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Trends brief: Quantified self & Wearable Technologies

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Trends brief: Quantified self & Wearable Technologies

  1. 1. Trend  Briefing:   THE  QUANTIFIED  SELF  &  WEARABLES   July  2014  
  2. 2. Make  It  Wearable  |  Episode  2:  Human  Health  
  3. 3. QuanFfied  Self  (aka  Self-­‐tracking)   •  An  advanced  way  of  using  technological  tools  to  collect  data  about  a  person's  life  with  a   goal  of  self  improvement.  Data  is  collected  on  inputs  (e.g.  food  consumed,  quality  of   surrounding  air),  states  (e.g.  mood,  arousal,  blood  oxygen  levels),  and  performance  (mental   and  physical)   QS   Technology   Advances   Consumer   Behavior   Mobile   Social  
  4. 4. Wearables  (Wearable  compuFng)   •  A  brand  new  technology  category  that’s  resulIng  from  the  convergence  of  four  major   trends   Source: http://www.deloittedigital.com/us/blog/the-truth-about-wearables-what-they-are-and-arent Wearables   Mobile   Augmented   Reality   Internet  of   things   Big  Data  
  5. 5. 1940s   2010s   2030s   From  Science  FicFon  to  Science  Fact  
  6. 6. 5  Key  Drivers   Source: Internet trends 2014, KPCB
  7. 7. 1.  AcceleraFon  of  technology  
  8. 8. 2.  Government  Enabled  Change  Pushes  Technology  AdopFon   Mandates   Technology   Meaningful   Use   Affordable   Care  Act   HealthIT  
  9. 9. 3.  ConsumerizaFon  of  Healthcare   •  Cisco  predicts  that  there  will  be  25  billion   connected  devices  in  2015  and  50   billion  by  2020,  each  generaIng  data  and   insights  that  might  prove  helpful  to  those   who  monitor  and  collect  such  things.   •  52%  of  people  surveyed  were  interested  in   buying  a  fitness  monitor  device  or   applicaIon*   •  54%  were  interested  in  buying  a  health   monitor  as  either  an  applicaIon  on  their   mobile  phone,  laptop  or  desktop,  or  as  a   dedicated  device*   9   *Source: Accenture
  10. 10. 4.  Increase  in  Chronic  CondiFons       • 1  in  2  Americans  has  at  least  1  chronic  condiFon,  1  in  4  has  2+   • Regular  touch  points  serve  to  engage  care  recipients  in  self-­‐directed,   acFve  management  of  their  disease  or  health.   10   *Source:
  11. 11. 5.  Aging  populaFon   •  As  the  aging  Baby  Boomer  populaIon  requires  more  health  care  and  health  maintenance   support,  devices  that  can  monitor  their  health  and  safety  are  garnering  a`enFon  and   growing  capital  investment.   •  They  are  aging  in  place  with  the  assistance  of  digital  health  technologies  like  moFon  sensors   and  tracking,  connected  health  monitoring  apps,  and  streaming  video  provides  real  emoIonal,   physical  and  financial  benefits   Source: Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) 2014, AARP, 2012
  12. 12. The   Connected   Body   Health  Data  Systems   Personal  Data   AggregaFon   Environmental  Sensing   Augmented   PercepFon/ InteracFon     Bio  Sensors  
  13. 13. Bio  Sensors  (in/on  body)  
  14. 14. Bio  Sensors  (in/on  body)   of  U.S.  adults  keep   track  of  at  least  one   health  indicator   such  as  weight,  diet,   exercise  rouFne,  or   symptom   Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project
  15. 15. Sales  of  wearable  devices  will  increase  and   likely  double  in  the  next  2  years.   The  global  market  for  health  and  fitness   wearables  will  reach   170  million  devices  by  2017   Source: ABI Research
  16. 16. Proteus  Digital  MedicaFons   Digital Medicines will be the same pharmaceuticals you take today, with one small change: each pill will also contain a tiny sensor that can communicate, via our digital health feedback system, vital information about your medication- taking behaviors and how your body is responding.
  17. 17. 2min  CreaFve  Brainstorm   Bio  Sensors  (in  body)  
  18. 18. Augmented  PercepFon/InteracFon  (visualizaFon)  
  19. 19. •  Global  augmented  reality  applicaIons  market  will  grow  from  $692  million  in  2013  to   $5.2  billion  by  2016,  a  growth  curve  similar  to  that  of  the  wearable  technology  market  
  20. 20. 2min  CreaFve  Brainstorm   Augmented  Percep7on/Interac7on  (on  the  body)  
  21. 21. Environmental  Sensing  (close  to  the  body)  
  22. 22. Smart  Clothing  
  23. 23. Connected  Environmental  Systems   SophisIcated  home-­‐ based  devices  integrates   wearables  and  home-­‐ based  devices  to  track   paFents  and  inform   healthcare  providers   24  
  24. 24. 2min  CreaFve  Brainstorm   Environmental  Sensing  (close  to  the  body)  
  25. 25. Personal  Data  AggregaFon  
  26. 26. Apple  Health  &  HealthKit   Your  health  and  fitness  apps  will  soon   work  even  harder  for  you.   Developers  allow  apps  to  access  your   health  data,  too.  And  you  choose  what   you  want  shared.  
  27. 27. Google  Fit   An  open  plahorm  that  lets  users  control   their  fitness  data.   Lets  developers  build  smarter  apps  and   manufacturers  focus  on  creaFng  amazing   devices.  
  28. 28. Tictrac   Lets  you  discover  more  about   yourself,  by  showing  you  all  of   your  acFviFes  in  one  place   • Life’s  mini-­‐projects   • Sync  with  your  exisIng  apps   • Sync  with  your  current  services   • Leverage  the  Disco  discovery   engine  
  29. 29. 2min  CreaFve  Brainstorm   Personal  Data  Aggrega7on  
  30. 30. Health  Data  Systems  
  31. 31. Health  Data  Systems   • Nearly  8  in  10  office-­‐based   physicians  had  adopted   some  form  of  an   electronic  health-­‐record   system  and  nearly  half  of  them   had  a  “basic”  system  with  key   EHR  funcIons  defined   •  Five  major  naIonal  pharmacy   chains  with  a  total  of  more  than   20,000  stores  throughout  the   country  have  signed  on  to  the   Blue  Bu`on  health  informaFon   sharing  iniFaFve  pioneered  by   the  Veterans  Affairs  Department   in  2010,  the  White  House  said  in   a  blog  post.   Source: National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, Healthcare   AssociaFons   Laboratories   Health  &   Fitness  Device   Manufacturers   Employers   Health   Plans   PaFents   Pharmacies   Physicians   ApplicaFon   Providers   Hospitals   Health   Data  
  32. 32. Health  Data  Systems   •  EMR,  Blue  Bubon,  Health  Vault  
  33. 33. 2min  CreaFve  Brainstorm   Health  Data  Systems  
  34. 34. Key  Takeaways   •  New  Technology  and  New  Ecosystem   •  Think  beyond  the  smartphone  experience   •  For  success,  focus  on:   •  Sensing—gathering  data  about  the  context  in  and  around  the  user  and  device   •  ComputaFon—processing  of  data  to  make  it  useful   •  CommunicaFon—Feedback  with  either  a  user  or  another  device  
  35. 35. Thank  You!