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Brands: Learning to Learn From Disruption

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How do we navigate the new normal? What vertical is your brand? Is it well-defined or do you have the agility to evolve and adapt to stay relevant? We study a lot about the past and focus on the present but should we imagine equally what the future may look like? In this presentation from author Geoffrey Colon, he helps give you insight into where the world is going and how you can be there.

Follow Geoffrey on Twitter @djgeoffe, visit geoffreycolon.net or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Geoffrey Colon is a communications designer at Microsoft and also a Top 50 Chief Digital Officer Influencer as named by the CDO Club for 2017.

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Brands: Learning to Learn From Disruption

  1. 1. Family&Fun Professional 4 years at Microsoft (longest job I’ve ever had!) 7 years in agency world 4 years running my own business (Creative Solutions Marketing Agency) 10 years in the Music Industry Professional DJ Interests: diversity in the workplace, women in tech, futurology, social media, brand strategy, mobile technology, digital media, blogging, international travel, music production, DJing, reading, soccer (playing and watching), podcasting, fashion, art, music, politics, philosophy, yoga, cooking, running, boxing, MMA, cycling, Flywheel, swimming, physical conditioning, volunteering! Past Roles: landscaping, remote audio production assistant, radio sales, promotions manager, creative director, website developer, event director, agency entrepreneur, social strategist, client solutions director, vice president of digital strategy Personal Born in Bethlehem, PA Lehigh University alum Lived 20 years in Brooklyn, NY Married to “the” Allison Dunmire Two daughters: Olive & Matilda Kirkland, WA resident Serve on a non-profit board Bring design thinking to more small businesses Speak at more events, publish more books Become a Modern Renaissance Human Produce more AR content around music to help those with behavioral disorders
  2. 2. Storytelling is used as a bridge for knowledge and understanding allowing the values of "self" and "community" to connect and be learned as a whole. Storytelling allows for community values to be learned at different times and places for different learners. Stories are told from the perspective of other people, animals, or the natural elements of the earth. In this way, people learn to value their place in the world in relation to others.
  3. 3. If you don’t want to be caught by surprise, you have to recognize that the future will be different from the past. The future is unfathomable, ambiguous, and open to every option. One major move by a competitor, or one new technology, is sometimes all it takes to end an empire. If your current business is like a carefully tended garden, with neat beds and high walls, that’s not enough. The next opportunity (or threat) may lie outside those walls, at the messy intersection of sectors and markets.
  4. 4. Multi- National Corporations Mid-Sized Firms Small, Micro, One-Person Operations
  5. 5. Having a concierge to run our weekly errands for $99 month. Hello Alfred. Ordering a healthy and delicious meal ready-to-eat under 7 minutes delivered at your door the next day. Hungryroot. Renting and returning designer dresses for special events. Rent the Runway. Sending you a box of razor blades every month that won’t make you cash poor. Dollar Shave Club
  6. 6. "Domino's pizza crust to me is like cardboard“ "The sauce tastes like ketchup.“ “Microwave pizza is far superior.” “Worst excuse for pizza I’ve ever had.”