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The World Cafe

The World Café is a whole group interaction method focused on conversations. A Café Conversation is a creative process for leading collaborative dialogue, sharing knowledge and creating possibilities for action in groups of all sizes.

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The World Cafe

  1. 1. Conversationsthat matter…..
  2. 2. Purpose Opportunity to meet people http://www.flickr.com/photos/fazen/9079179/Collaborative dialogue Connect diverse perspectives http://www.flickr.com/photos/eglantine/150325548/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisjfry/323461344/
  3. 3. WhyWorld Café
  4. 4. World Café at a Glance…• Three (3) progressive rounds of conversation with each round addressing one question.• At the end of each round, participants are invited to move to a different table• New question discussed while linking and connecting ideas with previous conversation rounds. Flipchart sheets provided to create a visual memory of the conversation
  5. 5. Be creative!
  6. 6. A picture speaks athousand words!
  7. 7. World Café : Ground rules! ROAR• Relevance• Open-mindness• Acceptance• Respect Collectiveness, Visualization, Informality
  8. 8. One more thing…Before getting started, each group will need toidentify a table host (not facilitator) who remains atthe table during the 3 conversation rounds to: •welcome newcomers •share the main ideas, themes and questions •encourage guests to link and connect ideas (USING THE FLIPCHART SHEET) http://www.flickr.com/photos/flickflackclack/1663577752/
  9. 9. World Café – Interaction 1 Question for interation 1 10 MINUTES
  10. 10. World Café – Interaction 2Question for Interaction 2 - builds on the first question/discussion. 8 MINUTES
  11. 11. World Café – Interaction 3Question for Interaction 3 – builds on the previous two questions/ interactions 6 MINUTES
  12. 12. Conversations that matter….. Gerard Sylvester gerard.sylvester@fao.orgphotos/images used in this presentation are copyrighted by the respective owners. Please check before using it for commercial purposes