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Growing Your Firm Through Support Groups and Staffing

  1. Growing Your Firm Through Support Groups and Staffing Building a Successful Law Firm: Session 11 Nefra MacDonald
  2. Housekeeping ● Session length: 60 minutes ● Use to engage with fellow meetup attendees and select “everyone” in the dropdown ● Use to ask questions directly to panellists ● Please fill out the survey at the end of the session
  3. 3 Agenda ● Meet the panel ● Networking & community building ● Virtual assistants & staffing ● Personal & employee development ● Clio’s offerings & polls ● Helpful resources ● Additional Q&A
  4. 4 Nefra MacDonald Senior Manager, Strategic Engagement, Clio Today’s Speakers Amy Grubb Lawyer & Legal Consultant,Grubb Legal Consulting Brett Trembly Co-founder, Get Staffed Up Michelle Fonseca-Kamana Founder & Principal Attorney, West Coast Lemons APC
  5. Networking + Building Community
  6. 6 I feel very connected with my legal community a. Strongly agree b. Agree c. Neither agree nor disagree d. Disagree e. Strongly disagree
  7. Virtual Assistants & Staffing
  8. 12 Do you have a domestic employee who works remotely (doesn’t work from the office)? a. Yes b. No
  9. ● Staffing Considerations ● Too many emails? ● Answering phones by yourself? ● Doing your own scheduling? ● Setting up your own meetings? WHEN YOU SHOULD CONSIDER STAFFING
  11. ● W h e n y o u s h HOW TO MEET THE HIRING NEEDS OF THE FIRM Staffing Considerations
  12. Personal & Employee Development
  13. 17 When is the last time you had lunch with your team (virtually or in person)? a. Less than 1 month ago b. More than 1 month ago c. Never d. I don’t have a team
  14. EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT ● Daily/weekly check in ○ Consider time, frequency and format ○ Stand up meetings; technology ● Quarterly 1:1 - career goals ● Open door/office hours ● Team events - CPD, volunteer, social, surprise, well-being, retreat ● Path to partnership ● Support your team, show up and ask for feedback!
  15. 19 You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. -Jim Rohn
  16. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ● Coach/consultant/mentors ● Create a plan for your life and business. Take some action! ● Read ● Vacation - a real one! ● Sleep
  17. 21 Clio’s Offerings & Additional Resources
  18. Clio EasyStart Track your time and get paid Everything you need to track your time, bill your clients, and get paid—plus some extras! Clio Essentials Optimize firm operations Includes critical law practice management tools that allow you to work smarter, customize how your firm gets organized, and communicate with clients and co-counsel. Clio Advance Scale your impact Introduces unlimited access to new productivity tools and more business and financial oversight. Priority on-call support ensures you get the most out of Clio. Clio Complete Grow your business Scale your business by adding Clio Grow to improve and automate your client intake with online forms, online appointment bookings, automated emails follow-ups, and more. Lawyaw New software for solo, small- and mid-sized legal practices that can help streamline information gathering and document assembly, along with built-in e-sign and other features. Visit to learn more. Clio’s Offerings
  19. Clio Payments Clio Manageʼs new online payments platform makes it easy for your clients to pay online using a credit card, debit card, or eCheck—without the need for a third-party payment processor. Clio Drive Securely create, access, edit, store, and collaborate on documents without ever leaving your desktop. Clio for Clients Clio for Clients, Clioʼs new secure client portal allows you to streamline communication with your clients. Text Notifications and Reminders Use text notifications and reminders to avoid the costly no-shows and unnecessary administrative overhead that comes with organizing client meetings. Visit to learn more. What’s New In Clio
  20. Polls for Non-Clio and Clio Customers Poll 1: For Non-Clio Customers Would you like to learn more about Clio? a. Yes, I would like to learn more about Clioʼs products b. Clio Cloud Conference c. No, Iʼm not interested d. No, Iʼm already a Clio Customer 24 Poll 2: For Clio Customers Would you like to learn more about: a. Adding Clio Grow to streamline client intake b. Adding Clio Payments c. Clio Cloud Conference d. No, Iʼm not interested or I already use Clio Grow/Payments
  21. 25 Would you like Get Staffed Up to help you hire smarter and beat the Great Resignation? a. Yes, I’d like to be in touch b. No thank you
  22. Additional Resources 26 ● CLE-eligible webinar, June 7: Cultural Competence for Law Firms ● Meetup series, June - August: Legal Marketing Master Class Series ● Cloud Cloud Conference: Oct. 10 - 11, 2022 in Nashville, TN ● Discount offer & resource from Get Staffed Up: THE SMARTER WAY TO ● STAFF YOUR LAW FIRM
  23. 27 Additional Questions
  24. 28 Thank You
  25. 29 CONTACT INFORMATION /Nefra-MacDonald @nefra_ann 888-858-2546 Nefra MacDonald Affinity Partnerships Manager
  26. 30 CONTACT INFORMATION /Bretttrembly Lawyer / Entrepreneur / Author / Delegation Expert at Get Staffed Up Brett Trembly
  27. 32 CONTACT INFORMATION /amygrubb Lawyer & Legal Consultant, Grubb Legal Consulting Amy Grubb