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Introduction To PVEP

Professional Value Enhancement Program designed to help improve capability and effectiveness of people and hence their organizations

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Introduction To PVEP

  1. 1. Skillscape Ashok Grover Skillscape Ashok Grover
  2. 2. Professional Value Enhancement Program PVEP Skillscape Ashok Grover
  3. 3. Objective PVEP To increase employees’ professional effectiveness.. Skillscape Ashok Grover
  4. 4. Approach PVEP Get to know the individual by understanding his/her competencies, interests, attitude and aspirations; Analyze the requirement of their current roles. Bring the two together to create an actionable Plan that benefits the individual and their work. The program includes a series of tests, discussions and developmental feedback sessions.. Skillscape Ashok Grover
  5. 5. Duration PVEP The PVEP is a continuous journey. Review is done periodically for its impact and effectiveness. Annual measurement is a major milestone. The PVEP is accompanied by the Skillscape recommendations for Job Rotations, Career Planning and/or Succession Planning.. Skillscape Ashok Grover
  6. 6. Process Map Ideal Profile – Personal Profile – Alternate Role After one year PVEP Profiles Multi Rater Feedback – Comparison After one year Ideal Profile – Current Role Trainability Measurement Personal Re-Mapping Profile Profiles Comparison Plan of Action Personal Effectiveness Mapping One Year later Scale Myers Briggs Type Indicator Multi Rater Feedback Now Skillscape Ashok Grover
  7. 7. About Ashok Grover PVEP An Engineer-MBA, Ashok Grover has spent more than 38 years in Indian industry of repute. Currently, Director of “Skillscape”, earlier he has worked with Parle Group, Mohan Meakins Group, Ajay Piramal Group, Hawkins Cookers and lastly JBM Group as Chief Human Resource Officer. Ashok Grover has acquired expertise and added to his credit many innovative HR practices, which he initiated at the organizations he worked for. Professional Value Enhancement Program is the result of his rich and vast corporate experience to flow in line with Skillscape’s vision – “Value creation by enhancing people and organizational competencies.” Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ashokgrover Skillscape Ashok Grover
  8. 8. Bon voyage.. PVEP www.Skillscape.net Resource Development Consulting Competency Evaluation & Mapping Development of sound HR Systems Exit Feedback Management On-Board Feedback Management 360 Degree Feedback Employee Satisfaction Surveys Customized Training Programs D-8/8042, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070 India +91 11 4606 5966 +91 11 42148164 Skillscape Ashok Grover