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Sullivan official resume

Updated resume 2016

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Sullivan official resume

  1. 1. Resume DR. JOAN SULLIVAN, PHARM D., PRS 7820 Wormans Mill Rd #324 Frederick, MD 21701 717-357-0171  joan.sullivan333@yahoo.com Dynamic innovative visionary with more than 25 years of leadership in non-profit organizations, and healthcare clinical programs. Demonstrates outstanding compassion, dedication, collaboration, innovation and leadership in one or more of the following areas: 1) Improves access to services; 2) Enhances quality of care and/or quality of life; 3) Serves as a mentor and role model; 4) Actively participates in community events; 5) Devises creative solutions to an identified need; and 6) Exemplifies the organization’s mission/vision. Proven strategic and financial planning abilities to meet departmental goals and objectives. Solid healthcare industry experience with Fortune 500 companies, non-for profits and high profile hospital institutions. Skilled at implementing successful launching of new programs from ground level with proven longevity. Strong professional training in leadership, life time achievement award, ambulatory care, clinical programs, drug utilization, formulary management, geriatrics, infection control, management pharmacokinetics and preceptorships. Proficient manager skilled at hiring, training and developing pharmacy staff and technicians. Leadership  Contracts  Communications  Behavioral Health Certification  VP Operations  QC / QA  Consulting  Risk Management  Team Motivation  Public Relations  Compassionate disposition Healthcare  Inventory Management  Training / Development  Infection Control  Pain Management Regulatory Enforcement / Compliance  JACHO Accreditation  Drug Diversion  Renal / Anticoagulation Monitoring Policy Development  Performance Management  Employee Engagement  AHA CPR / AED  Drug Interactions  PBM / Managed Care Plans  Needs Assessment  Customer Service  Mental Health Wellness Medication Therapy Management  Clinical Rounds  Ambulatory Care  Geriatrics Philanthropist  Analytics Executive Committee  Project Development Fundraising  Government Agencies  Bio Life Sciences MISSION OF MERCY, INC.  Fairfield, Pennsylvania  4/1994 -2/2007 Frederick Maryland 2/2007-Present Medical mobile clinic providing free medical care, dental care and prescriptions to the working poor. A 22-year non-profit national charitable organization that provides free healthcare to the less fortunate. Today it is bringing healthcare to tens of thousands of people in 4 states via medical mobile clinics. Chief Director of Pharmacy Services and Foundress Developed the pharmacy operations and initialized the launch of medical programs in Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Texas. Grew organization from 6 volunteers to over 600 volunteers saving $601,036, Nationally served 175,000 medical patients, performed 71,200 dental procedures and dispensed over 700,000 free medications. Implemented and refined management structure to support increased operations while improving efficiencies to contain costs. Formulated budget for organization, monitored actual expenditures against estimates, and implemented stringent inventory and fiscal controls. Pioneered contracts with local hospitals to provide free ancillary services for uninsured Mission of Mercy patients. Coordinated workflow, trained administrative staff and volunteers, developed pharmacy policy and procedures, designed the initial computer program for tracking purposes and for managing medications. Initialized a pharmacy indigent program, developed the drug formulary, performed biannual auditing and drug distribution programs. Initiated “train the trainer” programs to decrease span of control from 35 to 50 people to 7 people, and mentored new managers into senior positions. Initial team size ranged in training, coaching and mentoring 35-50 people decreasing to a several team leaders who then reported to me. Managed staff and volunteer base in 4 states. Partnered with hospital administration to address hospital readmissions within 30 days for the uninsured population. Program saves approximately $40,000 per week per patient 17 to 1. Developed a Ambulatory Care Program; monitoring of complex disease states and medication therapy management. Chairman Emerita of Board of Directors
  2. 2. Resume JOAN SULLIVAN  Page 2  joan.sullivan333@yahoo.com Achievements:  Life Time Achievement Award Parata Times  Dan Rather’s Best of America  John Dubois Foundress Medal, Mount St. Mary’s University  Life Time Inspirational Award-Mission of Mercy, Inc.  Developed follow up program for uninsured patients discharged from the hospital to prevent re-admissions into the Hospital within 30 days. Worked with administrative team to develop plan to track patients medical conditions a week after discharge. Decreased re-admissions within 30 days of implementation by 100%.  Outstanding performance in Communications-Dale Carnegie  National Board of Directors recruitment, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Organization structure  Launched Maryland and Pennsylvania and Arizona sites.  Negotiated contracts with hospitals for free ancillary services and up to 12 free surgeries a year.  Publication: "Where Does God Fit into this for You?" Foundation of Spirituality and Medicine, Baltimore Maryland WALMART  Waynesboro, Maryland  7/2013 – 8/2014 National retail pharmacy chain. Director of Immunizations and Medication Therapy Management Provided drug distribution recording and prescription tracking. Expanded role into clinical services including immunizations and medication therapy management. Developed program to perform comprehensive medication reviews. Achievements:  Consulted with patient exhibiting severe mouth thrush and ulcerated tongue. Recognized condition as a fungal infection and called doctor to reassess treatment recommendations. Patient received proper treatment and wrote the Vice President of Walmart in appreciation ARIZONA STATE HOSPITAL-CARDINAL HEALTH  Phoenix, Arizona  5/2012 – 12/2012 Fortune 500 company providing contract pharmaceutical services with hospitals nationwide. Chief of Pharmacy Services- Managed daily operations and compliance with JACHO and Federal regulations. Monitored contractual agreements, medication drug diversion program and served executive committees. Analyzed performance initiatives, medication variance, inventory control, drug utilization reviews and adverse event reporting systems. Achievements:  Implemented safe drug distribution system for Behavioral State Prison Hospital. Re-designed drug distribution portal for safe inmate dispensing. Developed drug diversion plan for Department of Nursing including a tracking system for medications, secured locked containers and smaller vial sizes to avoid pilferage. Allowed medication tracking to appropriate caregiver decreasing drug diversion by 30% within four months and achieving 100% resolution in six months. HANOVER HOSPITAL  Hanover, Pennsylvania  2/2007 – 5/2012 Clinical Pharmacist Delivered infusion therapy, chemotherapy and clinical services including renal function monitoring, infection control, and anticoagulation and pharmacokinetic dosing. Reviewed medication cart exchanges and ICU code calls. Performed clinical rotations and pharmacokinetic reviews. ICU rounds with physicians. Provided comprehensive medication reviews and completed integrated drug distribution care. Achievements:  Streamlined physician’s medication ordering system for accuracy and safety.  Monitored physician’s use of system to modernize drug administration and compliance.
  3. 3. Resume JOAN SULLIVAN  Page 3  joan.sullivan333@yahoo.com CARROLL COUNTY HOSPITAL  Westminster, Maryland  7/1994 – 4/1996 Clinical Coordinator of Pharmacy Services Launched hospital clinical, anticoagulation and counseling services. Coordinated services including pharmacokinetics, medication presentations, renal monitoring, and therapeutic substitutions. Achievements:  Developed Cancer Outreach Program and launched a forum for women with Breast Cancer.  Launched first time clinical program for the hospital, pharmacokinetics, therapeutic substitution, renal monitoring, and, rounds with presentations. ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL,  Phoenix, AZ 3/ 1989 – 11/1992 Pharmacy Coordinator SJCC Developed the entire functional and technical knowledge base in all areas of the pharmacy including an IV additive program, unit dose program, pharmacy computerization, inventory control and clinical services for a 150 bed SNF UNITED HEALTH CARE / PCS, Inc.,  Scottsdale, Arizona  1985-1989 Vice President, Pharmacy Services Responsible for the total administrative management of the pharmacy department, which included developing, implementing, monitoring, controlling, organizing, coordinating, budgeting and directing all pharmacy activities. Under my direction, the pharmacological cost per member per month was the lowest out of 40 plan sites for membership of 1.4 million Achievements:  Contracted multimillion dollar Pharmaceutical reimbursement agreements  Developed National Drug Formulary for Blue Cross and Blue Shield  Developed and Chaired National Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee of Physicians from Ivy League Universities  Executive Committee for Quality Assurance and Safety  Regulatory Compliance EDUCATION Doctor of Pharmacy University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona AFFILIATIONS American Society of Hospital Pharmacists American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Maryland Non-Profit Association
  4. 4. Resume JOAN SULLIVAN  Page 4  joan.sullivan333@yahoo.com CERTIFICATIONS Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist Certified CPR and AED Program, American Heart Association Registered Pharmacist Pennsylvania License # RP040459R Immunization License # RPI008479 Registered Pharmacist Maryland License # 13342 Registered Pharmacist in Arizona License # 8007 Registered Pharmacist in California 38502 Certified Mental Health First Aid, National Council for Behavioral Health COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Office Suite AWARDS AND RECOGNITION Outstanding Performance Award in Communications, Dale Carnegie Life Time Achievement Inspirational Award Philanthropist of the Year Award America's Top Pharmacists John Dubois Founders Medal Award Harold Miller Bronze Plaque, USC School of Pharmacy Chairperson of Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Drug Diversion Committee / Executive Committee PUBLICATIONS / PRESENTATIONS Ebola Protocols and Garbing for Mission of Mercy "Where Does God Fit into this for You?" Foundation of Spirituality and Medicine, Baltimore Maryland "Psychotropic Drug use in Geriatrics", Phoenix, Arizona "E.P.S. and Psychotropic Drugs-An Overview", StJoseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona. "Fludarabine and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia", St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona. "Non-steroidals-An Overview", United Health Care, Minnetonka, Minnesota. "Drug Review of Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole in Treatment of Traveler's Diarrhea", Brotman Medical Center Journal Club, Drug Information Bulletin, Los Angeles, California. "Drug Review of Gunabenz" Brotman Medical Center, Drug Presentation to Medical Staff, Los Angeles, California. "Drug Review of Timolol", Brotman Medical Center, Drug Presentation to Medical Staff, Los Angeles, California. "Quinidine-Digoxin Interaction", LAC-USC Medicine Clerkship Presentation, Los Angeles, California. "Phencyclidine (PCP): A Review and Perspective", LAC-USC Psychopharmacy Presentation, Los Angeles, California. LANGUAGES English, Basic Italian