observe what happens
  8. 8. TIPS @growingagile Keep a few questions on you at all times Practice, practice, practice Pause after asking a powerful question Don't worry if they feel uncomfortable at first Use the questions for self reflection Download the cards: www.growingagile.co.za/PowerQuestionCards
  9. 9. CHALLENGE @growingagile Take a powerful question card with you See how many times you can use it at SGZA Tweet about your experience #PowerfulQuestions