Intro – Team Pic – Cheesy Picture<br />Branding sustainability since March 20, 2011<br />
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Ignite Presentation - Brand Positioning

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An introductory look at brand positioning and the effect it has on shaping our buying decisions.

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  • Thank you – we are Team GTS – Ian, Tania, Dale, Val
  • We live in a culture where we are inundated with branding – thousands of brand exposures per day – the majority of which we do not even notice. So it is an very competitive landscape to get buyers attention, whether consumer or business.
  • It can be downright tacky and not promoting the best of what our culture has to offer. This campaign uses the tried and true bosom and pectoral method so the FGA lawfirm can be thought of when you are going through a painful divorce.
  • But brands can promote the best aspects of our culture. It can be for-profit or non-profit as with TED which strives to spread ideas that can solve some of our most pressing problems.
  • The majority of branding is business to business. As we learned in P&amp;S a brand can be dominant within their market and dictate the product of their customer.
  • Powerful brands – with high customer loyalty? How many products get free advertising and long lines when a new product comes out, or get tattooed on human bodies …… voluntarily.
  • Dominant brands – without question the major players. They establish the framework of the game as we learned in the TED presentation last residency.
  • Brand image can be developed over time and cultivated through many measures – one being GRI certified CSR report.
  • Only to find it go up in smoke because of procedures and the underlying corporate culture behind the brand. It can also be so powerful that it will not be crippled by such negative events.
  • What branding is a fight for the space within our minds. The association of a product or service to our emotions, like satisfaction or dependable. Spaces in our minds have been purchased.
  • Some of you are saying, Greg you must have taken a few hits off of that doobie. That is not true. I am not influenced by advertising.
  • Well … let’s find out. I will say a phrase. Remember whatever brand that pops up in your mind involuntarily. I will say the name and raise your hand if you thought the same thing.
  • Low prices – Wal-mart has bought and paid for that spot in my brain – although I don’t even shop there.
  • Athletics and sports. The famous swoosh that signifies a shoe is connected to the feats of highly trained bodies.
  • Fast food – fast, convenient and cheap ……. food, if you want to call it that. McDonalds owns that part of my brain.
  • Negative connotations – brand damaging small town America. There are side effects.
  • Pure Evil – you control the government, it doesn’t matter what the experts and consumers think.
  • Brand having biggest effect on sustainability …
  • I for one, thinks that sucks. The flag bearer of sustainability is a company that is instrumental in the development of our current industrial system? There is no brand that truly promotes sustainability to the average consumer. Most popular brands we know of – Seventh Generation and Interface – are fringe players in their respective industries.
  • Well … happy news …. We are going to tell you about how you can increase the brand awareness of your EL partners to start promoting sustainable brands in the market.
  • Ignite Presentation - Brand Positioning

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