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Rusk Sensories Wellness Products Review

Rusk offers many products to help you nurture your hair into the condition you desire. With so many ...

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Rusk Sensories Wellness Products Review

  1. 1. Rusk Sensories Wellness Products Review Rusk offers many products to help you nurture your hair into the condition you desire. With so many harsh chemicals in hair products, its refreshing to see brands innovatively create formulas to lessen the harshness of product on hair. Rusk has a line, Rusk Sensories Wellness, which uses natural, earthy ingredients to give your hair the shine and care it deserves. Using some of the earths most nourishing ingredients, exotic oils from the Tahitian tiare flower, the Moroccan argan tree, and Ethiopias abyssinica, Sensories Wellness are hair color-safe, organic and provide a luxurious haircare experience. The Rusk Sensories Wellness brand offers three lines: Rusk Sensories Wellness Bedew hydrates and moisturizes and offers a variety of products including: Bedew Shampoo: This shampoo hydrates dry hair, and brings hair back to a healthy condition. Its extra hydrating formula includes Tahitian flower oil. Ideal for day use and perfect for dry damaged hair. Bedew Conditioner: This conditioner is paired with its hydrating shampoo to give dry hair extra moisture and conditioning. Among its ingredients is PCA which is a natural humectant found in skin that is said to bind moisture into the hair. Ideal for extra dry, course hair and hair in need of serious moisture. Bedew Hydrating Treatment: This treatment is a http://greedyammonia2342.jimdo.com cream that you leave in your hair for a couple of minutes to restore and balance the condition of your dry hair. Its ingredients include Tahitian and coconut oil and is perfect of hair that is very dry. Bedew Hydrating Repair Drops: This formula is designed to hydrate dry, coarse hair. These drops can be paired with the Rusk Sensories Wellness Bedew Hydrating Treatment for maximum results. Its ingredients include lavender and sage. Rusk Sensories Wellness Reflect products focus on enhancing hair's natural shine. Reflect Shampoo: This shampoo is designed to give hair ultimate shine while gently cleansing hair. Its ingredients include honey and jojoba oils to provide incredible shine and a smooth texture. Reflect Conditioner: This conditioner, paired with its shine-infusing shampoo, conditions hair while giving it shine. Made with organic oils and dynamic moisturizers add optimum hydration to produce radiant reflection to the hair's surface.
  2. 2. Reflect Shine Enhancing Treatment: This hair treatment gives the hair deep conditioning and lots of shine. Its ingredients include natural organic oils. Reflect Shine Enhancing Repair Drops: These drops give hair glossy shine with its formula that includes organic oils. Rusk Sensories Wellness Heal Products focus in restoring hair to it's original healthy state, to maximize strength and texture. Heal Shampoo: This shampoo restores and strengthens damaged hair. Its formula includes fig extract with vitamins and provide incredible moisturizing results. It gently cleanses while it repair and revitalizes. Heal Conditioner: This conditioner aids the Heal Shampoo to restore dry and damaged hair while giving it a deep conditioning. Specially formulated with organic ingredients like olive and coconut oil, to leave hair soft, manageable and supple. Heal Restorative Treatment: This treatment can be left on the hair for just a few minutes to restore and strengthen damaged hair. Its ingredients include glycerin, argan and coconut oil to heal, restore and repair. Heal Restorative Repair Drops: These drops can be used with the treatment for maximum restoration and strength. Its ingredients include calendula, chamomile, argan oil, aloe vera and lavender to provide maximum strength and radiant shine. Good hair care does not have to be expensive or salon produced. Many of these products can be found on the shelves of many of your local shopping spots at an affordable price. About the Author: I'm the in-house pro at BeautyStopOnline.com, the editor of YourBeauty411.com and a professional cosmetologist. See our full selection of Rusk Sensories Wellness.