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IoT Edge Computing For Mission Critical Decisions

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At the Jan29th IoT Evolution Expo Dell and Ekatra present latest on IoT edge computing.
How do we serve the value chain of the decision process in situation of interest.
EKATRA IoT software offer agile nodes that can be Publishers or Consumer of IoT services in real time.

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IoT Edge Computing For Mission Critical Decisions

  1. 1. EDGE COMPUTING: REMOTELY ACTING ON MISSION-CRITICAL DECISIONS IN THE FIELD Adj Prof Giuseppe Mascarella EKARTRA IoT CEO Jim White Dell Technologies & EdgeX Foundry TSC Vice Chair
  2. 2. Why is remote acting vital in many (most?) edge computing use cases? Remote = nearest to the sensor, autonomous, edge computing Remote = Premise-Independent/ better human data exploration and decision making locally
  3. 3. Real time Edge computing IoT software Case Study • Situation Nuclear Plants and any Hazard-prone systems safety were delegated to the trained operators • Challenge -The Stakeholders need collaborative exploration, investigation, modeling, deploy in multiple places. -Connectivity not consistent during “situation of interest”. • Solution EKATRA IoT Edge Nodes at every step of the decision Value Chain
  4. 4. Location-Based Collaborative IoT computing External Home, Office Outages , Quality SCADA PLC IoTsensors IoTsensors Site Regulatory Agency PLC IoTsensors IoTsensors SCADA PLC Headquarters Components Manufacturer EKATRA S HUB Customer Experience SMEs HMI HMI HMI HMI HMI HMI
  5. 5. s 1 2 3 4 Services in the Value Chain 5
  6. 6. IEEE 1934 1. Ekatra Sensor Hub Connect sensors, equipment, PLCs, legacy systems from Siemens, ABB, etc Process 500K/sec datapoints in real-time 2. Ekatra Data Management Store and process time-series data at massive scale Manage digital twin metadata Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB) 3. Ekatra HMI Advanced graphics for digital twins, analytics and dashboards 4. Ekatra ML Create and run Machine Learning & AI models of equipment and processes 5. Ekatra Business Apps Marketplace of pre-built solutions: predictive maintenance, etc. 6. Security & Orchestration Tools to assemble, monitor and manage Ekatra across all the nodes.
  7. 7. How Do You Followup? • Giuseppe@ekatra.io We Offer A Edge Node Starter Kit w/Digital Twin James.White2@dell.com www.edgexfoundry.org