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SJM12 - Networking Guide

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SJM12 - Networking Guide

  1. 1. SURVIVAL GUIDE Networking Guide Brought to you by & July 2012, Romania
  2. 2. Summary:1.Network Basics •JADE’s Mission •JADE’s Values •Milestones in JADE History2. Why is network important for a JEMember? •Tips for a good networking •DO’s and DON’TS •The importance of follow-up3. What JE’s you can meet ar SJM20124. Advices5.Be part of JADE’s Team6.Summer JADE Meeting 2012 Partners
  3. 3. Network Basics JADE’s Mission Represent the European Junior Enterprise movement Integrate the European Network of Junior Enterprises, thus encouraging knowledge exchange and cooperation Support the development of our members (Confederations and Consultative Members) Foster the Junior Enterprise concept to non-member countries Encourage entrepreneurship among students in higher Education through Junior Enterprise concept JADE’s Values  Entrepreneurial culture  Social responsibility  Personal development  Open-mindedness  Proactive involvement  Intercultural exchange  Committed professionalism  Awesomeness
  4. 4. Milestones in JADE History1967 Creation of the first Junior Enterprise 1998 Introduction of JADE newsletter “Gazette” “Junior ESSEC Conseil” in Paris – France 2004 Launch of JADE Advisory Board1969 Creation of the first National First Junior Enterprise World Conference Confederation of Junior Enterprises, in Fortaleza – Brazil French Confederation The Network keeps growing: UK joins1992 Creation of JADE with five members, JADE Headquarters were in Paris The founders were France, Portugal, 2005 Launch of JADE Portal as interactive Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland intranet 2006 Agreement between Brasil Júnior (Brazil), ShARE (Asia) and JADE signed1993 The Network grows with Germany and The Network grows with Poland Norway1994 First official meeting of JADE with all 2007 Greece also joins the Network member countries (7 members) 2008 The Network continues to grow with1995 The Network keeps growing with Kosovo Austria and Belgium 2010 JADE gets a new face: the new logo1996 JADE Headquarters moves to Brussels was created JE.Net launched1997 First European Junior Enterprise The Network grows with Romania and Congress with more than ten members Albania in Nuremberg – Germany Spain joins the Network 2012 20th Anniversary of JADE
  5. 5. Why is networking important for a JADE Member?Through networking your Junior Enterprise can do internationalbusiness, improve processes and increase performance. It’s a verysimple and useful tool.Tips for networking•Keep in mind that networking is about being genuine andauthentic, building trust and relationships, and seeing how youcan maintain them at a high level. So, try to achieve all yourgoals on JADE Summer Meeting and help other JEs with the bestpractice of your JE and with your knowledge.•Preparation is key to success. Define all your goals with theevent and use this guide to know what participants you will wantto meet. Try to establish at least 2 meetings (before) for theevent. You can catch up during breaks or during dinner(s).•Be ready to be… proactive! You aren’t in the event to stay onlywith people that you already know, try to be in touch with a lot ofdifferent types of people and will learn a lot for you JuniorEnterprise!•Take time to prepare the questions you want to ask in order forthem to be as clear as you need them to be. People expect morethan yes or no questions, people like to talk and to be asked, sodare to challenge them.
  6. 6. Why is networking important for a JADE Member?•Keep in mind that’s very important to maintain the important contactsafter the event. After a meeting always write in a simple way what youhad talked with the person, what documents or spreadsheets you needto send or receive from the person. Probably you will only create valueto your JE keeping the contacts after the event.•Use JSM to increase you network and to help your JE in the process ofdevelopment!The Importance of Follow-UpThe #1 Rule of Networking is to stay in touch!•Write a brief thank you note to those you meet•Follow-up when you say you will.•Opportunities for follow up include: •Sending a note to thank them for a referral you have contacted •scheduling another one-on-one conversation•Keep track of your correspondence with each person in your network,including dates and details of voice mail messages and telephoneconversations; questions and answers from information interviews;notes from office visits; and dates you have agreed to follow up, etc.
  7. 7. Networking Dos and DontsDo....•Thank your network partners and keep in touch with them•Develop lasting relationships, not just contacts•Always look for ways to help the people in your network•Remember to ask two important questions, "What is yourstory?" and " What advice would you have for me as I considerentering this field?"Dont....•Brag or exaggerate the truth in your conversation•Spend too much time in unfocused conversation; appreciateyour partners time•Gossip or share inappropriately with network partners; stayprofessional and relevant•Allow your networking relationship to become one-sided•Ask personal questions or questions about money/salary•Even think about asking for a job; keep the focus on gatheringinformation and advice•Forget to thank your network partners and keep in touch withthem
  8. 8. Don’t forget that on Friday you have the opportunity to findout more about the benefits of networking with Ketan Makwana! Friday 19.45-21.00
  9. 9. Junior Enterprises you can meet at Summer JADE Meeting 2012 •ADVOX •Asociatia Studenteasca DaAfaceri •CEJE - Confederación Española de Junior Empresas •Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises •ConQuest Consulting •e-joventut •ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil •Genefy e.V. •icons - consulting by students •ISCTE Junior Consulting•JECoMM - Junior Enterprise Communication and Marketing Milano •JEME Bocconi •Junior Enterprise Genève •Junior Entreprise, JEHEG •Junior ISEP •Junior MIAGE Concept •LSM Conseil •Marketing Méditerranée •N-HiTec •Skema Conseil NSA •StuCon Junior Enterprise •Theory and Practice Consult •UniPartners Eindhoven •UniPartners Maastricht •WBC
  10. 10. Advices: We challenge you to write us after the event:tell us how many contacts you have established and have started on collaborating! sjm@jaderomania.org
  11. 11. Be part of JADE’s Team 2013!Are you a Junior Entrepreneur, who wants to: Improve soft and technical skills?Promote the JE concept and feel important when doing so?Develop and expand an international network of contacts? Travel across Europe and look for for new opportunities?If yes, think about taking the opportunity JADE offers you to achieve all theseat a very fresh age by becoming a member of JADE Team 2013!JADE ExBo 2013 is looking for:1. Project Manager of JADE Spring Meeting 2013 (Brussels)2. IT Coordinator (Brussels / Remotely)3. Knowledge Manager (Brussels / Remotely)4. Head of Communications Department (Brussels / Remotely)5. Marketing Assistant (Brussels / Remotely)6. Graphic Designer (Brussels / Remotely)7. Public Affairs Assistant (Brussels)8. Sales Officer (Brussels)9. Quality Manager (Brussels / Remotely)10. Project Manager of Confederations’ Development Programme 2013 (Brussels / Remotely)11. Project Manager for Common European Audit Grid (Brussels / Remotely) Contact human.resources@jadenet.orgfor more information! Deadline for 1st period of applications: 27th July 2012
  12. 12. Partners of the SJM 2012Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (HUB) is the result of a mergerbetween three Brussels-based university colleges and oneuniversity. As such, it has become a multifaceted institute ofhigher education offering international programs to studentsfrom all around the world. Since 2010, HUB is providing JADEthe main venues of the JADE Spring Meeting and is now a proudsponsor of the Summer JADE Meeting 2012.For more info visit www.hubrussel.net. Grolsch is a premium Dutch beer, a fine supporter of youth and social events. Grolsch will sponsor a party during Summer JADE Meeting.Gentica is a Romanian foundations that sustains entrepreneurshipin Romania. The Foundation target especially the youth inorder to encourage and develop entrepreneurshipin the country. The Foundation is co-host of the GlobalEntrepreneurship Week and develop various activities in collaboration with Universities and non-profit organisations.Gentica is the main sponsor of the development of JADE Romania.
  13. 13. Contacts you need to know: sjm@jaderomania.org112 Emergency number+409466, +409425 Cabs in Bucharest (if needed, call one ofour team’s members for help)+40241.55.55.55, +4041.69.00.00 Cabs in MamaiaTeam: Andreea Pastinaru, Logistics Manager, +40744.556.320 Andreea.pastinaru@jaderomania.org Laura Bobb, Participants Responsible, +40744.533.886 Laura.bobb@jaderomania.org