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B.d. 8623 deceptive works of the adversary. (uf os)


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B.d. 8623 deceptive works of the adversary. (uf os)

  1. 1. Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version) http://www.simpopdf.com UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects Ufology – is a neologism coined to describe the collective efforts of those who study reports and associated evidence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Ufologist – A ufo investigator is called a ufologist Ufo Sightings- Some eye witnesses to the UFOs Roswell Incident- called the Roswell UFO crash 1947 UFO Conspiracy – Worldwide UFO cover Ups and related theories Alien- An extra-terrestrial being is called an alien
  2. 2. Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version) http://www.simpopdf.comB.D.8623Sept. 22, 1963 DECEPTIVE WORKS OF THE ADVERSARY. (UFOs)Often you still will be thrown into great doubt, and caused to askquestions because in the end-time you will be faced with greatsurprises caused by MY opponent. He will not hesitate to use anymeans to bother you, to keep you from the Truth, doing everything toprevent you from thinking about the progress of your soul, workingcunningly to make it difficult for you to recognize his activity assatanic, because he always disguises himself with garments of Light.He will falsely portray you as being protected; your earthly needsbeing met by Light-beings from above, inhabitants of other planetswho care for people. He certainly sees the chaos that exists on earthand uses this for his own purposes to make the confusion even greater.There truly are innumerable willing Light- beings in MY charge togive you every assistance, both spiritual and material, but theirworking is only in the spiritual realm, influencing your thoughts andpointing to ME in JESUS CHRIST so directing your way that yoursoul derives much benefit. They give you good advice through yourthoughts and you can call on them in every need when you are intouch with ME so that I can instruct these Light-beings to stand byyou. But in the giving of this help there is no visible evidence. Theywill not come near and manifest themselves nor use material means,which you can see with your eyes. Because the beings of MY realmwhich I commission to help you need no visible cover for them to lettheir will become reality for they are spiritual beings who influenceyou only in a spiritual way.But the influence of MY opponent is different. He tries to deceiveyou, making men believe that supernatural beings care for the peopleof this earth and he assigns his cohorts to radiate a deceptive lightbecause it is his aim to keep people from surrendering to their CreatorGod, so that they will turn and entrust themselves to him and thuscome under his rule. And in the end-time he has great power, whichhe will truly use for himself.
  3. 3. Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version) http://www.simpopdf.comI can only warn you against a superficial faith. If you think that beingsfrom other planets come near the earth to bring anyone help thenconsider first that all visible planets are indeed inhabited with beingsbut they cannot leave their assigned world in accordance with the lawsof eternity, although spiritual contact can take place. But earthdwellers should never seek such contact since you do not know thedegree of maturity of those beings who will make themselves knownto you in spirit. These beings can bring spirit messages to you throughmediums, the Truth of which you can never verify.Such doubtful messages you must therefore reject because when Iinstruct you it is in a direct manner or through Light-beings of MYKingdom, who receive directly from ME the teaching that they bringto you. You should stay clear from spirit contact if you have notlearned to discern the spirits. MY opponent will always intervenewhen people willingly open themselves up to messages from the spiritworld. Such a desire for the supernatural gives MY opponent a certainfreedom and he will satisfy the one who has this desire but never tothe well being of his soul.In the end-time he will seek to deceive the people throughmaterialization, making objects appear be fore the very eyes of samewhich, in fact do not exist, making phantoms appear to those who seekunusual experiences, so that they can be easily influenced by MYopponent. It is also true that men launch experimental objects into thesky, which appear to be material so that you are hardly able todistinguish between the phony and the true. But both are of satanicorigin whether they came from men or from the spiritual world. For itis still of the realm of darkness when men are prompted in theirexperimentations by the prince of darkness.The end is near and that is the reason for such unusual working ofSatan. But I also work in unusual ways, to bring the pure Truth tomen, and I would truly let you know when I commission beings ofother planets to become active.
  4. 4. Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version) http://www.simpopdf.comI will not keep you in ignorance. But I say to you repeatedly do not letsuch deceiving phenomena vex you. For he from whom they originatedoes not wish to save you but rather to destroy you. And before theend you will witness even much more and be able to follow his worksclearly if you only remain united with ME and listen to ME so that Ican continually enlighten your mind and in the Light of the Truth youwill clearly recognize his intentions.AMEN