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181009 Webinar Data_Driven_Marketing

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181009 Webinar Data_Driven_Marketing

  1. 1. Good Rebels BCN @goodrebels Confidencial y uso interno | October 2018 WEBINAR How to design Data Driven Marketing Strategies
  2. 2. https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielaferrers/ Mother of 2 chicks, with rebellious soul and Yogini. I was born in Palo Alto and I have lived in 7 countries for personal and work reasons. I have 12 years of work experience in international business and consulting. I am a social entrepreneur in the project www.huipilart.com. I had the exciting task of growing the GoodRebels Mexico project from the beginning for 3 years and I recently moved to the Barcelona office to continue the Rebellion. 'When you change the way you see things, the things you look at change'.
  3. 3. 1. Introduction 2. Our Vision 3. How to design a Data Driven Marketing Strategy? 4. Some Examples AGENDA
  4. 4. • The strategic opportunity behind becoming a data-driven business • How to plan and activate a data strategy • Examples of brands who are using social data to improve their products, customer and marketing experiences KEY LEARNINGS
  6. 6. Data & Customer Experience | ENTORNO | 󰀁6 90´s 2010 2013 20202016 the age of the web the age of social the age of “public”mobile the age of “dark”mobile People look for content. Companies needed to show the way to it. Search engines golden age. People receive content from brands Companies need to go to to where people were Social platforms golden age People receive content by brands and friends Companies need to to go where & talk about what people are talking Real Time marketing golden age People receive content by friends. People look for places where brands are not present: messengers & etc Companies need to to become relevant again.
  7. 7. tecnología personas organizaciones
  8. 8. Data in the 21st Century is like Oil in the 18th Century: an immensely, untapped valuable asset. Like oil, for those who see data’s fundamental value and learn to extract and use it there will be huge rewards. Joris Toonders, Yonego Photo credit: Nick Jeffway, Unsplash
  9. 9. 1. ENTORNO
  10. 10. 󰀁10 OUR VISION What can DATA do for us?
  11. 11. C Z W The Citizen Journey The Consumer Journey The Co-Worker Journey Understanding what people need Creating shared value Empowering internal creativity We believe the most solid organisations are those focused on people. Those who work their human relationships as an intrinsic part of the business. Those which respond to the demands of different social actors so as to generate value and transcendence.
  12. 12. 󰀁12 Sell with less cost improving performance Sell more improving customer experience Sell in another way improving customer knowledge User Data Brand Data / competitor Customer Knowledge Shopping Experience Concumption Levers Trends Consumer Intelligence Business PerformanceCustomer Experience Transactional Attribution Models Data & Customer Experience | ENTORNO | How is this relationship? How does the person experience it? How does the organisation do it? What can data do for us?
  13. 13. 󰀁13 datos oportunidad datos + para qués oportunidad Data & Customer Experience | ENTORNO |
  14. 14. 󰀁14 En 2015, de media, tuvieron 52puntos de contacto en diferentes: canales dispositivos proveedores antes de firmar su casa. 2015. Fuente: Smart Touch Interactive USA - Real Estate. Cuatro años de datos. 49% de buscadores son millenials Fuente: Think with Google. 2015. 52 puntos de generación de datos oportunidades para el negocio
  15. 15. Del funnel al journey: Micromomentos (12 am - 7 am) (7 am -10 am) (10 am -5 pm) (5 pm - 8 pm) (8 pm -12 am) Móvil Desktop Tablet SOCIALESTRABAJOLÚDICAS • Mensajería instantanea • Redes Sociales • Correo electrónico • Llamadas whatsapp • Búsquedas • Leer noticias • Juegos • Contenidos TV, vídeos • Blogs • Correo electrónico • Leer noticias • Utilidades • Búsquedas Lo importante: estar allí, ser útil y ser rápido “Quiero saber” “Quiero ir” “Quiero hacer” “Quiero comprar” MOMENTOS DEL USUARIO DISPOSITIVOS SERVICIOS MÁS USADOS AL DÍA Su interés en contenidos cambio a lo largo del día
  16. 16. Del funnel al journey: ON/OFF/ON
  17. 17. Del funnel al journey: no lineal y más largoDel funnel al journey: no lineal y más largo
  18. 18. º 45% 45% No se usan datos Data Blind Datos por áreas Datos no recogidos Reporting Datalake Tecnología Cultura Data Reactive Data Driven Predictivo Deep insights Generación proactiva datos Data Proactive Data Active
  19. 19. 󰀁20 DATA DRIVEN MARKETING How to design a Marketing Data Driven Marketing Strategy?
  20. 20. Start from the begining… 1. Identify the business objectives that are to be achieved and establish the KPIs that will contribute to achieving it. Why to measure? Under what Criteria What tools do we need? What does it mean? How do we present the results?
  21. 21. What do we need to improve? How can data help? Yes USE Methodology 1. Gathering 2. Treatment 3. Visualization No Can we get the data? DATA VALUE PARA DIRECTIVOS - METODOLOGÍA DE TRABAJO
  22. 22. Data is collected at the different points of contact with the customer in his Customer Journey, in the different channels, with different devices and over time.
  23. 23. DATA VALUE PARA DIRECTIVOS - METODOLOGÍA DE TRABAJO - EJEMPLOS OBTENCIÓN Gathering Treatment Visualization Customer Care Bots They allow to interact with users automatically, thanks to an artificial intelligence engine They are great tools to gather information.
  24. 24. DATA VALUE PARA DIRECTIVOS - METODOLOGÍA DE TRABAJO - EJEMPLOS OBTENCIÓN Content Bots They allow to interact with users automatically, thanks to an artificial intelligence engine. Gathering Treatment Visualization
  26. 26. Contacto Decisión Negociación y Compra Consideración SOLD Búsqueda on/off Búsqueda activa Visita € COSTUMER JOURNEY MAP Interacciones Usuario ENTORNO WEB BUYER PERSONA Knowing the different types of clients that are interested in buying a home and the commercial state they are in and how to address them in each case will determine the success of the business and its commercial model. CONTACT CENTER RED DE VENTAS DATA VALUE PARA DIRECTIVOS - METODOLOGÍA DE TRABAJO - EJEMPLOS TRATAMIENTO Gathering Treatment Visualization
  27. 27. MEDIOS AJENOS CUSTOM AUDIENCE S The RRSS allow us to customize the content to each type of user, that allows us a freemium to premium user conversion strategy thanks to sponsoring content based on the cluster. DATA VALUE PARA DIRECTIVOS - METODOLOGÍA DE TRABAJO - EJEMPLOS PUESTA A DISPOSICIÓN Gathering Treatment Visualization
  28. 28. LOOK ALIKE AUDIENCES To address a similar audience, it is called Facebook LookAlike, showing our ads to the public that has similar Facebook usage patterns to our clients and, therefore, with the possibility of having similar shopping behaviors. Oriented to new sale. DATA VALUE PARA DIRECTIVOS - METODOLOGÍA DE TRABAJO - EJEMPLOS PUESTA A DISPOSICIÓN Gathering Treatment Visualization
  31. 31. KEY LEARNINGS New Insights for decision making Agility Opportunities Optimization of sales channels Costs reduction
  32. 32. STUDY CASES
  33. 33. Grupo Axo and the fallacy of thinking every market and every customer behaves the same.
  34. 34. Brands:
  35. 35. What this project was about: Tommy Hilfiger, Rapsodia and Coach wanted to know: • Who are their clients in Mexico, and how much are they worth. • Understand the customer journey, the main pain points and influences. • What are their main competitors doing and the share of voice. The project was broken down in two phases. Phase I Social Listening: Get to know the Mexican Universe, how the market behaves, the competitors and opportunities in brand communication. Data Analysis: Breakdown of their transactional data of the last 13 months. Phase II Archetypes and Customer Journey - For each brand, Create buyer personas and understand their journey based on workshops and interviews of sellers and clients. Customer LTV - Combine the info to learn what the value of each client is.
  36. 36. Generación de Negocio Análisis WebBrandwatch
  37. 37. 󰀁38 Analyze what type of content are people responding to, and learn what topics are they talking about What are the best and worst examples of communication. Identify our share of voice and the perception of our brand. For a better strategy and distribution of content and communication. Discover who and where we think we are vs who and where we want to be. Find opportunity areas and optimize resources. Analyze the conversation. Where? How? Who? What? Insights
  38. 38. 󰀁39 58% 364 autores 42% 267 autores 22 % 8 % 22 % 4 % 36 % 7 % Comercial Comunicacion Love Brand Productos Sarcasmo imagen
  39. 39. 󰀁40 The influencers they were using were more important than the brand. People and media were barely mentioning the brands, and if the influencer changed brand, all their followers went away with them. Brands with local channels were having a lot more mentions and overall UGC than brands without. So share of voice was heavily determined by the existence of local channels. When asking the brand who the competitors are, ask everyone involved. Each person gave a different answer and the brand manager disliked every single competitor we presented (of course, we had emails proving those were the ones they provided). Shipping is THE topic that most people complaint about. If you have an ecommerce and your shipping sucks, you won’t have an ecommerce for long. If you have an official hashtag, people will use it, if you don’t have one, they won’t. Having one and letting people know about it will result in people identifying easier the UGC, and therefore improving brand awareness. Some insights:
  40. 40. Generación de Negocio Análisis WebTransactional Analysis
  41. 41. 󰀁42 Monto por día y tienda Recurrencia de compra Ticket promedio por tiendaTalla vs cantidad
  42. 42. 󰀁43 8020 Even though it was rarely a true 80/20 or better, we found a lot of wannabe Paretos (70% from 30% or similar) • In clients • In sizes • In categories
  43. 43. 󰀁44 Rapsodia had a peculiar behavior; the stores with the highest number of transactions had the lowest average tickets, and the stores with the highest average tickets had the lowest number of transactions. However, every store had the exact same products. Coach has a bag cleaning service; first one is free, after that $12USD. This service represents 4% of the total tickets; so they had a lot people entering the store, which all of them are already clients, and no one was pushing a sale while they were getting everything ready. Overall, Tommy Hilfiger and Rapsodia’s clients had higher average tickets the more they bought. Coach on the other hand had a big increase on the average ticket on clients that bought twice instead of one, but had a drop with clients that bought 3 or more. 89.8% of clients were only buying once a year… In México, every workplace (except for Good Rebels) pays every two weeks instead of every month (it is not a hint... maybe); for all three brands the highest selling days were in the second fortnight of the month (it makes sense since usually in the first fortnight you pay rent, services and the effing AMEX). But we cannot prove causality. However, knowing this can help build time sensitive strategies. Some insights:
  44. 44. Generación de Negocio Análisis WebBuyer personas &
 Customer Journey
  45. 45. 󰀁46 Interviews, surveys and workshops with salespeople and clients. Categorization of social listening. Sales databases and Mystery Shopping.
  46. 46. 󰀁47 Pre compra > Compra > Post compra > Recompro Uso Calma incosciente Exploro Percepción consciente Pruebo Compro Entregan Evalúo Entrada Decisión Selección Pregunto
  47. 47. 󰀁48 “La necesidad surge de ver un outfit en otra persona, entonces pienso: eso lo puedo encontrar en Tommy” “Tommy es una marca muy clásica aunque sea de diseñador, sólo en algunas colecciones encuentro innovación” “La calidad es muy importante, la ropa tiene que durar, es una inversión. Es importante el precio porque tengo otros gastos. Tommy es en un clásico básico, que cumple, pero no supera” “Si me gusta lo compro, si está barato aunque no me guste mucho lo compro; si me gusta mucho, veo el precio, hay promoción o meses, con más razón compro” Carlos “Preppy boy” - 25 años Laura “Trendy Employee" – 32 años Raúl “Cool dad”– 42 años Ernesto “Mr Youth”– 48 años We got 3-4 buyer personas for each brand
  48. 48. Miss Workaholic - 35 años Gerente de una farmaceútica. Soltera, sin hijos. Renta un departamento, gana $55,000 pesos y gasta el 20% de su ingreso en ropa. Tiene un look fashionista. Hace una evaluación de sus compras Comportamientos: digitales: Motivaciones e intereses personales •Está enfocada en su carrera profesional y destacar en ella •Viaja mucho por el trabajo y por placer •Busca estar en tendencia con un toque diferente •Le gusta la exclusividad de Rapsodia, sabe que no es para todas •Se da tiempo para buscar tendencia •Realiza Yoga y corre, tiene una vida social activa y balanceada. •Llega a la tienda informada •Busca en tienda artículos específicos para sus “básicos” •Busca que la prenda le luzca bien en su cuerpo, de otra manera no lo compra •Se prueba varias veces las prendas •Aunque no es muy sensible al precio, hace una evaluación de precio - calidad, si no le gusta lo suficiente o le ve un uso “diario” , se cae la venta y lo compra en fast fashion •No toma en cuenta los meses sin intereses •Usualmente compra sacos y vestidos Motivadores clave: Sensibilidad al precio Influenciable Calidad Key Insights •Consulta la página de la marca como catálogo, pero acude a la tienda a realizar la compra •Busca prendas en específico en la página para conocerlos antes de ir a tienda •Consulta la página por los correos electrónicos que le llegan de la marca •Rara vez compra en internet por que necesita tocar las prendas y probárselas Uso diario Compra en internet Decisión de compra Canales de interacción Arquetipos | Rapsodia
  49. 49. 󰀁50 ARQUETIPOS / MODELO VINCULACIÓN Miss workaholic ‣ Crear contenido editorial con información en medios digitales sobre moda ‣ Crear contenido de estilo diferente que puedan lucir en su vida diaria y social para hacerlas destacar ‣ Utilizar medios externos para ofrecer información del estilo de las prendas ‣ Una buena estrategia de influencers y una comunicación adecuada con las prendas de más tendencia de la temporada resultaría bien. ‣Mientras más personalizada sea la experiencia de compra, más satisfactoria será. “Me encanta Rapsodia, me da un estilo único en mi vestimenta formal y un look muy especial cuando salgo.” - Jimena, 35 Perfil socio-demográfico •En México, el 19% de la mujeres que forman parte de Facebook tienen entre 35 a 44 años •Puede llegar a ser Double Income No kids (DINKS) MicroMomentos Oportunidades Hábitos •Consultan un gran número de fuentes digitales antes de decidirse •Conocen las tendencias y están enteradas del mundo de la moda Pre Compra > Compra > Post compra > ¿Qué esperan? •Destacar •Que la relación precio- calidad sea justa •Lucir a la moda, innovadora • Necesidad de una nueva prenda para lucir en mi vida social • La importancia de mi imagen es fundamental • La experiencia de compra en boutique • Busca en línea, compra en tienda. • Uso de mis prendas en la oficina y mi vida diaria • Como resalta mi prenda •No encontrar lo que vi en algún medio •No encontrar la talla correcta • La relación precio-calidad • Encontrar lo que estaba buscando • Excelente servicio del cliente •No ver suficientemente información de las prendas en la página • No están todas las prendas de Argentina en México •No encuentro las prendas del newlestter • Me enamoro de alguna prenda a través de los newsletter, RRSS • La compostura de una prenda • Que la prenda no incluya todas los repuestos •No me dan información del cuidado de las prendas • La envoltura es muy linda • El halago que me hacen los demás de como me veo PainPointsWOW
  50. 50. 󰀁51 From 7,319 Rapsodia clients: •66% buy only once a year. •25% buy from 2 to 3 times a year, averaging 2.28 times a year. •9% buy more than 4 times a year, with an average of 6.31. •69.68% of that database is on Facebook •Difference between youngest client and oldest client is 32 years. •Customer Retention Rate was 42% (we had a LONG LONG discussion about this). Customer LifeTime Value (LTV) based on frequency
  51. 51. 󰀁52 Clients from Rapsodia expressed very explicitly that the quality of the clothes is not very good, the prices are expensive, and yet they absolutely loved the brand and will continue shopping there (design kills everything else). Their main concern was that they loved the brand so much, and they feel the brand doesn’t love them back. Rapsodia and Tommy’s clients were divided; half would never buy on ecommerce, but they use the posts or page as catalog and inspiration, and the other half do buy on the ecommerce. Generally speaking; clients from Tommy hated the salespeople, clients from Coach found them useful, and clients from Rapsodia are good friends with them, they all know each others names and they have each other on WhatsApp. Facebook, Instagram and even influencers are actually influencing (who knew), but not in what they say, do or endorse, but what they wear or how they look. A lot of the archetypes from all three brands are searching online for inspiration on what to wear or on looks they could imitate. Some insights:
  52. 52. What did Axo do? (Actually just Tommy, we have no idea about the other two.)
  53. 53. 󰀁54 Increase the budget for online channels from 10% in 2017 to 23% in 2018. Create audiences for every archetype, focusing the budget for each depending on their online behavior; brand awareness for people looking for inspiration, traffic to site to people who use the e-commerce as catalog, conversion for people who actually buy on the e-commerce. Of course a lot of the audiences overlap with each other, but that’s ok. Minor modifications in stores (mostly layout) based on the data presented. And more attention to inventory; focusing mainly on sizes and seasons. Improve and unify overall communications so every contact with client was aligned. Loyalty program introduces for both e-commerce and stores. Basic training for capturing information by salespeople (you never now how important this is until you have to find and clean 2,000 variations of 1@1.com).
  54. 54. Key Learnings… for us
  55. 55. 󰀁56 Data Scientists are expensive; let’s learn R and Python ourselves (already in progress). It makes sense when the people involved in the project are able to mine and explore the data. Excel is cool, but when you have millions of data points and MacBooks you cannot even open the file. Everyone knows it’s easier to sell something to someone who has bought from you before, than to someone who has never bought from you. However, a new customer’s worth is a lot more than just another sale In a customer’s life cycle. But on the other side attracting a new costumer is more expensive than retaining one. Knowing who, where and how to attract, and who, where and how to retain must be a basic for budget allocation. Yet few companies actually do something about it, let’s help them do it. No matter how much info and data you have or you have access to, it is worthless just to accumulate it. Looking at all the data without a purpose is worthless, it is better to ask questions first and then find the data that can answer those questions. Getting to really know the brand is step 0, and it’s mandatory. Combining the behavioral data with the transactional data was impossible in this project, and putting a value to each of the buyer persona would have been the ultimate goal. I think we were not able to do it because we didn’t know we were looking for it until the very end. This specific value is something that different managers and CMOs have asked (not just from AXO). How can we improve:
  56. 56. Insightivy Insights based creativity
  57. 57. Casos de éxito | 󰀁58 Desarrollo de App: Analyze-me para potenciar notoriedad Adaptación al entorno social de la campaña de Sanitas en medios de comunicación “Cuando estamos juntos”, para potenciar notoriedad y engagement. Estrategia Creación de una aplicación en Facebook, Analyze-me, que medía el efecto en nosotros de nuestros amigos y sus interacciones sociales en nuestros perfil. Impactando en millones de personas. A través de un diagnóstico social del comportamiento de los amigos en Facebook, se generaban cuatro estados, que se mostraban en un vídeo: endorfina (experiencia emocional), oxitocina
 (la persona que más estimulaba), dopamina (las tres personas que mejor hacían sentir) y la adrenalina
 (la persona que más le motivaba). Resultados Se crearon 80.000 vídeos, que mostraban los efectos emocionales que se generan en los amigos cuando están juntos. El resultado de cada uno sirvió como palanca de activación de viralidad social, con un total de 230.000 videos vistos y más de 60.000 interacciones originadas.
  58. 58. Unidad especial del catálogo Success stories | 󰀁59 Clic to play IKEA Utiliza los principales insights de la data de customer service para generar contenido creativo que de respuesta a las principales dudas y cuestiones que se plantean.
  59. 59. KEY LEARNINGS Starting from the need Identify objectives Work with methodology and agility Make an Overview Put yourself in the shoes: consumer, employee o citizen
  60. 60. goodrebels.com • @GoodRebels Gracias NEXT WEBINAR: 28th November Mark Ralphs:”Crowdsourcing and co-creation”
  61. 61. goodrebels.com • @GoodRebels Barcelona • Bogotá • Brighton • Ciudad de México • Lima • Madrid A world powered by people