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How to Generate New Business With Client Reviews

  1. How to Generate New Business With Client Reviews Applying Learnings From the Legal Trends Report at Your Firm
  2. Housekeeping ● Session length: 60 minutes ● Use to engage with fellow meetup attendees and select “everyone” in the dropdown ● Use to ask questions directly to panellists ● Please fill out the survey at the end of the session
  3. 3 Agenda ● Meet the panelists ● Power of 5 star reviews ● Marketing spend ● Asking for reviews ● Navigating reviews ● Helpful tools ● Additional resources ● Q&A
  4. 4 Jocelyn O’Neill Senior Virtual Events Manager, Clio Geeta Daswani Founder at The Daswani Law Co. Today’s Speakers Allen Rodriguez Founder, ONE400
  5. 5 How many of you actively ask for reviews? a. I do b. I don’t c. I don’t know how d. I don’t because I am worried about negative reviews
  6. Legal Trends Findings
  7. Power of a 5 Star Review
  8. Client Journey 1. Someone experiences a compelling event 2. They confide in a friend or family member 3. They conclude they need legal help 4. Absent a referral from a personal trusted source, they turn to the internet for help 5. This is where marketing and reviews begin to have a really fast and big impact on hiring decisions
  9. Evaluating a lawyer, what is easier? 1. How many cases like mine have you litigated in the past year? 2. Do you maintain malpractice insurance? 3. What will be the experience like for me once I hire your firm? 4. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to solving problems like mine. 5. What administrative support do you have? 6. How much caseload do you have now? Do you have capacity for a matter like mine? 7. How does your office manage appearance conflicts? Will you be using of counsel or appearance attorneys on my matter? This Or this?
  10. Edging out your competition 1. People would rather interview past clients than continue interview an attorney 2. Reviews are your past clients real (mostly) stories about their experience with you 3. How they left “feeling” about the consultation 4. Price might also likely be a factor If all things were equal (i.e., price, qualification) what would a lay person rely on to make a final decision?
  11. Edging out your competition Which rating has the greatest influence on purchasing decisions?
  12. Edging out your competition 2018 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that four-star reviews can be more persuasive to potential customers than five-star reviews — increasing the likelihood of a purchase by 19%. Boston University’s Associate Professor Daniella Kupor, also explains, “We found that when people saw the four-star review, they thought that the review was more through and that the reviewer’s evaluation was more accurate… A very thoughtful, moderately positive review can more greatly persuade people to purchase a product than an extremely positive review that clearly didn’t result from a lot of thought.” 4 Star reviews with plenty of context are best.
  13. Accountability partner ● Reviews are real feedback about how your office is performing ● You can use that feedback in the same way an athlete uses workout data to improve their performance ● Improving your client satisfaction/delight will result in more referrals and less marketing spend ● Before soliciting reviews, I recommend using Net Promoter Score (NPS) for measuring client satisfaction For more on NPS read:
  14. Lower Your Marketing Spend
  15. Law firm marketing is expensive According to Wordsteam, the keyword “Attorney” and “Lawyer” hold the 4th and 6th position for most expensive keywords. “Attorney” average cost per click is $47.07 “Lawyer” average cost per click is $42.51 When you take conversion rates into account: The cost per lead can range from $90 to $600.
  16. Law firm marketing is expensive ● It is much more cost effective to provide your clients with a delightful experience than it is to outspend your competitors. ● Friends and family referrals are highest quality leads (presold) ● Organic search also provides high quality leads, but can also be expensive
  17. Positive reviews are your new referral sources 1. Someone asks a friend or family member for a referral 2. They provide a name and then tell the person in need to use Google for contact information 3. The person in need starts forming an opinion about your firm based on those search results
  18. Positive reviews are your new referral sources
  19. Asking for Reviews
  20. Geeta’s process 1. Once a matter is concluded we get in touch with the client to check in. We ask them - if they have any further questions or if we can provide any further support - If they are comfortable with the deliverables and donʼt need further support can we close the file and send over the invoice - to leave us a review. We make sure we include the link to our Google Reviews page so that the client can submit their review as seamlessly as possible 2. Once a client has left us a review we make sure to reply to it within 24-48 hours
  21. Have a process and follow it 1. Choose a survey cycle - conclusion of every deliverable 2. Ask if the client/prospect is finding the interaction valuable 3. Let the client/prospect know that youʼll be asking for a review 4. Attempt to delight the client/prospect 5. Send a follow up communication along with the review request
  22. Case study 1. Incoming call goal, be helpful 2. They aim to be a resource 3. They focus on service to the caller 4. They have dedicated staff to focus on clients 5. They aim to provide value 6. They ask for reviews 526 reviews at an average of 5 stars
  23. Navigating Negative Reviews
  24. Negative reviews are not the end of the world 1. Respond to negative reviews 2. Take ownership of actual shortcomings 3. Take ownership of normal processes and procedures 4. DO NOT REVEAL ANY CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION
  25. Negative reviews
  26. Negative reviews
  27. Negative reviews
  28. Helpful Tools
  29. 3rd party applications Or build your own using Google Forms:
  30. Have a process and follow it
  31. Have a process and follow it
  32. Have a process and follow it
  33. 34 Clio’s Offerings & Additional Resources
  34. Clio Manage Legal practice management software Our most popular product—the industryʼs leading solution to help manage clients, organize cases, and automate tedious tasks like getting paid and month-end billing. Clio Grow Client intake and legal CRM software Standardize the client intake process with online intake forms, email automation, and e-signatures to build strong relationships, and get powerful data insights to grow your firm. Lawyaw Advanced document automation New software for solo, small- and mid-sized legal practices that streamline information gathering and document assembly with programmable templates, built-in e-sign and other features. Clio’s Offerings
  35. Polls: Participate to win a $25 Starbucks card ☕ Poll 1: For Non-Clio Users Would you like to learn more about: a. Clio’s offerings b. No, I’m not interested or already use Clio 36 Poll 2: For Clio users Would you like to learn more about: a. Adding Clio Grow for client intake b. Adding Clio Payments c. No, I’m not interested or already use Grow/Payments
  36. Additional Resources 37 ● Google my Business in Clio ● Clioʼs App Directory for Review Tools ● Report: 2022 Legal Trends Report ● Webinar Series: Applying Learnings From the Legal Trends Report at Your Firm ● CLE-Eligible Webinar: 2022 in Review: What's Working for Your Firm and What Isn't ● CLE-Eligible Webinar: Legal Tech Roundup: Tools and Services Your Firm Needs in 2023
  37. 38 Additional Questions
  38. 39 Thank You