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Accenture - Computing In A Cloud

Mr Ong Whee Teck, Partner, Technology Consulting Lead, ASEAN
Whee Teck is a partner with Accenture and has been with Accenture for over 15 years, currently leading the ASEAN Technology Consulting organisation. His group of architects covers, Enterprise Architecture, Strategic IT Effectiveness, Data Centre Technologies & Operations, Workplace Technology and Collaborations, Network and Security.

He is also a core team member of the Financial Services Banking practice in ASEAN. Whee Teck has served many clients in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. He serves clients across all industry but has significant experience with financial services clients. His area of interests is in advising clients on complex large scale IT program, and how to deliver it successfully.

Topic - Computing in a Cloud

Rapid advancements in hard virtualization, server architecture, intelligent networks, utility computing, software-as-a-service, and Rich Internet Applications will make the location of computing less relevant and visible, leading to a new paradigm called "Computing in the cloud."

In particular, services continues to evolve into full-fledged platforms for which independent software vendors (ISVs) develop and deploy business applications, just like they have done for the desktop environment. As a result, organizations can opt to access a bulk of their IT capabilities ranging from infrastructure to software and services) directly from 3rd parties over the Internet on an as-needed basis. The increasing availability of this option can lead to faster IT response to changing business needs. For user organizations, a wide adoption of cloud computing, which is still subject to concerns around data privacy, security, and integration, will likely redefine the role of IT departments and CIOs because of the diminishing need for in- house IT operations.

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Accenture - Computing In A Cloud

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