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Chuck Hester - Email Marketing - iContact


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Chuck Hester - Email Marketing - iContact

  1. 1. Best Practices for Customer Acquisition and Retention Using Email Marketing REAL ESTATE MARKETING & TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY April 28, 2010 Chuck Hester, APR iContact Corporation
  2. 2. Chuck Hester, APR • Communications Director, iContact • Joined iContact’s in 2006 – Employee #27 • 30 years experience in marketing, branding and public relations • Traditional PR guy turned social media expert • LinkedIn Power User with over 10,000 first level connections • National speaker and Author on Social Media
  3. 3. iContact Corporation: Our Story • Email Marketing Software for Small/Mid Sized businesses, associations and non-profits • Founded in 2003 • 190 employees • 63,000 customers
  4. 4. The Team 6
  5. 5. We sent 6.1 billion emails in 2009 700,000,000 600,000,000 500,000,000 400,000,000 Total Emails 300,000,000 Small Biz 200,000,000 Mid-Market 100,000,000 Agency 0 Up from 2.9 billion emails in 2008
  6. 6. #1 Objective of Email Marketing is? A: Acquisition
  7. 7. #1 Objective of Email Marketing is? B: Retention
  8. 8. Email Marketing Best Practices • Connect with your recipient. No matter how timely or interesting your message may be. It must connect with the reader.
  9. 9. Email Marketing Best Practices • Inform and link. Provide information and tools that will help them do their jobs better and give you an authoritative voice as an expert.
  10. 10. Email Marketing Best Practices • It is not all about you. Your newsletters should contain roughly 80% industry information and 20% details on your new customers, products, or news.
  11. 11. Email Marketing Best Practices • Personalize. Use a personal email address, or at least one that conveys an appropriate sense of placement. Avoid “sales@” or other generic email addresses.
  12. 12. Email Marketing Best Practices Personalize! Welcome to The Team (contact first name)! I'm amazed at the strong positive reaction I've received for xxx concept. So many people have called, emailed and joined xxx online that it's clear I'm not the only one feeling frustrated out there in the sales profession. Welcome to xxx’s first email newsletter, listing the most popular recent articles and offering links to resources for sales professionals. Please contact me with your questions, suggestions and feedback. We're figuring this one out as we go along kids! All the best,
  13. 13. Email Marketing Elements to Test • Message Content • Creative • Frequency • List Segmentation
  14. 14. Email Marketing Elements to Test Message • Know what you want to say • Make sure the wording matches the goals of the send. • Compare the wording of different messages to determine which is most likely to be read by your audience.
  15. 15. Email Marketing Elements to Test Creative • Choose the correct combination of colors and templates. • Try to envision what a customer wants to see or will respond to best. • Fall message = Fall colors
  16. 16. Email Marketing Elements to Test Frequency • Consistency of contact is vital to the relationship • Survey customers to determine an appropriate level of contact • Once you’ve established a schedule, stick to it!
  17. 17. Email Marketing Elements to Test List Segmentation • Use split testing to test creative and content. • Determine which pieces your customers prefer. • Continue your campaigns with best practice according to customers’ behavior patterns.
  18. 18. Email Marketing Tips & Tricks
  19. 19. Email Marketing Tips & Tricks • Ensure all email recipients are opt-in or double opt-in. This requires the recipient to ACTIVELY subscribe
  20. 20. Email Marketing Tips & Tricks ALWAYS provide an unsubscribe link.
  21. 21. Email Marketing Tips & Tricks Keep Email Short. 5-10 lines of text per paragraph.
  22. 22. Email Marketing Tips & Tricks Consider using a P.S. Readers may skim email but read the P.S. Repeat an offer or incentive in that section.
  23. 23. Email Marketing Tips & Tricks Consider using a P.S. Readers may skim email but read the P.S. Repeat an offer or incentive in that section. As a member of xxx, you're eligible to a half-price initial consultation. Normally $x for a two-hour meeting or phone consultation, I'll speak with you about the challenges you're facing growing your sales for just $x.
  24. 24. Email Marketing Tips & Tricks Add personality to your emails.
  25. 25. Email Don’ts Don’t: • Send test messages to your entire mailing list. • Send multiple test messages to your entire mailing list. • Send test messages with unprofessional text. • Send out untargeted “spam” mailings. • Send broken HTML links.
  26. 26. Email Don’ts Don’t: • Send large media pieces that take a long time to download or view. • Send out HTML mailings as text mailings. • Send mailings to unsubscribed recipients
  27. 27. Email Marketing Do’s Best Times: • 11AM through 3PM for businesses • 5 PM through 8PM for consumer Best Days: • Tuesday through Thursday for businesses • Friday through Sunday for consumer recipients
  28. 28. Email Marketing Do’s Frequency: • Once a month is usually best. Time sensitive offers may require more frequent mailings. Variations: • Sending up to three variations of the same offer is a good way to improve response rates. But no more than three attempts is suggested.
  29. 29. Email Marketing Do’s Prime the Pump: • Get the recipient ready to receive sales offers beforehand. • Build credibility and then go for the sale. Follow Up: • A timely follow-up message sent one to two weeks after an initial offer can improve the response rate of that initial offer.
  30. 30. Contact Information Chuck Hester, APR chuck@iContact.com (919) 459-1451 www.iContact.com/media Linkedin: www.Linkedin.com/ChuckHester Twitter: @iContactCorp @ChuckHester