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Bo sa nova enterprise_pres_8

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Bo sa nova enterprise_pres_8

  1. 1. Quality IBM Midrange productsfor the corporate market since1990
  2. 2. A new emulation product from BOSaNOVA
  3. 3.  Emulation product targeted to companies that need mass access to their AS-400 by remote or local users / agents Central data-based management Secured data link Low COO (Cost of Ownership) Based on world-class BOSaNOVA emulation Excellent Hebrew support Unparalleled printer emulation
  4. 4.  Secure connection to the AS/400 by external users via SSH server Internal AS/400 based secured SSH or an external server (Linux or Windows) Initial silent installation Silent software and configuration updates Easy, secure central management of users and PCs
  5. 5. Office External World Remote Firewall Client SSH Server Remote Client AS/400 In-office Manager Client Server Remote Client
  6. 6.  Enterprise client configuration performed by sys admin on the server Easy configuration tool for sys admin First-time one click client installation Client software and configuration updates are transparent to users
  7. 7.  System administrator can modify client configuration on the server at any time Users may be grouped by profiles Software updates ◦ new full installs, or module replacements, can be prepared on the sever for automatic, transparent and silent deployment Configuration and software updates are downloaded and updated once the client access the server
  8. 8.  Enable central management for the Enterprise entities Friendly and easy to use interface for defining Users, PCs, User groups and PC groups Manages Software and Configuration updates Handles assigning updates to users or to PCs Assigns Policies for users or user groups
  9. 9.  All users in a user group share configuration and policy definitions All PCs in a PC group share software versions Each entity can be a member of one group
  10. 10.  The manager enables blocking of malicious or unknown entities from connecting to the AS/400 Users may be restricted to connecting from a certain PC or a PC group By definition user might be disabled from connecting to the host, if not confirmed by the server (e.g., if server is down)
  11. 11.  MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database may be used for storing the management data MySQL is a free license product widely used by data management applications If using Microsoft SQL Server customer is responsible for database install and maintenance.
  12. 12.  SSH is a protocol that uses public key cryptography to transfer data securely over insecure networks Port forwarding / Tunneling: ◦ SSH protocol includes a feature called "Port Forwarding", or "Tunneling" ◦ Can be used to provide secure access to other services that do not normally encrypt data during transmission ◦ When connecting to SSH session we can configure the session to “Forward” our application port through the encrypted SSH link
  13. 13.  SSH server generates a secure tunnel between user and the host All communication from external users is directed through the server A single port serves all external users The server forwards the communication to the appropriate host ports Users do not have a direct access to the host and can access pre-defined ports only
  14. 14.  Linux based SSH server Optional industrial grade preconfigured 2U 19” rack-mountable server is supplied by BOSaNOVA Windows-based SSH server is optional (Windows Open SSH is limited to 50 concurrent users) Optionally, the SSH server can be installed on the AS/400
  15. 15. SSH VPN SSH limits the external  VPN configuration may user access to a require more effort specific service only initially With SSH, user does  VPN licenses cost not have access to the money entire network SSH is easy to install, on both client and server
  16. 16.  BOSaNOVA Enterprise Client install can support upgrade configuration definitions from older products installed on the same PC. We support upgrade from: ◦ BOSaNOVA Secure ◦ BOSaNOVA TCP/IP ◦ Advanced Sever for SAA.