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The Future of Social: Rebel Cocktail 3ª edición

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¿Siguen siendo relevantes las redes sociales o están perdiendo protagonismo ante las nuevas aplicaciones sociales? ¿Cómo esta evolucionando el Influencer Marketing más allá de los fans y seguidores? ¿Serán los chatbots los nuevos gestores de tu comunidad?

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The Future of Social: Rebel Cocktail 3ª edición

  1. 1. Future of Social Fernando Polo @abladias
  2. 2. Text Mining - DiceLaRed 2 State of the Art (2003)
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  4. 4. It hadn’t happened yet: 4 • The rise of social ads (and the decrease of organic reach) • The rise of influencer marketing • Visual content • AI and bots • Fake News • Digital Detox • Privacy Paradox (w/ Cambridge Analytica) • Human content moderation From a marketing perspective:From a social perspective:
  7. 7. PEOPLE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY INTELLIGENCE BUSINESS VISION DIGITAL STRATEGY CREATIVITY ADVOCACY AWARENESS ENGAGEMENT CONVERSION LOYALTY Branded content Social reputation Employer branding Branding campaigns Brand & media value Brand health & reputation Impact and reach Community, Share of voice Community relationship Smart content & experiences Interactive initiatives Entertainment & dynamics Engagement rate Social interactions, Content consumption User involvement Traffic Social customer care Co-creation initiatives Social CRM Rewards & social loyalty programs Customer satisfaction Loyalty generation Cases attended Time response Customer acquisition Performance tactics Lead generation Social shopping CPC (by objective) Conversion rates Costs of acquisition ARPU of social buyers Member get member User generated content Employee advocacy Influencer marketing Recommendations Brand prescription Reviews UGC posts Smart social framework by = Working areas = Business impact SOURCE: GOOD REBELS, LINK
  8. 8. Smart social framework by SOURCE: GOOD REBELS, LINK BROADCASTING Acquire customer knowledge and competitive intelligence by monitoring public conversations, using statistical models and establishing online panels and co-creation methodologies. Foster online conversations by listening and talking to customers and brand advocates. Provide customer support via social channels. Create online branded communities. Using content, creativity and buying social paid media to promote brand and product awareness or foster online or offline sales. INTELLIGENCE ENGAGEMENT
  9. 9. Intelligence
  10. 10. 10SOURCE: ZDNET (LINK)
  11. 11. bit.ly/eSports-GoodRebels
  12. 12. Whatsapp for netnography 12
  13. 13. Broadcasting
  14. 14. (LINK)
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  17. 17. Brand Owned Earned HIGH CREDIBILITY HIGH CONTROL Paid The rise of
 influencer marketing SOURCE: GOOD REBELS (LINK)
  18. 18. SOURCE: LUSH UK (LINK)
  19. 19. Engagement
  20. 20. WATCH VIDEO
  22. 22. FRAMEWORK
  23. 23. APPROACH ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS AND YOU’LL BUILD THE RIGHT STRATEGY CULTURE How important is social customer care excellence to the business? What level of investment is dedicated to social customer care? Is it a strategic priority? Do any social customer care metrics form business KPIs? COORDINATION Is there a robust governance infrastructure in place for managing processes and collaboration, supported by best- in-class tools and technology? CHANNELS Can customers resolve issues in- channel across core and ‘new’ channels (e.g. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp) in a seamless manner? CONTENT Are queries resolved using relevant, engaging, up to date content that is proactively created based on changing customer needs? COST EFFICIENCY Are social customer care metrics being used to measure impact on traditional customer service workload (call center, help desks) and response times? How much time and money is being saved? What is the ROI of a more positive Brand Advocacy Score? 1 2 3 4 5 Social Customer Service
  24. 24. Co-Workers and customers 27 Your best brand ambassadors People with great experience and commitment with the brand can help deliver powerful messages and achieve strategic goals: 1. Brand - Awareness and engagement towards a real community 2. Company - Employee engagement and Best Place to Work proof 3. Business - Real experiences around the product and its benefits High credibility Balance High impact Low impact Low credibility Other acquired sources Employees Customers Opinion leaders or experts Regular influencers SOURCE: GOOD REBELS (LINK)
  25. 25. IKEA ambassadors 28 • Built specifically for Ambassadors. • They get individual attention, special content, fun facts, invitations to events, products, meetings with experts and personalised webinars. • In return, we expect them to talk more and better about IKEA, only if they feel like it.
  26. 26. IKEA ambassadors 29 Discovering the roots of IKEA Explaining its history and values in a way no other brand website, or social media channel can elaborate enough for all the true IKEA lovers. Interviewing co-workers for the fans Which the Ambassadors can decide and vote to get to know through monthly webinars or specific interviews. Co-worker visibility and empowerment at its core. Including co-workers in the Ambassador team By letting them be one more fan, eager to learn and discuss with the rest of the IKEA Ambassadors and joining all the conversation as experts, participants or just curious minds.
  27. 27. The future of Social? 30 1. Social Media investment is growing and will keep on the rise. 2. Digital is more social than ever. 3. Broadcasting is king. There’s opportunity in building community. 4.Social is not just marketing. It’s a tool and methodology for engagement of all kind of stakeholders. Think customer, co-workers and citizens. 5. Artificial Intelligence can help us be more human. 6.Get it right it with messenger apps, and you’ll win in the short run. 7. Be more human-centric, and you’ll win in the long run.
  28. 28. Human
  29. 29. Human-centred Organisations 33SOURCE: GOOD REBELS (LINK) The Consumer Journey Discover Buy Love Delivering seamless and delightful digital consumer experiences. C C The Co-Worker Journey Developing digitally-enabled and empowered employees. WWish Engage Belong W Digital business strategies that respond to society to generate value and transcendence. The Citizen Journey ZValue Connect Share Z
  30. 30. • fernando@goodrebels.com • twitter @abladias • goodrebels.com • fernandopolo.com Social worker:
  31. 31. Barcelona • Brighton • Ciudad de México • Madrid goodrebels.com • @GoodRebels Data. Creativity. Tech.