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IoT Busines Case: Reduce Cost of Overhead To Stay Compliant

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At The 2019 IoT Evolution Expo, we were asked to help make a powerful Biz Case for IoT with Realtime data monitring.
An EKATRA IoT case study in Nuclear Power Plants with Digital Twins is highlighted.

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IoT Busines Case: Reduce Cost of Overhead To Stay Compliant

  1. 1. To Join The Raffle Put The Biz Card On The Tray At The Entrance Door IOT BUSINESS CASE: REDUCE THE OVERHEAD OF STAYING COMPLIANT Adj Prof Giuseppe Mascarella EKARTRA IoT CEO Nima Veiseh EKATRA IoT Director of IoT Technologies
  2. 2. What Are The Key Busness Drivers That Will Secure A Strong Business Case For My IoT Project? IoT Business Drivers: 1. Reduce the overhead of staying compliant with critical industrial assets 2. Prevent aging assets failures 3. Use trusted data to lower insurance premium and increase resale value of assets 4. Manage warranty and upsell a new product 5. Optimize Consumable Fulfillment (i.e. Fuel, Lubricants) 6. .. Author: Rapid Economic Justifications
  3. 3. Why Compliance #1? “SOX(Sarbanes-Oxley) requires the CEO and CFO to be aware of what’s happening in their companies. They must establish measures or they will be liable. It is their responsibility to make sure everything is audited and that the data are available. Auditors must be able to determine what’s going on.” Randy Kondor, Managing Director at Matrikon/Honeywell. A real-time data historian or data analysis system is needed. BR&L Consulting’s Brandl recommends.
  4. 4. Reality Check Specify And Verify
  5. 5. Reality Check There is Complexity and A Significant Amount Of Work To Secure Compliance
  6. 6. Reality Check Complex Problems Requires State of the Art Approach
  7. 7. Real time Edge computing IoT software Case Study • Situation -Nuclear Plants and any Hazard-prone systems safety were delegated to the trained operators -Unrealistically, compliance was consider a given even “during situation of interest” • Challenge -Multiple Stakeholders need to collaboratein exploration, investigation, modeling, deployed in multiple places. -Connectivity not consistent during “situation of interest”. • Solution EKATRA IoT Edge Nodes at every step of the decision Value Chain
  8. 8. s 1 2 3 4 Services Added By EKATRA IoT 5
  9. 9. IEEE 1934 1. Ekatra Sensor Hub Connect sensors, equipment, PLCs, legacy systems from Siemens, ABB, etc Process 500K/sec datapoints in real-time 2. Ekatra Data Management Store and process time-series data at massive scale Manage digital twin metadata Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB) 3. Ekatra HMI Advanced graphics for digital twins, analytics and dashboards 4. Ekatra ML Create and run Machine Learning & AI models of equipment and processes 5. Ekatra Business Apps Marketplace of pre-built solutions: predictive maintenance, etc. 6. Security & Orchestration Tools to assemble, monitor and manage Ekatra across all the nodes.
  10. 10. Location-Based Collaborative IoT computing External Home, Office Outages , Quality SCADA PLC IoTsensors IoTsensors Site Regulatory Agency PLC IoTsensors IoTsensors SCADA PLC Headquarters Components Manufacturer EKATRA S HUB Customer Experience SMEs HMI HMI HMI HMI HMI HMI
  11. 11. How Do You Follow-up? CONTACT US FOR A Edge Node Starter Kit w/Digital Twin Giuseppe@ekatra.io