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Clio App Spotlight: How Clio and Klyant integrate to provide a compliant and remote law firm solution

  1. This session will start shortly. While you wait let us know where you are joining from via Zoom. Clio App Spotlight: How Clio and Klyant integrate to provide a compliant and remote law firm solution
  2. Today’s Speakers Cormac O’Connor 2 Chief Operating Officer Klyant Robbie Hynes Account Executive, Clio
  3. Housekeeping ● Session length: 30 minutes ● Recorded and available on-demand ● Use to engage with fellow webinar attendees and select “everyone” in the dropdown. ● Use to ask questions directly to panelists
  4. 4 Agenda ● Introduction ● Clio’s App Ecosystem ● Industry Data ● Key Benefits ● How Clio and Klyant Work Together ● Conclusion and Q&A
  5. Poll: Law Firm Tools
  6. Clio Manage Legal practice management software Our most popular product—the industryʼs leading solution to help manage clients, organise cases, keep track of time, and automate tedious tasks, and month-end billing. Clio Grow Client intake and legal CRM software Standardise the client intake process with online intake forms, email automation, and e-signatures to build strong relationships, and get powerful data insights to grow your firm. The Clio Suite Legal practice management, client intake and CRM software. Get unmatched performance with Clio Suite, the industryʼs only end-to-end software solution for your firm. Visit to learn more. Clio’s Offerings
  7. Clio’s App Ecosystem
  8. 8 The Operating System of Legal ● 100 powerful integrations, Clio acts as the central platform upon which lawyers run their practices. ● Law firms can customise their tech stacks and increase their efficiency and profitability by using integrations.
  9. Getting Started with Clio Apps ?categories=eu
  10. Klyant Overview ● Client and office transactions in one system ● Cloud based ● Clear, modern, uncluttered, easy to use interface ● Powerful Clio integration
  11. Key Benefits of Cloud Solutions
  12. Security and Compliance
  13. How cloud promotes better security ● Data Resiliency: No need for Back ups ● Leverage best in-class Security ● Session/Activity tracking ● No need for physical infrastructure ● Guaranteed Uptime ● Regulation Compliance
  14. Day in the life
  15. Poll: Do you work from home or in the office?
  16. 49% Of lawyers say they prefer working from home
  17. Legal Trends Report
  18. Day to Day benefits of cloud usage ● Work where you want to work - Remote Access ● Access the best in-class security ● Continuously benefit from product improvements and updates
  19. Clio + Klyant
  20. Customer Story “When I started, there was just I as sole practitioner, but now that we have grown to five Solicitors - Greg Ryan Their Mission: To provide accurate, prompt legal advice that is invaluable to our clients by working symbiotically with our clients to achieve mutual benefit from our fiduciary relationship. Location: Dublin, Ireland
  21. The benefits of a case management system according to Greg Ryan “Klyant integrates perfectly with Clio” - Greg Ryan ● Immediately see the financial position of the client ● When a client asks what their bill is or what the potential outlays are in advance of a settlement meeting, any one of the Solicitors will be able to tell them ● Accountant access to the accounts remotely has proved to save enormous amounts of time in office ● Creating the bill in Clio and pushing the bill across and available in Klyant
  22. The Clio & Klyant Integration: Key elements The deep integration with Clio provides legal bookkeepers and cashiers with the ability to seamlessly synchronise client and matter data as well as all firm and client transactions. This eliminates the need to enter data twice and ensures that data in both systems is a mirror image. What information syncs from Clio to Klyant? ● Client information ● Matter Information ● Expenses ● Disbursements ● Completed bills ● Client transactions
  23. Are you interested in learning more about Clio and Klyant?
  24. How to get started with Clio or Klyant? Reach out to Robbie or Cormac to book a joint demo! Cormac OʼConnor Robbie Hynes
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