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Tips on seo content writing

This presentation is about the search engine optimization content writing tips. For more details visit http://www.indian-seo-company.com/

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Tips on seo content writing

  1. 1. By http://www.indian-seo-company.com/
  2. 2. SEO Content WritingHere the content writer provides thecontent to websites for SEOPurpose. These contents are mostly in theform of precisely writtenarticles that helps businesses which areonline based. The seo content writinghelps in making higher ranking in searchresults. The ranking isdone by the search engine optimizers. SEOwriters are differentfrom content writers. Only seo writersknow the correct way toget the clients website to reach to the top.
  3. 3. Why do you need SEO Content Writer?As you know SEO stands for search engine optimization and asoptimizers their work is to make the clients website tothe top on Google search result. SEO’s are meant to havecertain strategies without this the online visibility has lesschances.
  4. 4. How does a SEO Content Writer helps?A perfect articulation is required for content writing. Everyoneis not capable to play skillfully with words. The SEO writers knowthe way to deal with it. The writers know the strategies to useeffective keywords, keyword placement, keyword density, qualitycontent, length of the content, links. These factors helps indetermining the ranks of the website.
  5. 5. Tips on successful content writing…..
  6. 6. Here are 8 tips:-Writing imperative headlines: The 1st thing which draws attentionis the title of the articles. It should not be boring but somethingwhich compels the reader to read more.Content: The article should have the potential toreach through the vast audience so that it is benefitted. Thecontent should be relevant that says about the company and thisway links can be shared.Focus on the content: Make sure that you don’t divert from thetopic. Relevancy should be high.Unique content: Content written should be fresh, unique, original.Duplicate content is the major drawback in search engine optimization.
  7. 7. Use of meta descriptions: This is an easy way to make your contentbeing recognized by Google. This can happen by including metadescriptions in your content.Use of hierarchy: The most important is your content which gives aprofessional and well versed. Make use of apt tags like for titles h1,’for description h2 and like that. This makes a possible chances forhigher ranking in search engines and Google.Images: Another important tip is choose the relevant image withyour content. Make use of the Creative Common search tool.Keywords in Bio: Adding a keyword in the bio helps in enhancing thecontent.
  8. 8. Indian SEO Company Y8, Block - EP, Sector V Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700091, INDIA  Ph: +91 33 4020 0838 Fax: +91 33 4020 0856 Email: info@indian-seo-company.comWeb: http://www.indian-seo-company.com