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How To Increase Sales By 150% Every Year Using Clickfunnels

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How To Increase Sales By 150% Every Year Using Clickfunnels - Start your free trial of Clickfunnels and get my extra bonuses at http://salesfunnelmadness.com

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How To Increase Sales By 150% Every Year Using Clickfunnels

  1. 1. How To Increase Sales By 150% Every Year Using Clickfunnels
  2. 2. Question…
  3. 3. Do you want to grow revenue for your online business?
  4. 4. Would you like to have predictable income that you can count on every month?
  5. 5. Do you want the capability to quickly and easily deploy sales strategies without waiting a long time for implementation?
  6. 6. Duh, right?
  7. 7. There’s ONE THING you gotta do…
  8. 8. Identify The “Repeatable Unit”
  9. 9. Next: Increase The Performance Of The Repeatable Unit
  10. 10. How?
  11. 11. 2 Ways
  12. 12. #1 Trouble-Shooting Your Sales and Marketing Process
  13. 13. #2 Increase Your Revenues Per Customer
  14. 14. Let’s Tackle #1
  15. 15. Trouble-Shoot Sales and Marketing • If your sales and marketing process is not performing well you have to continually adjust it until you can get the numbers up to a level thats worth replicating.
  16. 16. Here’s How • Break down your sales and marketing process into specific steps - also known as your “funnel” • Measure the performance of each step, systematically A/B test each step of the sales and marketing process, and look for the alternative that generates more sales. • In an A/B test you alternate between two versions of a particular step in your sales and marketing process(i.e. Web site content, email, direct mail piece, telesales script, landing pages, sales pages, etc)
  17. 17. Attract Traffic Build The List Convert Sales
  18. 18. This is how 80% of all sales and marketing is done.
  19. 19. It should involve a systematic, analytical approach to continuously improving the results.
  20. 20. The A/B testing process is a “must do” for all selling and marketing that takes place in every distribution channel you use - online, print ads, direct mail, telephone, etc.
  21. 21. Let’s Check The Math On A/B Split Testing
  22. 22. “How A 3% Weekly Improvement Generates 150% Annual Growth”
  23. 23. We Need To Look For “little hinges that swing big doors” • A/B testing is, without question, one of the highest- leveraging revenue growth opportunities we have in this business. The math is compelling. • If you AVERAGE 3% improvement for 52 weeks, you realize greater than 150% increase in revenue.
  24. 24. All It Takes Is 1% Improvement Each Week To Post 50% Increase, Year After Year.
  25. 25. Would you be happy with that kind of ROI?
  26. 26. This Approach Is Not About Home Runs
  27. 27. It’s About Tiny Wins
  28. 28. A Collection Of Microscopic Wins, Every Day
  29. 29. Early On It Is Easy To Find 10-30% Improvements
  30. 30. After Time, It’s Hard To Sustain Even 5% Improvements
  31. 31. The Goal Is To Refine, Perfect or Optimize The Repeatable Unit So That You Can REPLICATE IT For Exponential Growth.
  32. 32. The Key To Improving Revenue Productivity?
  33. 33. Continuously Rack Up Tiny Wins
  34. 34. You Do This By Employing Disciplined A/B Testing As Part of Your Operations
  35. 35. So What Technology Should I Leverage To Achieve This Improvement?
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  42. 42. Here’s What You Need To Do…
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  45. 45. Full Disclosure
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