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IFF Three Horizons Framing Transformative Innovation

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Core set of slides explaining Three Horizons framework as three perspectives on the future potential of the present moment, plus how these perspectives interact in service of systems transition and 'transformative innovation'.

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IFF Three Horizons Framing Transformative Innovation

  1. 1. Three Horizons as a framework for Transformative Innovation
  2. 2. “How to take effective and responsible action in powerful times?” International Futures Forum (IFF): 2001
  3. 3. We face a real emergency – a world of pressing challenges And a conceptual emergency – a struggle to make sense of a world of boundless complexity And an existential emergency – we are in over our heads. We need to develop our 21st century competencies and the culture and organisations to support them.
  4. 4. Shifting systems to a new pattern of viability fit for the future rather than just fixing what’s failing in the present. Growing the new in the presence of the old. Transformative Innovation
  5. 5. Patterns: reading the landscape of change Pathways: plotting a way through towards a desired future Practice: making the journey Transformative Innovation
  6. 6. Agency Uncertainty Complexity ScenariosPlans Forecasts Roadmaps Adaptive Pathways (Three Horizons sits here) Thinking About The Future
  7. 7. Pattern Making sense of the landscape of change through three perspectives on the future potential of the present moment Time Three Horizons
  8. 8. The managerial perspective, keeping things going First Horizon: Sustaining Innovation Today’s Dominant Pattern: a system losing strategic fit and therefore dominance over time Pattern Time H1
  9. 9. The visionary perspective, aspiring to a better way Third Horizon: Transformative Innovation Pattern The Future Pattern: a system in tune with deeper trends that eventually emerges as the new dominant system—perhaps a generation from now Time H3
  10. 10. The entrepreneurial perspective, eager to try new things Second Horizon: Disruptive Innovation Pattern Zone of Transition: a system seeking to exploit the opportunities emerging in a changing world Time H2 +– sustaining transformative disruptive innovation ?
  11. 11. A transformative innovation system that contains three ways of acting in and seeing the world. Three Horizons: Bringing it Together Pattern Time H2 H3 H1 Entrepreneur Manager Visionary
  12. 12. Three Horizons Voices and Relationships Shifting from negative mindsets to positive perspectives enables people to work across horizons and facilitate the conditions for transformative change. Negative Mindsets Positive Perspectives H1 H3 H2 IrrelevantDinosaur H1 H3 H2 HopeScale
  13. 13. More information on Three Horizons and the practice of Transformative Innovation which it supports is available at: IFF Practice Centre www.iffpraxis.com or contact: enquiry@iffpraxis.com