Building a Rich Social Network Application

31. Mar 2009

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Building a Rich Social Network Application

  1. Product Manager CTO HugeFlow Inc. HugeFlow Inc.
  2. Company Overview “Pigmap” Service Concept “Pigmap” d “Pigmap”
  3. Yunjin Guntae Gilbok Dongwook ok!miho PeterC Gongdo 294 Sumin Sunkyung
  4. Flow Make people Internet Application Company Rich Rich Be the Make the World
  5. Pigmap
  6. addaskansweraccountcallcarrycatchchange chasechatcheckcontactcheerdealdatedecid edigdodragdropeasyendexplainfaceflowfallf eelfightfillfixflygaingetouthireholdhuntjoinjum pkeepknockloadmailmarkmakemeetmatchm emomissmovenoticenoteofferopenorderown postpickpasspayplaypinsearchseesharesets endtagtaketalktellthinkusevisitvotewaitwant watchwinzoon
  7. CLOSED BETA OPEN BETA RELEASE World Wide Pigmap My home Widget Transaction Knowledge Product Career Commercial Product Placement Business blog Guide E-Book Portable Promotion event Phone Application Disneyland map City Tour Transportation SDK, Open API
  8. flow the world on the map Huge Flow the Real WORLD
  9. Persona
  10. Paper Prototyping
  11. “1 pixel right!” - piggyback
  12. <XAML> It’s not enough
  13. Design Development
  14. You expect a success.
  15. Designer’s Developer’s Design + Development Design
  16. MVVM and Command Pattern
  17. ViewModel Pattern in Silverlight using Behaviors
  18. M V V M
  19. Change Notification Data-binding & Commands ViewModel ViewModel Pattern in Silverlight using Behaviors
  20. is present everywhere ?
  21. Command is present everywhere ?
  22. {
  23. =Control
  24. Transitions.aspx
  25. vs.
  26. and
  27. PigMap Engine
  30. Be richer
  31. StaticItemsSource ItemsSource MapTileProviderGroup
  32. bookmark key=bookmark
  34. Your feedback is important!
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