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How to use Angelika's food journals for German learners

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These slides show you how to use the food journals.
If you like them, you can get them on all Amazon platforms. To save you searching for them, click on these links:
Recipe Journal for German Learners: https://geni.us/hhGA
Weekly Menu Planner for German Learners: https://geni.us/menuplanner
Food Journal for German learners: https://geni.us/zMEKIr
or check out http://bit.ly/germanjournals fro more information.

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How to use Angelika's food journals for German learners

  1. 1. How German learners can use Angelika’s food journals
  2. 2. A blank recipe book for 50 German recipes with space for vocab or whole sentence translations
  3. 3. The main vocab has been translated. And there is space for your own notes
  4. 4. Copy or stick the German recipe on these 2 pages and translate anything you're not sure of.
  5. 5. A 52 week planner for those who like to plan their meals and learn German
  6. 6. Use it every time you want to revise German food related words, that are important to you.
  7. 7. It doesn't have to be EVERY week ☺
  8. 8. The basic translation is given, and there are 2 further pages for your own keywords & their translations
  9. 9. There are 2 pages per week: The 1st one for your menu plans...
  10. 10. ... and the 2nd one for your weekly shopping.
  11. 11. A 31 day food diary for those who want to track their food and learn German
  12. 12. Again, the main vocab has been translated. There are 2 further pages for your own keywords and their translation.
  13. 13. There are 2 pages per day, covering breakfast, snacks, lunch, ...
  14. 14. ... evening meals & exercise. You can also track your water and portions of fruit & veg.
  15. 15. Instead of doing these tasks in English, you can do them in German to improve your vocab.
  16. 16. All three journals can be bought from Amazon, or check out http://bit.ly/germanjournals
  17. 17. Have fun - viel Spaß!