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Minions - Social Media Review

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The movie filled with animated critters who you’ll fall in love with, even though it’s near impossible to understand a single word they say.
A social media analysis of the much anticipated animated movie ‘Minions’

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Minions - Social Media Review

  1. 1. Mentions for Bonono Mentions for Colour ‘fellow a ‘J: iust walking out of the Minions movie, and it is absolutely 'sthe family loved it from beginning to end #MinIons Mentions Trend Line Top Sources 2.00.000 l,50,000 90% I ,00,000 50,000 Angato. lwata-san 08 09 I0 I I I2 I 3 Jul Jul Jul Jul Jul Jul Apparently, a McDonalds toy of a Minions sparked outrage from parents after they heard it say ‘What the fuck" ‘ / ” Sentiment Q Tulip Joshl I . Watched Minions and loved it ‘ '- Laughed all the way through Minions is my favourite movie so far this year. don't miss it l) fl TryHardNin‘; a e Minions was a good movie. My only criticism is that the trailer gave away a LOT of the plot 8. iokes but if you like minions, you'll love it. E Kovln Knottavongu . Is this bad news for and the wtf‘ toy v Scary Iloinny Positive Sentiments £7: li‘i(i‘T7IViE, LJ Voice Of Minions °/ all/ Ientions Sandra Bullock as Pierre com" as Scarlet-Overkill Kev, ” Swan Bob and the Minions Jon Hamm as Herb Overkill Allison Janney as 27 Madge Nelson Michael Keaton as -I 3 Walter Nelson 2» Promotion Amazon McDona| ds ll'. 'l'! "" 3’ cm, _i E % »--'. :»-4- f'- «J i a'~_. ¢.. t.. ... Brands Riding the Minion wove I i}Fga. ri: s ll; ‘Dl8S(‘. l'lll‘§ nuint‘-er cl “~. '[‘. l‘llx', lllSf . y H‘ Banana { llllll‘ ‘ 275 ill i PANTONE Minion Yellow T09 T"°U'-'*'¢ Kinder Surprise Buzz lllorcls Curse Popular 0 Mi"i°"‘ 1°” 0 Nonsesne Hcippu Meal Sccirlet Overkill - - "°'°"' Tou McDoncilds Jon ‘2i‘3.‘: f.$. "Sondro Bullock Century Fox Despicoblc Minionese lmo e Sources