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Kamishibai Boards

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Kamishibai Boards are a simple visual management tool that can help businesses improve their workplace habits and adherence to essential business routines.

This presentation gives a quick overview of what a Kamishibai Board is and provides a link to a 'how to' guide for successful implementation in any business.

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Kamishibai Boards

  1. 1. So... Just what is a Kamishibai Board?
  2. 2. ... A Visual Management Tool 5S MRP / ERP MaintenanceOffice Habits
  3. 3. Using Coloured ‘T’ Cards List one task at the top of each side. Red on one side, green on the other.
  4. 4. Define the Routine(s) 1 2 3 4 5
  5. 5. Update the Status Remove the red card that has been completed (task), turn it over and place it back in the board.
  6. 6. Managing the Board • Green means the task has been completed • Red means that it has yet to be started • Management look out for the ‘green wave’
  7. 7. In Real Life
  8. 8. How To Guide Where do you need more discipline and better habits? The Kamishibai Boards ‘how to’ guide is available for the Amazon Kindle. Click here to buy.