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Glamorous Event Planners Company Profile

GlamorousEventPlanners offers weddings planning, party decoration, corporate and private events management services at affordable prices in NJ, NY. Have a look on our Company Profile! For more information Visit our Website .http://www.glamorouseventplanners.com/

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Glamorous Event Planners Company Profile

  1. 1. Glamorous Event Planners Company Portfolio
  2. 2. Introduction About Our Company As a premier Wedding Planner and Event Coordination Company on Long Island in New York, Glamorous Event Planners is your one stop shop for wedding planner and event coordination. We take the headache out of trying to choose the best professionals, coordinating attendee lists, and developing an event that everyone will remember. What Do We Do? Creating extraordinary events is our specialty. Innovative designs, entertainment and customized themed décor, Glamorous Event Planners delivers resonance to the WOW factor while saving our clients valuable time and money.
  3. 3. Strategy Our Mission Our mission is to provide our clients with the most amazing event planning and decoration services, Glamorous Event Planners promises to make any event the memorable event ever. Values We do hard work in building our reputation within the industry, and develop good connections with our clients to understand their requirements. Business Goals & Objectives From start to finish, we strive to plan and implement the perfect event experience that clearly communicates our client’s vision and exceed their goals
  4. 4. Our Services Event Entertainment Ideas When it comes to finding the right entertainment to dazzle your guests and create a truly memorable experience, Glamorous Event Planners are here to enhance the theme of your event and add a unique touch. Glamorous Event Planners have endless and distinctive ideas to deliver top-notch entertainment, giving your guests an opportunity to remember your event for a long time. Event Planning From selecting the perfect venue to an imaginative theme, we take care of every detail to make your event a stress free, seamlessly managed occasion for you and your guests to enjoy. Watch your worries slip away as our professional event planner team etches together the event of your dreams. Event Design & Decor The right venue goes a long way towards setting the tone for an event, but it’s the décor that allows us to create an atmosphere, alter perception and set the stage for something spectacular. Our décor experts are masters of illusion who can transform any venue into something glamorous with a reflection of your style and theme, while keeping your budget in mind. We will create an ambiance that will captivate your guests from the arrival to the last dance. Our exemplary services in planning and décor will surpass your every expectation.
  5. 5. Completed Projects Our completed projects include: ◊ Themed Party – Moroccan ◊ Themed Party – Moulin Rouge ◊ Themed Party – Miami Lounge White Party ◊ Indian Style Wedding Ceremony
  6. 6. Themed Party – Moroccan Images
  7. 7. Themed Party – Moulin Rouge Images
  8. 8. Themed Party – Miami Lounge White Party Images
  9. 9. Trishna & Mayur Wedding Images
  10. 10. Shevta – Rahul Alreja Wedding Ceremony Images
  11. 11. We Thank You! Glamorous Event Planners Contact Information: Address: 254 W. Old Country Road Hicksville, NY Website: www.glamorouseventplanners.com Phone: (516) 933-2788 Email: Sunita@glamorouseventplanners.com We appreciate and thank you for going through our company profile, let Glamorous Event Planners know how they can help you. If there are any questions or feedbacks, please contact us!