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Best Book Promotion Websites

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Discover the best book promotion websites and book advertising opportunities in 2014.

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Best Book Promotion Websites

  1. 1. 2014
  2. 2. This document presents the best book promotion opportunities in 2014 – as compiled by Scribando.com INTRODUCTION Most opportunities are backed up by success stories from writers, insider information and our own research Best results are reached by promoting outstanding books with great viral triggers via the right channels
  3. 3. HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR PROMOTION Using the following channels allows you to reach more than 1 million people easily. As getting this kind of exposure can make or break your book, we highly recommend that you get the basics right first, before you start to promote your book extensively. For optimal results, promote a successfully pre-tested book in combination with a great viral trigger to at least 10,000 people.
  4. 4. Cost effective – Has costs but potential high return SUCCESS HINTS -> ICON OVERVIEW Highly recommended – Backed by field report Insider Tip – Channel might still be under the radar Experimental – Channel not well backed, but worth a try Unique – Channel has unique characteristics
  5. 5. Giveaway Email Alert Author Promo On Site Ads Crowdfunding PROMOTION TYPES -> ICON OVERVIEW Creative Media Submission Offline Channel Community Point of Sale
  6. 6. Here are the Scribando Promotion TOP10 for 2014
  7. 7. Amazon KDP Select allows you to run a free book promotion on Amazon, which can boost your author success dramatically. AMAZON KDP SELECT [FREE PROMO] Free Success Stories www.kdp.amazon.com Success Stories: www.goo.gl/Tnmm4j (OCT 2013) | www.goo.gl/vqEsFr (JAN 2013) How-To-Guides: www.goo.gl/O6SbKw | www.goo.gl/BZUYBz How-To Amazon Bestseller Guide: www.goo.gl/aF1hvc Point of Sale
  8. 8. Bookbub allows you to promote your ebook to up to 1 million readers via email based ebook price promotion alerts. BOOKBUB ADVERTISING $100 - $2000 Success Stories www.bookbub.com/partners Success Stories: www.goo.gl/WtEOs2 | www.goo.gl/ARvs3e | www.goo.gl/PF02a4 How-To-Guides: www.goo.gl/7qz2It | www.goo.gl/62xc1n Email Alert
  9. 9. Galleycat features the latest publishing industry trends, news and success stories. The editorial team welcomes great tips. GALLEYCAT TIP SUBMISSION www.galleycat.com The Galleycat editorial team features: stunning book campaigns cool publishing infographics Insider Tip Free to submit Industry Specific
  10. 10. Kickstarter is the world‘s largest platform for funding creative projects. Kickstarter is a great opportunity for creative book projects. KICKSTARTER BOOK FUNDING Success Stories www.kickstarter.com Success Stories: www.goo.gl/XC2LHV | www.goo.gl/7LaEjC How-To-Guides: www.goo.gl/0KrkOZ | www.goo.gl/NBZZE3 Note: Kickstarter might not be available for project creators in your country -> An alternative is www.indiegogo.com. Competitive Crowdfunding
  11. 11. Noisetrade Books allows you to give away your ebook or audiobook in exchange for reader‘s email adresses and postal codes. NOISETRADE BOOKS www.books.noisetrade.com Noisetrade Books is new -> Let us know, if you are familiar with a success story or a field report? Free Giveaway Insider Tip
  12. 12. BOOKGORILLA ADVERTISING http://www.bookgorilla.com/advertise Review: www.goo.gl/sdMymc Field Reporters? -> Get in touch! $50-$150 Point of Sale Email Alert BookGorilla allows you to promote your ebook to up to 100,000 readers via email based ebook price promotion alerts.
  13. 13. The Blogads Book Community allows you to search for book blogs in your target market, that are open to advertisement. Ask for discounts. RUN ADS ON HIGH TRAFFIC BOOK BLOGS www.web.blogads.com/advertise/book -> Check targeted blogs | Check traffic via Alexa | Get discounts for one month ads On Site Ads Research needed Insider Tip
  14. 14. Medium is a trending social publishing platform that allows everyone to publish articles and stories that matter. MEDIUM ARTICLES www.medium.com Reviews/Success Stories: www.goo.gl/DRpDgD | www.goo.gl/2CcecF Free Competitive Success Stories
  15. 15. Pixel of Ink allows you to promote your Amazon Kindle Ebook via email-based and social-media based price promotion alerts. PIXEL OF INK EBOOK PROMOTION www.pixelofink.com/authors-corner Success Stories: www.goo.gl/Ma2nM4 | www.goo.gl/tyNKku Note: Number of Subscribers and Prices upon request only -> Free promo possible Gotta apply Success Stories Insider Tip
  16. 16. The Amazon Editorial Team decides computer- and human-based which books get featured in sections, such as daily deals, books of the month, etc. SUBMIT TO THE AMAZON EDITORIAL TEAM Free If you have a great book -> Try to get in touch www.amazon.com/Editors-Picks-Kindle-eBooks/ *We share contact details upon request only* Contacts upon Request Insider Tip
  17. 17. CHECK OUT THE TOP 10-25
  18. 18. Social Networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest allow you to distribute outstanding content virally through network effects. SOCIAL NETWORK VIRAL SHARING Large and promising networks are: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Vine | YouTube Success Tip: You need a great viral trigger + initial audience of 1000 people Free + Ads Success Stories Very Competitive
  19. 19. Amazon‘s promotional feature „Countdown Deals“ allows Amazon KDP Select users to lower their Amazon ebook price for up to one week. AMAZON KINDLE COUNTDOWN DEALS Free Experimental http://www.amazon.com/b?node=7078878011 Reviews: www.goo.gl/4pFH9F | www.goo.gl/uGhzx5 -> Ebooks have to cost more than $2.99 | Either Select Free or Countdown Ebooks $2.99+
  20. 20. Wattpad is the world‘s largest community of writers and readers. Submit your work for free, get feedback and get a following. WATTPAD www.wattpad.com Success Stories: www.goo.gl/DZjRlG | www.goo.gl/9dco1D | www.goo.gl/grBYg5 How-To-Guides: www.goo.gl/qL2SP3 | www.goo.gl/NbU4AK Success Stories Competitive Community
  21. 21. Booksends allows you to promote your ebook to up to 100,000 readers via email based ebook price promotion alerts. BOOKSENDS ADVERTISING www.booksends.com/advertise.php You know a success story or a field report? -> Let us know $50-$150 New service Email Alert
  22. 22. The Fussy Librarian is a new ebook promtion service that allows you to promote your ebook via email based book recommendations. THE FUSSY LIBRARIAN www.thefussylibrarian.com For authors: www.goo.gl/cz9f4l Subscriber Base September 1st 2014: almost 30,000 subscribers $5-$25 Experimental Email Alert
  23. 23. Reddit is a social news site that allows you to promote your book creatively. REDDIT BOOK PROMOTION www.reddit.com Book Promotion Subreddits: Showcase your work -> www.reddit.com/r/shamelessplug Showcase your book -> www.reddit.com/r/wroteabook Showcase your book -> www.reddit.com/r/selfpublish Reddit is targeted at younger people and needs creative content & ideas.
  24. 24. Smashwords is an ebook self-publishing platform with more than 250,000 titles available that can be used to run smart preorder strategies. PREORDERS ON SMASHWORDS www.smashwords.com Success Stories: www.goo.gl/H4oOF3 | www.goo.gl/RHd3sm How-To Guides: www.goo.gl/RwkFiV | www.goo.gl/3JZM77 Free Experimental Point of Sale
  25. 25. GOODREADS GIVEAWAYS Goodreads allows to list prerelease books for giveaway and members can enter to win. Winners are picked randomly at the end of the giveaway. Free Prerelease Books! Giveaway www.goodreads.com/giveaway Success Stories: www.goo.gl/w64Sw7 | www.goo.gl/7LaEjC How-To-Guides: www.goo.gl/w64Sw7 | www.goo.gl/rcNujn
  26. 26. Amazon Author Central allows you to create your Amazon.com Author Page and to publish your book via Amazon KDP. PLAY WITH AMAZON AUTHOR CENTRAL https://authorcentral.amazon.com/ Use your header image and author biography in creative ways  Free Creative Marketing Point of Sale
  27. 27. Amazon Kindle Singles are a unique Amazon format for books between 5,000 and 30,000 words. Submit your short story: www.goo.gl/6Al1En SUBMIT TO AMAZON KINDLE SINGLES www.amazon.com/b?node=2486013011 How-To-Guides: www.goo.gl/A7GBzO | www.goo.gl/wxZTaZ Success Stories: www.goo.gl/Nx6I2C | www.goo.gl/Mxfc2u Short Stories Point of Sale Overlooked
  28. 28. Amazon recently launched the paid digital literary journal Day One that showcases fresh literary voices and perspectives. SUBMIT TO AMAZON‘S LITERARY JOURNAL Experimental www.goo.gl/q1zFVR Submit your story to Day One: dayone-submissions[MONKEY]amazon.com Read the story on Galleycat: http://goo.gl/WKlYKG Ebooks $2.99+ Insider Tip
  29. 29. About.me allows everyone to create a personal homepage. The site is trending right now and a good opportunity for creative author promo. AUTHOR PROMO ON ABOUT.ME www.about.me You know a success story or a field report? -> Let us know Author Promo Free Creative Marketing
  30. 30. Kindle Worlds is a platform for stories that are inspired popular books, shows, movies, comics and games people love. TAKE PART IN AMAZON‘S KINDLE WORLDS Free Submission Experimental https://kindleworlds.amazon.com/ Submit to Kindle Worlds: http://goo.gl/LK9lu9 Kindle Worlds is all about fan fiction! Amazon Publishing
  31. 31. StumbleUpon is a great way to find cool new websites, videos, photos and images from across the Web. Test your viral trigger. STUMBLE UPON www.stumbleupon.com Success Story: www.goo.gl/OCtWKy | How-To Guide: www.goo.gl/DNUv8W Master Strategy: Let respected Stumblers post your content. Free + Ads Creative Marketing Cool Stuff needed!
  32. 32. Slideshare allows you to do content marketing based on powerpoint/pdf presentations. Launch great presentations around your book. SLIDESHARE PRESENTATIONS Learn how to use Slideshare to get huge amounts of traffic: How-To-Guides: www.goo.gl/4UwUxq | www.goo.gl/EtKkr6 Success Stories: www.goo.gl/e6Ggx5 | www.goo.gl/xCDO1T Best Practices: www.slideshare.net/ryanholiday | www.slideshare.net/JamesAltucher Free + Ads Success Stories Insider Tip
  38. 38. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Albert Griesmayr is founder and CEO of Scribando, where he helps writers to stay up-to-date on how to succeed in the fast changing world of book publishing. Scribando was participant of Go Silicon Valley 2013 and is used by more than 10,000 writers. Visit www.scribando.com and www.albertgriesmayr.com.