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Myfuneralinsuranceforseniors.com Do we really want funeral insurance

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Myfuneralinsuranceforseniors.com Do we really want funeral insurance.

Do We really need this? Visit: myfuneralinsuranceforseniors.com for more details.

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Myfuneralinsuranceforseniors.com Do we really want funeral insurance

  1. 1. Do We Really Want Funeral Insurance? www.myfuneralinsuranceforseniors.com
  2. 2. Funeral Insurance • Funeral insurance is designed to cover the cost of your funeral. No medical exam is needed to take out a policy
  3. 3. How Much Funeral Insurance Do I Need? • It depends upon the funeral services you take and burial you are having. • Most of the companies range from $5,000- $50,000. A simple and normal cremation will cost you less than the insurer service.
  4. 4. What is the average cost of funeral insurance? • As with all insurance, the cost is based on your age and health when you start. Clients often tell us the cost is higher than they anticipated. • The average annual premiums quadruples for consumers aged over 50, rising from A$336 for those aged 50–54 to A$1,344 for those aged 80–84, the 2014 ASIC report found.
  5. 5. What does a burial policy cover? • Funeral alone, or • Cover additional final expenses such as outstanding medical bills, legal costs, or any other debts that you owe, such as credit card bills.
  6. 6. The Ins and Outs of Funeral and Burial Insurance • Visit this to know various queries • http://myfuneralinsuranceforseniors.com/sele cting-funeral-insurance-policy/
  7. 7. Alternatives to Funeral Insurance: • Pre-paid funerals • High-interest savings account • Funeral bonds • Super Funds • Veteran Funeral amount from the government • Funds from Department of Human Services
  8. 8. Thanks for Watching  • Visit MyFuneralInsuranceForSeniors.com • Please likes, follow and comment • Source of this case study: Internet