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Gaming Myths for Marketers

  1. gaming, virtual worlds & life after second life myths | realities | virtualities |
  2. busting 3 myths | in 10 short minutes
  3. myth | second life is so 2007 “the industry magazines aren’t talking about virtual worlds anymore, so neither am i. what’s the next new thing that i should rush into before i even understand it?”
  4. The days of ‘sizzle then fizzle’ marketing may be over but virtual worlds are ripe with opportunities for customer care, 1-to-1, research and prototyping.
  5. myth | the action is in in-game ads “i’ve seen those studies that say gamers think that ads in games make game-play more realistic so all we need to do is buy a few billboards in grand theft auto, right?”
  6. in-game ads just replicate a broken model. Look for deep integration opportunities that allow your brand to add real value for the players.
  7. myth | gamers aren’t my market “they’re all pimply-faced teenage boys who spend too much time in their parents’ basements, right?”
  8. look beyond hardcore gaming. console, online and mobile leisure gaming cuts across demographics and provide opportunities to engage virtually any group.
  9. let’s have a conversation company: email: blog: twitter: @gregverdino second life: jiggy stardust