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Webinar: "Data Driven Marketing Research Techniques"

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Eleazar Santos

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Webinar: "Data Driven Marketing Research Techniques"

  1. 1. Research techniques MADRID, 27 FEBRUARY 2019 for data driven marketing strategies
  2. 2. markets
  3. 3. Propuesta de servicios profesionales de social media marketing Hi, I’m Eleazar! Digital marketing and communication professional, with more than 18 years of professional experiences. I’m a Business Director in the digital strategy and creative company Good Rebels. Industry experiences: Travel, retail, fast-moving consumer goods, pharma & healthcare, IT & consulting services, banking & financial services, electronics, education & international cooperation, infrastructure, publishing, and professional services. More info: • www.linkedin.com/in/eleazarsantos • www.twitter.com/eleazarsantos • www.goodrebels.com
  4. 4. Good Rebels is a digital strategy 
 and creative company. We transform marketing through data, creativity & technology.
 Data Scientist. SERGIO VÁZQUEZ. 
 Data Scientist. JUAN PABLO RUBiO 
 Systems Admin MAR CASTAÑO 
 Data Scientist & Partner NOE FERNANDEZ 
 IT Strategy Director GONZALO MARTIN
 Digital Strategy & Partner OSCAR SUESCUN 
 Digital Strategist & PM GR Data & Tech practice lead
  6. 6. 4
  7. 7. 󰀁9 • Who are they? • What are they looking for? • What’s their digital behavior? • Which content is most attractive to them? What do they miss? • Where do they get the information? What’s relevant? • How they interact with brands and their products and services? • What do they value from you? • Which companies are in their top of mind and why? • Which territories are perceived suitable to the brand? • Which new moments of consumptions / use could be identified? • … ANALYSIS PERSONA ATTENTION ANSWERSMAPPING Profiling our target audiences helps us to build stronger business relationships and to innovate in our product and services offering. Understand, do not presume “OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS
  8. 8. 󰀁10 At Good Rebels, we have developed a triple approach for consumer analysis: Inspiration Empathizing with both the industry and their consumers, to understand their aspirations, needs and demands of those people for whom we design experiences. Observation Analyzing several sources of data, blending both internal and external resources, to identify behavioural patterns from our audiences. Immersion Getting the “true feelings” from consumers, to decode the reasoning behind their behaviour, emotion and motivation. Methodology “OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS
  9. 9. Innovation of product, services or processes, based on people. Aims to involve stakeholders actively in the creation of a bolder offer value that really meets their needs. Design thinking “OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS 󰀁11
  10. 10. A multi perspective research approach QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVE OFFLINE ONLINE Panel surveys Online surveys Focus groups Panel tracking Media analysis Listening Audience profiles Online communities Customer Journey inspiration observation immersion 󰀁12“OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS
  11. 11. PrototypingEmpathy Definition Ideation agile process measurement OBSERVATION / LISTENING Understand the challenge VISUALIZE / SYNTHETIZE Specify the problem DIFFER / 
  12. 12. Focus group & Customer journey
  13. 13. Qualitative approach to gather ideas, representations and perceptions behind behaviours and consumption patterns. Interviews related to the experiences identified (or to be defined) within the customer journey. Focus groups “OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS What’s here for us? - Wow moments - Pain points - Level of satisfaction
 - Uncovered needs 󰀁15
  14. 14. 󰀁16 • User experience evaluation in every channel. • Identification of consumer needs, support and help. • Insights synthesis. • Opportunity development, communication process and workflows. • Real feasibility of the implementation of measures. • Generation of ideas for the improvement of the experience. 1 2 3 OBSERVATION DEFINITION IDEAS How to “OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS 󰀁16
  15. 15. iGEN and the future of banking The iGEN (16-25 year olds) are the financial consumers of the future; by understanding their attitude, behaviour and pain points, banks (both challenger and traditional) have the best possible lens to focus on where the sector is likely to head. It’s time for significant reimagination in everyday banking.
 Through a focus group, we discovered the offer value demanded by this new generation and the relationship model. Methodology and findings available in Rebel Thinking.
  16. 16. 󰀁18 Who are the different customer profiles interacting with our brand, their paths and contact points. Customer Journey | Customer journey “OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS 󰀁18 BUSINESS GOALS SEGMENTATION BUYER 
Opportunities and challenges to overcome
  17. 17. 󰀁19“OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS Hotel customer journey Unconscious calm Broken status quo Inspiration Planning Booking Preparation Arrival Pre-holidays > Holidays > Check-in Entertainment Room Restaurants Beach Spa Pool Post holidays > Check out Back home Remembering Promoting Repeating
  18. 18. 󰀁20“OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS Complex business ecosystems INSPIRATION BOOKING P`REPARATION AIRPORT FLIGHT ARRIVAL WHERE TO STAY POST TRIP Meta-search Social-search OTAs Travel agencies Trip organizers Travel guides Rent-a-car Operators Services Airlines Rent-a-car Taxi Public transport Hotels Apartments Social Media Ratings
  19. 19. The American traveler In order to define the customer experience model, we applied a set of research techniques including interviews to the salesforce, travel agents, tourists and employees, plus leaning on trends and online listening. We analyzed each stage of their journey: destination selection, type of travel activities, purchase process, devices, customer support received. As a result, we built a 360º perspective of Palladium American customers, taking into consideration demographics, needs solved and the desired outcome of the experience.
  20. 20. Audience profiles
  21. 21. Using online data to provide statistic evidence for our research hypothesis. At Good Rebels we lean on the Global Web Index in order to define: ‣ Digital means consumption, behavior and preferences according to generation or market, ‣ Detailed audience profiling, based over 20,000 attributes available. GWI works with a global panel of 18 million people from 40 countries, whom are surveyed quarterly and with more than 8,500 data points registered, Audience profiles DEMOGRAPHICS ATTITUDES & LIFESTYLE DEVICE OWNERSHIP & ACCESS ONLINE 
  22. 22. Online surveys
  23. 23. Encuestas online | Delivered through social media advertising, and leaned on in custom audience segmentation, we will promote a short survey to understand the behaviour and interests of our audiences. Usually incentivised to guarantee participation. Goal sample: 500 entries. Recommended time: 5 - 10 minutes. Tools: Survey Monkey or similar Questions oriented to obtain information such as: Knowledge of the industry Experience with our brand or competitors Important drivers in the buying process Digital behaviour Most valuable content and sources of information Most interested segments in the survey (segmentation efficiency). Online surveys 󰀁25“OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS
  24. 24. Discovering a new consumption moment Prior to digital activation, we launched a research project on social media, between fans of the brand and fans of the chocolate category, in order to evaluate: 
 • Brand top of mind and competitive landscape. • Brand and product awareness. • Habits of consumption and creative territories to explore. The research was held on Facebook, as well its display network, and Twitter. As a result, we found a clear association between having break and snacking amongst students and workers, along with coffee; these insights based the current commercial and editorial strategy of the brand.  󰀁26“OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS
  25. 25. Panel surveys & 
 Panel tracking
  26. 26. A commercial panel is a group of people that reflects the diversity and complexity of a given market. They allow us to obtain relevant information, on a regular basis and a stable sample, along time. Said surveys integrate conclusions and the sociodemographic traits of the sample, location, devices and other relevant attributes. Moreover, it allows us to focus on those relevant panelists for the research, eliminating noise from the sample. What’s a panel?
  27. 27. This tool aims to enrich the information obtained through the online surveys, electing a group of users according to a specific profile identified in the preliminary research. • Definition and programming of the survey, attending the specific traits of the selected sample. • Conjoint questions: which attributes mix have the greatest influence in the decision making. • Panelists selection along with the research partner. Volume of the sample will be defined according to the size of the market, being 30 a minimum and 400 the recommended size. • Results interpretation according to a set of sociodemographic variables behaviour, devices, etc. Survey design PANEL Results analysis • Sample size: 200 - 400 people • Expected time to complete the survey: max. 15 minutes. Panel surveys 󰀁29“OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS
  28. 28. 󰀁30Tracking de panelistas | • To broaden the knowledge obtained from panel surveys, we can select its premium users for a greater understanding of their digital behaviour (visited web pages, time spent, moments of the day, preferred content) on different devices (desktop, mobile), through a 24h tracking software, 365 days. • Own and third party websites and apps, from which we may want to follow the journey (back & forth) of any given user profile • Selection of users with the installed tracking system, whom may have accused the selected websites or apps. • Sociodemographic definition for panelists. • Consumer journey based on website visits, time spent, moment of the day, devices, number of access, apps, queries on search engines… all related to sociodemographic profile of tracked users. USERS NAVIGATION LOGWEBS & APPS 
  29. 29. To localize marketing strategies in Europe, Royal Caribbean set out to understand the needs, behaviour and holiday preferences within four core audiences: families, couples, senior couples and lone travelers.
 • Where do they get their inspiration? • What type of holidays are they looking for? • What factors are taking into account? • Main challenges to overcome for first time cruisers.? 
 The outcome: ad hoc buyer persona for the four segments, within Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Eurozone buyer persona definition Royal Caribbean I N T E R N A T I O N A L 󰀁32“OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS
  30. 30. Listening & media analysis
  31. 31. 󰀁34 • Online conversations monitoring about our brands, its competitors, products and topics of interests. 
 It allows us to identify volumen of owned and third party conversations, perceptions, opinions and the sentiment towards our brand. • It’s a great trends detector, and also works real time to identify potential reputation crisis through alerts. How many mentions? 
 Share of Voice? Where is the conversation held?
 SM, forums When?
 Before, during, after their journey… Which are the main topics? Who’s talking? 
 KOL? What’s the sentiment towards our brand? What’s social listening? “OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS 󰀁34
  32. 32. Desarrollo de producto Feedback Alertas Ideas Comunicación Rich Media Reputación Influencia Presencia Reviews Comunidades Stories Ventas Colaboraciones Liderazgo Blogs ATC Consultas Soporte Proactividad Marketing Demandas Generación Leads Reach Consumer and Market Insights Opinions on brands and their competitors Moments of contact with the client Attractive content to connect with customers Trends and business opportunities Optimization in customer service What can we get? “OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS 󰀁35
  33. 33. 01 Research Objectives, questions and scope of the research. 02 Parametrization Queries set up 03 Classification Cleaning of data, contextualisation and categorization of mentions; assignment of sentiment. 04 Analysis Main topics and categories, user rankings, roles, time evolution, growth rates, channels, platforms and sentiment evolution. 05 Knowledge Conclusions to support new strategies and detection of opportunities. How social listening works “OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS 󰀁36
  34. 34. Comprehensive data viewing ILLUSTRATIVE • Scorecard by market • Temporal evolution • Main milestones of the period (highlights) • Volume and platforms (how much and where) • Associated feeling (how) • Associated themes (what) • Profile of the opinion leader (who) • Ranking of users by influence • Potential impact achieved • Verbatim • Comparison with the competition • Volume of images with logos • Conclusions and recommendations “OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS 󰀁37
  35. 35. Qualitative research of our own social media, as well from competitors, to understand how is the communication addressed: - Brand territories - Type of content and formats - Post frequency - Networks relevance - Usability - Creative actions and tactics. Análisis de canales y foros | Media analysis
  36. 36. Online communities
  37. 37. 󰀁40 Online research communities are valuable forums for debate, to share ideas, to obtain information, to detect sentiment… to gather knowledge to boost our business. - They help the brainstorming process. - They allow us to understand behavioural patterns from customers / users: their main traits, needs and interests. - They enable new business models and possibilities. Online communities
  38. 38. Formula One fans share their viewing experience The switch between terrestrial broadcasting of Formula One from BBC to Channel 4 was controversial amongst viewers and sports industry professionals alike in the UK, in 2016. This research was commissioned to understand the impact of the move on F1 fans watching on both Sky and Channel 4. Whilst originally very skeptical about Channel 4’s ability to live up to the much-loved BBC coverage, it has in some ways pleasantly surprised fans but also drawn a clearer mark between the two current competing channels. 36 Formula One fans were recruited to take part in a live WhatsApp research panel. They were asked 10 open-ended questions (plus a wildcard question) during the Bahrain Grand Prix about the race and their viewing habits. 󰀁41“OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS
  39. 39. Wrapping up…
  40. 40. A multi perspective research approach QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVE OFFLINE ONLINE Panel surveys Online surveys Focus groups Panel tracking Media analysis Listening Audience profiles Online communities Customer Journey inspiration observation immersion 󰀁43“OFFLINE & ONLINE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA DRIVEN MARKETING” - @ELEAZARSANTOS
  41. 41. goodrebels.com • @GoodRebels Madrid • Barcelona • Brighton • Ciudad de México Data. Tech. Creativity.